Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wearing my DAB Goods

DAB Goods = Stuff designed by BF
Wearing: DAB T-shirt ($30) & Hook, Line & Sinker Necklace ($50): t-shirts are currently sold out in size small & we have 1 of the necklace left, but if you're interested in purchasing shoot me an email. He is taking orders to do another run of both items.
I'm wearing a size small btw.

Other items worn in this post:
H&M Bomber Jacket. Old. Size 2. (similar here)
Free People Grey Hoodie. Old. Size Small. (similar here)
AE Jeggings. Black Indigo Destroyed. Size 00 short.
F21 Booties. Size 5.5. I finally found booties I really love & are super affordable. Unfortunately, they are sold out, but here are similar ones from F21 that are very affordable and look super similar.

(above) Hook, Line & Sinker Necklace. $50.
(below) California Bear Necklace. Bronze $50. Silver $60.

Something else I wanted to mention is that my friend Karen who is super cute and petite just started a blog! It's called a Little Piece of Fashion & Beauty, go check her out if you haven't already!! She's a high school friend who found my blog via Jean & Syndey's blog. It's not the first time it has happened. LOL.


  1. You look adorable in jeans and t-shirt,Ping! Isn't it fun to model for your significant other? I am glad that your high school friend found your blog via Jean's and mine. Small world, huh? I am going to check out her blog now =)

  2. You look adorable Ping! Btw, I have that same exact jacket from H&M AND I want that tee you are sporting...great minds think alike! =P Thanks for the shout out too! Xo

  3. I'm a (relatively) new follower, and I have to say I absolutely adore your style - it's very casual-chic! I remember seeing that H&M jacket in stores, and considered buying it but never did...I've definitely been regretting it since! There's something so easily stylish about donning a bomber jacket with jeans.

  4. Aw, how cute - modeling for your bf's line. This is a different side of Ping...tough Ping. I like all of your H&M faux-leather jackets for casualwear. How many do you have?

    PS - going to go check out Karen's blog now ... lol!

  5. Good thing your BF has a built-in model like you :) You look fab in this casual / edgy look!

  6. This is such a great look on you! I agree with Jean..."tough Ping"! And the jewelry is so much fun! It is so neat seeing what your boyfriend does! His designs are fun!

  7. Your bomber jacket is lovely. I have been waiting for my perfect bomber. It will come to me someday!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I am a fan of tough Ping too! :) Your bf is lucky that you happen to be very photogenic and wear clothes well, you are the perfect model!

  9. I echo everyone's thoughts - the perfect model, what a lucky BF you have :)

  10. Love this look- slightly rock 'n roll but still so fun and feminine!

  11. Those jeans are fantastic on them :)


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