Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girls Night Out

Thanks so much to all my friends who came out last night. I really appreciate it and I had it a blast. It's been too long since we have all done this together. I have known these girls for more than 15 years+ (I think), it's been so long I have stopped counting. Although we all went to different colleges and have our own separate lives now, we still managed to stay in touch and talk very often. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful girlfriends because it's so hard to come by genuine people who truly look out and care for you. I love you all!!
P.S. Vikki I wish you could have been here too! :P

Victoria Secret Dress. XS. (similar here, here & here)
I bought this at the store so I'm pretty sure it was meant to be worn as a slip dress and not by itself. LoL!
This dress has gotten around. Some my gfs have worn it and I have worn it plenty of times during my college days. I thought I'd bust it out for old times' sake.

Necklace from American Eagle. I got it on sale awhile back for $6!
(similar here)

Strappy Heels by Jessica Simpson. Size 5.5

From Left to Right (or shortest to tallest -- haha!)
Susan, Sophia, me, Steph & Helen

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the mood for some ripped jeans (AE Ankle Jegging)

American Eagle Ankle Jegging $49.50 - Size 00R
What attracted me to these jegging was the wash and the fact it was ripped. It reminded me of college years when I used to go the beach with my ripped jeans and a bikini top. *sigh* How I miss those days!
I thought they were regular length pants until I saw it online. LoL. They are much shorter on the model because it's meant to hit at the ankle.
I bought these with a special promotion in store maybe a month ago, so I paid no more than $30. The denim is very soft and very comfortable to wear.
I am not a fan of the super low rise on these jeans and the back logo, but ripped part won me over.
Inseam = aprox 27"
Waist = approx 12.5"
See Jean from review a pair that is similar here.

Free People Buttonfront Lace Back Tank: XS. Also worn in this post.
The top is no longer available, but see the long sleeve version

Express Boyfriend Cardigan. Size XXS.
(similar here & here)

Franco Sarto Atlas Sandals (Grey Suede). Size 5.5.
(similar here & here)

Monday, January 17, 2011

H&M Ruched Print Skirt & Grey Cardigan


H&M Skirt - Size 2. $29.95.
This skirt runs smaller than any other skirts I have tried on at H&M. My thoughts: too short and fitted for work but not hoochie enough for the clubs. I wore it during the weekend and got lots of weird looks and also got a compliment from a random old lady (my bf commented that she was a lesbian and was trying to hit on me -- lol, so not true btw).

H&M Grey Cardigan. Size XS. $24.95.
This sweater sheds like a wild animal.

Both items are recent purchases.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The No Makeup Au Naturale Look

Hello ladies! I wanted to share with you a "no makeup" au naturale look. I know some of you don't wear much makeup and this is a great way to look pulled together, but not look like you're wearing a whole bunch of makeup.

The key to this look is to let the skin glow and to keep everything else very minimal.

1. Make sure you're skin is well moisturized.
2. Correct imperfections or blemishes on the skin with concealer and/or foundation.
3. Apply a splash of light eye shadow on the eyelids.
4. Define the eyebrows.
5. Do a very tight eye liner on the top lid.
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara or apply false lashes.
7. Pick a lipstick that is a couple of shades darker than your natural lip color.
8. Apply a highlighter on the cheeks for a natural glow.
9. Apply a blush that is similar shade to your lip color.

The products I'm using:
1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 - 4 oz.
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eyes Cream

2. Bobbi Brown Corrector (color- light bisque) to neutralize the dark circles under the eyes and to cover any other blemishes on the face.
Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF15 (color - warm beige)- to apply lightly all over the face to even out uneven skin and discoloration. This is a great foundation for normal to oily skin.

3.Dior's 5-Colour Shadow Compact 001 (no longer available) - I lightly swiped the light gold color on my lower eyelids.

4. Mac Eye Shadow. Color espresso. used to fill in entire brow area.
Mac Eye Shadow. Color brun. Used from the arch to the tip of the brow to give more definition.

5. Burberry 'Eye Definer' Eye Shaping Pencil. This is my new favorite eyeliner! This is water-resistant and smudges less than the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (which I have been using for years). Apply very close to the lash line.

6. My lashes are very sparse and short, so I thought falsies would be a better option. The lashes I'm using are from e-bay and I believe they are called "ballet" lashes.

7. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lipstick. I picked out a lipstick that is very close to my natural lip-color but just a couple of shades brighter.

8. To give my face a dewy glow, I applied Benefit High Beam all over my my cheeks. I don't like the little brush that comes with it, so I applied the product with a foundation brush instead.

9. To keep thing simple and I used Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lipstick on my cheeks as a blush. I swiped the lipstick with a foundation brush and then applied it onto the cheeks.

I know it's a lot of products for a no makeup au naturale look -- LOL. But god forgot to bless me with good skin and a set of long eyelashes, so I guess this is why I have to fake it.

