Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forever21 Friends & Family

Hey ladies! Forever 21 (in store and online) is having friends and family! I wonder if this is the first time they are doing it?  I love any kind of discount to F21 because their stuff is so cheap and the extra 20% off is just icing on the cake. Below are quite a few items from my recent purchases so if you love anything this is the perfect time to pick it up!

*Use code F21Friend for 20% regular price items (from 10/30 - 11/2)

My Picks: Lace Collar Shift Dress , Colorblock Layered Tee, Button Down Lace Blouse, V-back Chiffon Blouse, Cable Knit Asymmetrical Cardigan, Tartan Plaid Scarf, Leopard Print ScarfCheck Plaid Toggle Coat, Plaid Boucle Mini Skirt, Open Leopard Cardigan

I made my mom an open leopard cardigan (similar to the link above) for mother's day last year and she totally poo pooed on it and complained there were no pockets! I thought it was super cute and wish I'd have kept it for myself and just given her money. Yes, my mother likes money over hand made gifts. LOL. Anyway, I might pick up the leopard cardigan and can't decide what else I'm getting!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anthropologie Reviews [Petites in Stores]

I have a co-worker who always dresses super cute and shops mostly at Anthropologie. I told her that I don't really shop there because they don't have petite sizes in their stores and am afraid to order from their website in case things don't fit and I need to return. The fear is due to a friend telling me she got banned from buying and returning via Anthro's website frequently (yes, she got a letter saying she is blacklisted!!). My co-worker goes, "well they have a huge petite section in the SF downtown store!" What?! I never knew of this! I guess I've been living under a rock because I had no idea Anthro started carrying petites in their B&M stores. Anyway, I stopped by the store this weekend and the petite section is indeed huge! I'm really excited to have another store carrying petites because I honestly hate ordering and returning stuff from online.
Anthropologie Ophora Dot Dress. Size XXSP. [Fits True to Size]
It's really hard to tell in these pictures, but the polka dots are a gold color (not white) which is different from what you normally see. I also like the dot size and that they are not too small or big (I hate big polka dots!). The dress is made of a thick knit fabric which is so comfortable to wear and (from what I can remember) is also fully lined. The length of the dress is great for shorter petites and I love that it hits above the knee to show more leg. The flattering V-neckline helps elongate the torso and the cross draping also gives the illusion of a slimmer waist. There is also an exposed zipper down the center back. Oh, it also has pockets!! Who doesn't love pockets? I ended up passing on the dress due to price, but I'd definitely buy on a good sale.
 Anthropologie Maite Tunic. Size XXP. [Recommend 1 size up]
I have a lot of solid color tops so I thought this would be a fun addition to my wardrobe. I like the bright colors, pattern and the mixed media. The length is also longer and great to pair with tights or leggings. There is also gathering across the bust (where the lace and the printed fabric connect), so if you are small chested (like me) this gives the illusion that you're more endowed than you actually are. The fit of the sleeves was really tight and the armholes felt restricting as well. The hips ran narrow and I like my tops to be a little more relaxed in a woven fabric.
Anthropologie Pinion Dress. 00P. [Fits True To Size]
Oh my gosh, this dress had all the hanger appeal! I love the beautiful bold colors and the brush stroke print! The fabric had a nice weight and was also fully lined. The fit, on the other hand, was less appealing (on me) and I thought it made me look a little juvenile. I have a long torso, so this dress seemed to sit really high on my waist (almost empire style). The combination of heavy fabric and lots of gathers creates this poofy effect! I felt like I could be a wedding cake topper! A reviewer online mentioned that there's a layer of tulle underneath the skirt (I don't remember that) so if you love this dress and want to de-poof it, you can always take out that layer. It is a beautiful dress with pockets and an exposed zipper down center back. Unfortunately, this was a no for me but the small petite sizes are sold out online so it must fit other people well.
 Anthropologie Quilted Tema Dress . 00P. [Fits True To Size] Also comes in a rust and green color.
I like the tailored look of this dress mixed with the floral print and bows on the straps (I know it's hard to see!). The pockets are also a nice touch and the length hits right above the knee. The overall fit is nice, with the minor issue of the straps not laying flat against my shoulders (but an easy alteration by un-doing the lining and shortening the straps). This dress gets lot of positive reviews online and everyone loves the fit and the green color. I don't have much to say because I'm feeling kind of indifferent about it and I also don't really need a pencil dress in my life at the moment.
Anthropologie Wrapped Wool Coat. XXSP. [Fits True to Size]
I love the rust color and the fit of this jacket! The silhouette  is very flattering since it nips in at the waist and flares out at the hips. It's made of a boiled wool fabric and is also unlined. If you have super sensitive skin, this might not be for you since it felt a little itchy to me (but I wasn't extremely bothered by it). It also has a hood which made the coat more casual which is great for the weekends or casual work settings. The sleeves are a little wide to accommodate a long sleeve or sweater and I think the length is also perfect. The minor issue is that the back length is a little long on me, but that's my fault since I have bad posture and stand with the hips forward. I'd would purchase if this went on sale.
Anthropologie Iguazu Pencil Skirt.XXSP. [Fits True To size] + Nettie Pullover. XXSP
This skirt! I love the fun print!! My collection of (solid and neutral color) pencil skirts are so dull, it'd seriously put you to sleep. Honestly, I can't even...LOL! I like the longer length of this skirt and thought it's more sophisticated than what I normally wear. There is no waist gap and everything fits pretty nice, but here's my little rant. It's an elastic pull on waist skirt! Why isn't there a zipper? I have a small waist and big hips, so I had to wiggle myself out of this skirt and felt like I was stretching out the waist band. It's very spendy for a knit skirt that is on the thin side, but I think the fun print makes up for it. I am definitely stalking this item and hope it goes on sale!

