Saturday, August 28, 2010

Event Nights

These pictures are from the 150th Anniversary of the US-Japan Goodwill Summit.

Here I am in my Alice & Olivia Bubble Dress (size 0). The bust and waist area is a tad loose and I actually had it taken seamstress didn't go a very good job as you can tell. I had it for a few years and this is my second time wearing it. The only redeeming aspect of the dress are the pockets. I thought I wear one last time before I donate it to the Goodwill. :T

Here is a close up of the dress.

In this pic below:
Tom O'Doul (nephew of the infamous Lefty O'Doul -- says the bf), me & bf

The SF Giants held a Japanese Heritage Night at AT&T Park. My first baseball game ever! Haha!

I only came for the hot dogs, beer & to see my bf on the jumbo-tron.
Here he is talking about the baseball show. So proud of him for putting together such a good show!!

Here we are looking hot and sweaty. SF had a heat wave early this week. Surprising right? LoL.

I been sick and under the weather for the last few days. I been sleeping, eating & sleeping. You know how some people loose their appetite when they get sick... nope not me. I been sending my bf all over the place to get me food, dessert & green tea freddos from Peets (those are good anytime!).

The bf made me roasted tomato basil soup. It was so delicious and it definitely made me feel better!!!
You can find the recipe here.

hmmmm....smells soooo good too!


  1. That Alice + Olivia bubble dress is so cute on you! Don't donate it just yet, I think it can be worn at so many different occasions. :)

    Or you can have one of those closet sales like Jean recently did. I am a little peeved at Good Will right now as they have been more than snooty about my recent donations.

    And the soup looks so yummy, you and your boyfriend look so beautiful together.

  2. Glad the BF is taking such good care of you! Looks like it was a fun night and a great event :)

    That soup looks delicious!!!!

  3. Is that you eating @ HOME? LOL :p That's awesome. You two look lovely and super happy! :)

    I love that dress! White is such a pretty color!

  4. Ping!! Hahahaha omg omg I totally forgot what I was going to comment on b/c I burst out laughing when I saw Tim's face next "Happy 13th Birthday Love so & so" !!! You sure like 'em young!!

    I love how that dress has pockets! It looks adorable!

  5. That dress shows how tiny you are, very pretty. Your bf is so sweet to take care of you so well, and make you soup too!....(that looks delicious btw).

  6. I love that bubble dress! It looks so cute. If you're gonna send it to Goodwill, send it my way instead! =) Btw, your bf is soo sweet to make you soup...I hope you get better!

  7. I'm glad to see SF having a heat's nice to see you less bundled up right before cold weather is actually supposed to kick in for good. And don't donate that lovely A&O dress yet! I think it looks quite flattering on you and who knows when you'll need something like that again. Also I'm sure one of the petite bloggers or readers may want to buy it from you instead : )

    Oh that soup looks fantastic! A bf that cooks good soup = a keeper!

  8. is that a bubble dress you are wearing?? Its sooo pretty!
    You and your bf look so cute ^^

  9. I agree with the others that you shouldn't donate the dress quite yet! Awww, nothing like homemade soup that your bf cooked to make you feel better. =0D

  10. thanks ladies for all the comments!

    i'm not sure what i want to do with this dress, but i know i don't have to keep it. it'll either be a giveaway or a sell to buffalo exchange or a donation to goodwill. ;)
    will keep you guys posted.


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