Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prada Havana Sunglasses

These Prada Havana sunnies were definitely love at first sight! I wasn't even looking for sunnies nor did I have the intention of buying them. I was casually browsing and these caught my eyes. I tried them on and said to my bf, "I LOVE THESE". I love love the gold accent on the upper corners of the frames and the shape and color of the frames. I wore them for a few minutes to make sure they were comfortable and bought them.

Here's a few tips to finding sunnies that fit:
-My friend (who's an optometrist) told me that sunglasses should never rest on your cheeks because that can cause wrinkles (who wants that?!?).
-They should fit perfectly from temple to temple and should never slip down your nose. If it does, the sunnies are probably too big. I have a pair that does that and they are super annoying because you have to keep pushing the frame back to place.
-If the sunnies are too small, they will press against your temples and also your nose or behind your ears causing discomfort. I had a pair of sunglasses that would leave marks behind my ears and they were just uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.
-This is my personal pet peeve, but I like my eyebrows to show. I think eyebrows really frame the face so it's important for me that my sunnies don't cover them.
I did have a chance to wear these for a few hours and they were really comfortable which I'm really happy about. 
A few words of advice, I'd recommend purchasing from a retailer that has a good return policy who allows you to return them without question. I know in the past, I'd get so excited about how cute the sunnies were and would totally forget about the comfort level. It's good to able to take the sunnies home for a test spin to make sure they are comfortable after a few hours of wear.

Outfit details:
J.Crew Girls' Cardigan. Size 12. Recent purchase. (similar here & here)
F21 Black Circle Skirt. Old. (similar here & here)
Carlos Santana Slingbacks. (similar here & here)
Prada Havana Sunglasses. Color Opal Yellow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A H&M Outfit with H&M Paisley Shorts

I bought these shorts a couple of weeks ago and was hoping to be able to wear them soon. Lo and behold, we were blessed with warm sunny weather this weekend! Love it! 
I wore this outfit to the mall today and got tons of compliment. A fellow shopper came up to me and told me she loved my blouse. A gay guy told me he loved my shorts. I assumed he's gay because a straight guy probably wouldn't compliment me in front of my bf. A SA told me he loved my Sally wedges. I don't think this one counts because I was in the Tory Burch store and the SA probably felt obligated to compliment me on the TB goods I was sporting. HA!
On another random note, Maroon 5 was performing at the same mall I was shopping at. They were performing on top of a parking lot to be exact. We overheard the music while shopping and me and my bf thought it couldn't be them because Maroon 5 probably wouldn't perform on top of a parking lot. I just looked it up and it was totally them. They sounded pretty decent live!  
And dang, my legs are white...it's what happens when you live in SF.
H&M Blouse (old). (similar here , here, and here)
H&M Denim Jacket (old). (similar here)
H&M Shorts. Size 2. Runs slightly larger than their normal size 2. (similar here)
TB Sally Wedges. (buy here -- small sizes available) I'm wearing a size 5.5, but wished I would have gotten a size 5 instead. These pumps have definitely stretched out with wear and so has my other TB pumps.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Botkier Valentina Shoulder Bag

I wanted a shoulder bag that could be:
Versatile enough to be worn casually or dressed up
Big enough to fit put my wallet, makeup and cell phone
Well made & Sturdy with soft leather
Adjustable & detachable straps so I can wear it many ways

I ordered this Botkier Valentina Shoulder bag during the Bloomingdale F&F event hoping it would be the perfect shoulder bag that would fulfill all attributes I'm looking for. I wanted to love this bag, but it just missed the mark by a bit. I wished the straps were adjustable and detachable. I think this bag would look nice if the straps were shorter when worn as a shoulder bag. It would have been great if the straps can be removed so I can carry it as a clutch. I also wore it as a cross-body (see below), but I think it would looked better if the straps could be adjusted to be longer. I'm going to return this bag and keep looking for my perfect shoulder bag. 
What do you think? Love it, hate it or just okay?
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress In Yokopop Print. Size Petite US1. Dress was shortened by about 2". (same style dress in Tropical print) 
F21 Necklace. (similar here)
H&M Denim Jacket. Size 2. (similar here)
Jessica Simpson Heels. (similar here & here)
Sandals (no brand). (similar here)