Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corso Como Dabria Pumps

Hello everyone and happy weekend! I missed you all and feel like I've been away for awhile. I was sick a few weekend's ago, after eating raw oysters at a very nice restaurant (I won't say which). I ended up going to the ER due to excruciating pain in my abdominal area. They ended up doing a few tests on me and also administered a dose of morphine for the pain! This was the first time I ever had morphine and I remember telling the nurse, I'm a light weight so please don't give me too much. The nurse laughed and said I've never had anyone say that before. Normally people ask for the full dose or to give them more. LOL. It definitely made my stomach feel better, but the morphine also made me throw up.
A few days later, the SF health department ended up calling me and left a message on my phone to call them back. I was freaking out and thought I caught a disease. It ended being just a virus from eating raw oysters and it eventually went away on its on. Whew!
So if you live in the Bay Area, I'd be careful when eating oysters. I can't remember the term, but the guy from the SF Health department said this virus in oysters tends to grow more prevalently during the summer time.
Last weekend, I caught the flu after hanging out with my friend Karen. I was sick as a dog and stayed home coughing my lungs out. But this weekend, I am feeling much better and almost free of illnesses!
It's been nice being able to go out and eat whatever I want and also enjoy my free time.
I am also back to full speed in my shopping. Heehee! Lots of reviews to come.
H&M Shirt (old). Size 2. (similar here & here)
Ann Taylor Skirt. Size 00P / altered. (similar here)
Nordstrom Corso Como Dabria Pumps. Size 5.5.

I saw these pumps at Nordstrom and immediately was very drawn to it because of the navy blue color and almond toes. I've been wanting something semi-dressy to wear with work clothes, but casual enough to wear with jeans and these pumps definitely fit the bill. The chain links give visual interest and makes these pump stand out from the rest. I also love that these pumps are made of quality leather that is also so soft and buttery. I've never owned a pair of Corso Como before, but have always heard great things from my friend Elle at FF&FF.
I wore these pumps today for a few hours and have to say they are so comfortable and are so nicely padded! The padding makes my feet feel like they are resting on layers of soft pillows. The heel height is a little less than 3.5" high. In terms of sizing they do run very true, but are a bit snug around the top of the toe area. Since it's leather, I'm pretty sure it will stretch out after a few wears, so the snugness around the top of the toe area shouldn't be an issue.
I am happily keeping these and would highly recommend! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ann Taylor 30% off Top/Pants + Stackable Discount

*Update - The promo below ended today (Friday) and they are doing 30% off full priced items instead. Use code 30Fall. Happy shopping!

Hi ladies! I been super busy, but wanted to do a very quick post and alert you about the Ann Taylor sale. 

No code required: 30% off tops and pants!
Stackable discount: Save 20% on Your Order of $100 or More  (use code 10000007660) - excludes sales items, but works with the current promotion mentioned above.

My picks:

I ordered 4 of the items above so reviews will be coming soon.
 Terrible me! I give into sales so easily.

Friday, September 14, 2012

40% Off Everything at LOFT (& Petite Marisa Drapey Ankle Pants)

Hi Ladies! I'm a sucker for sales. Loft is running a promo of 40% off everything on Saturday!! I picked up these Marisa Drapey Ponte Ankle Pants (00P in Dark Grey Melange) last weekend and am thinking about getting a few more items because of the sale. 
I have already worn these pants 2x to work in the same week. I hope nobody noticed! Heehee. They are currently at the tailor because the waist needs to be taken in. Other than that, I have no complaints. It is a relaxed fit and the ponte material has a nice weight too.

Aritzia Blazer. Size 0. (similar here)
H&M Blouse. Size 2. (similar here)
Arturo Chang Pumps. Size 6. I used to buy shoes that were too big for me and stuffed them with pads or insoles. Not a good idea because the shoes always end up slipping off my feet when I walk.

My picks:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aritzia T.Babaton Bromley Military Coat Re-purchased

If this coat looks familiar, it's because I bought it last year and then returned it. The reason was the sleeves were too long (see camel color below for original sleeve length). What's different this year? Well, I found me a good and inexpensive tailor who (I have been using for almost a year) shortened the sleeves and moved up the tabs for only $20!

I stopped by Artizia a few weeks ago and saw this coat. I couldn't help myself and tried it on. I probably stood in front of their mirror for a good 20 mins contemplating about the price ($350) + alteration cost. I decided to put the coat back and think about it some more while shopping. I stopped by the store again on the same day and decided to give it another try. I'm a regular at Aritzia so the SAs there already know I'm nuts. I left the store that day without buying the coat.
Well I couldn't stop thinking about the coat and decided to go back the next weekend to purchase it!
 This coat is made of virgin wool and also beautifully lined. It is so warm and heavy which I love. I've been looking for heavy coat for the longest time and this one fits the bill. If I had to compare this coat's fit (size XXS) to another coat, I'd say it is very similar to the J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat (00P) (my review from last year) except this coat has longer sleeves.
This coat is also so much warmer than the J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with thinsulate. I wore my lady day coat last winter and I felt it did not really keep me that warm. I know SF is not known for it's cold winter, but the breeze from the bay and ocean can be so chilly!
Below is the what I purchased last year and returned. As you can see the sleeves were super long. 
I normally don't contemplate for so long when purchasing an item. I only do it at Aritzia because they have a 10 day return policy. They also hassle and ask you a whole bunch of questions when you do return something which is super annoying.
 If you purchase anything on sale, I believe it is final sale! Before you make an expensive purchase from them and are unsure about it, ask them about their policy. They can be somewhat unforgiving unlike other retailers! 
I'm not sure if this policy is same in Canada? 
If there are any Canadian readers who shop at Aritzia, please do share.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I love?

I have to say I love each item on its own. I wear the earrings, the polka dot sweater, the skinny jeans, the cross shoulder bag or wedges every chance I get. I thought, why not wear everything I love all together?
Why I love...

my J Crew Outlet Sweater (size xxs & similar here)? 
Because I love polka dots and it's goes with everything. So easy and comfy to wear...what's not to love?

UO BDG Grazer Mid-Rise Jean (size 24 & in vintage denim, black & ocean blue)? 
Because it fits my waist and is the perfect inseam for me. No alterations needed!

I love the color. I also love the fact that it frees up my hands to shop.

my wedges (old and from BP) (similar)? 
I haven't worn them in so long because the soles were wearing down. I finally got them resoled and am wearing the crap of out them again.  

F21 earrings?  Because it makes me feel pretty and put together the instant I put them on.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Sale

Lots of items added to my blog sale!