I hope you guys liked this look and please let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

eShakti Coat Review

I was approached by eShakti a couple months ago to do a review. I have never heard of them, but was intrigued when I started reading more about their customized sizing. Being petite, it can be difficult at times finding clothes that fit. This is a great solution to buying clothes that fit right off the bat and saving time/$ on alterations.

For those of you that have not heard of eShakti, they are a women’s apparel store online that allows changes in the style of the garment – sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed to your preference.
For the customized size option, you need to give your sizes just once and this information is saved for future orders. The cost for this option is only $7.50, what a deal right?

I picked the eShakti Ruffled Collar Felted Coat to review and I did have this customized to my size.

Front open from the V-shaped waist
Short button front.
Inverse pleats from back waist.
Long sleeves.
Princess seamed bodice to shape.
Shoulder pads.
Short dress length.
Lined in poly taffeta.
90% acrylic / 10% wool; dry clean.
Warmth factor: Medium.

When I first tried the coat on I thought the sleeves were a tad short, but after looking at the pictures it seems to be hitting at right length. I also wished that there were hidden buttons below the 2 large round buttons because the coat swings open when I walk.
What I do like is the color and the shape of the coat. I also like that the length hits a few inches above the knee, because anything longer than that makes me look so short! I don't have anything in my closet this color and I feel that it's a nice change from my normal greys & blacks. Overall I am pretty happy with the coat and I really like the way it fits me.

Below are the measurements you have to fill out (it's pretty extensive and detailed!):

Size Measurements
(i) Enter the following body measurements. (It is recommended you get someone to measure you).
Under Bust*
Upper Arm*
Length Of Arm*
Wearing Waist*
Wearing Position*

Here are some other items that I'd be interested in trying and also having it customized to my size.

Bow tied crepe blouse
Pleated sleeve wrap top
Pleat front wrap skirt
Angled pleats layer skirt

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Goals for the New Year

Hello Ladies-- I been trying to stay away from reading too many bloggies recently because it's not conducive to my spending habits. It makes me want to buy clothes when I see them look so good on all you ladies.
Since it's the new year, I wanted to set a few goals for myself. Hopefully I can stick to a least a couple of them. Heehee!

Me in Cabo San Lucas -- had so much fun!!!

1. Spend less money on clothes and more on travel. I realized I have so much clothes and none of it really makes me happy. Haha! I love it when I first buy it (I think it's the thrill of spending money), but after a day or 2 I tend to forget about it. I still have new stuff that I haven't worn in my closet. *sigh*
I guess I just want to spend money on things that actually make me happy.
I really love the beach and have been itching to go. The last time I been to the beach was in Cabo of last year. I think I want to set a goal of going to a few countries this year that has beautiful beaches. I wished I had more vacation time because I'd have gone to Cabo this month.
Since I don't, my first destination would be Bali (thanks Sophia for the suggestion). I also saw Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts and thought the place looked amazing! The ideal time to go visit Bali is between May-Sept, so I think I'm gonna go in May (not soon enough!)

2. Work out!
I been away from the gym for way too long. I'm really inactive and such a couch potato. It's about time I started doing something to stay fit and have more energy. I always feel really tired and lethargic, so hopefully working out will increase my energy level.

What I don't want to look like:

What I want to look like:

I know a lot of people (especially boys I know) love Jessical Biel and her body, but I am definitely not a fan. She is so muscular, she looks like she could beat up her bf (Justin Timberlake) --haha! I love Miranda Kerr. She is so beautiful and has the nicest body ever: from her lean & toned arms, her washboard abs and long beautiful legs. Since my face can't change and my boobs & legs won't grow, I'd be happy with having arms and abs like her. Maybe I should color my hair like her too, haha jk!

3. Save more money.
I could save more money if I could avoid being careless and buying things I don't need. I get parking tickets at least every other month and I get into car accidents every year. It's not because I'm Asian and I'm a girl, it's because I'm kind of careless. I'm actually a really good driver and better than my bf (haha and he admits this too!).
I also get suckered into buying things when people sell to me. I have so much makeup and hair products that I don't even use. Sometimes I feel bad because the SA are trying so hard that I'd just cave in and buy it even knowing that I don't need it. I shall practice saying no!

4. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

*image from

My co-worker showed me my horoscope the other day and it said I love dogs more than my family and friends. Haha!! I do love dogs because they're so adorable and are always happy to see you. My ex and I actually had a Maltese together, but I gave the dog back to him. I really miss having a dog run around the house and follow me around. They are such great companions. Since my apartment doesn't allow pets I think the animal shelter will be the closes thing to having a pet.
I did sign up to volunteer for a SPCA awhile back. I got an email back from the volunteer coordinator and she said, you do know that you signed up to volunteer in Carlsbad (near SD) and you're in SF right. Haha! I'm such a ding bat sometimes.

I think that is it for now. I do have more things I want to work on, but easy does it right? Heehee!