The pullover is just okay in my book. I like the burnout jacquard detail and that it's on the thinner side which makes it easy for layering. The length is too short to wear with pants or jeans and I don't love how it flares out at the bottom. I'd only wear this top tucked into a skirt. So a definite no on the pullover.

Anthropologie is having a sale at their stores and website. Use code "Extraextra" for 25% of their sale items. Happy Shopping and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sweater Dress Weather

I haven't been wearing any of my dresses as of late because most of them are made of light weight knits or polyester fabric and are too thin for the current fall weather in SF. I do miss the ease and convenience of a dress since you don't have to think about matching a top to a bottom. I've been so busy lately (and also trying to get more sleep) that I barely have time to do my makeup and hair in the morning. If you look at all my pictures in recent photos, my hair is styled straight because it takes 2 seconds to do. I prefer my hair to be curly (like this), so I'm hoping getting dressed quickly will allow my to at least give my hair some loving care and get maybe 10 more minutes of sleep. 

*Most dresses below are in the $40-50 range and all are under $100! Pretty awesome deals!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oversize + Cozy

A little sad that our Indian Summer was short lived and fall weather is finally here. It's been drizzling the last couple of days and I wish it would rain harder. Not because I love the rain, but because my car needs a wash super bad!! Speaking of car, these booties are not good for driving. When my foot presses on the gas or brake petal, the top edge of the shoes push against my shin. So I do have to take off my shoes when I'm driving, but other than that I love these booties! I have worn them to school, a couple of times to work and out shopping. Very comfy and easy to walk in, but I am used to walking in high heels. I don't wear anything else but heels and people never believe me when I tell them that (until they see me everyday in heels). Anything without a heel is uncomfortable to me...I swear!  
Halogen Camden booties. Size 5.5 | F21 Cardigan (S)  and Jeans (24) | Botkier Bag. Similar

Sunday, October 19, 2014

BR Fitting Room Reviews + Purchases

Hey ladies! I got an alert this weekend via Shopstyle that this BR dress (below) that I've been eying for the longest time is on sale. I was super excited and went online to BR and had this dress reserved in store, just in case they sold out. You never know!! While I was at the store, I saw so many new things I liked and there were also so many things on sale. If you live in SF, I'd definitely recommend visiting the flagship store on Grant St. (parking is a biatch though). They have a huge sale section in the basement and one of the largest petite selections I've seen. More often than not, store promotions are better than the ones online (use code BRSAVE for 30% off ).
 BR Faux Wrap Dress. XXSP [fits true to size | good for rectangle body]
Like I said, I was super excited to see this dress on sale. In my head, I just thought this dress was going to look and fit AMAZING (yes super duper amazing). I think I had preconceptions of how fabulous this dress was going to be and when I did try it on, it didn't live up to my expectations. Even my bf thought it was just okay and he always likes short fitting dresses. I was hoping the fabric would be more sturdy, but I guess they had used a soft thinner jersey for the dress to drape the way it does. So I'm totally not mad at them for that! What I don't like is that drapes give the illusion of a tummy and wide hips! It was a huge let down, but I'm sure this would look amazing on someone who has more of a rectangular body and wants to look more curvy. If you're interested in purchasing it, this dress does fit true to size and also comes in a grey color.
 BR Swing Pullover. Size XSP [sized up 1 size]
I found this sweater in the sale section and wanted to try it on for fun! It's definitely sweater weather in SF, so I've been hoarding any kind of sweaters I've seen lately. I didn't see a size XXSP, but the one I'm wearing fits just fine. In fact, I think an XXSP would be too tight (especially the sleeves)! The sweater has a short gold zipper down the center back with a slight high low hem. I ended up not getting the cream color because there was a substantial snag, but I did find one in the navy color and got that instead!
 BR Drape Jersey Top. XXSP [fits true to size]
This was another item I've been wanting to try!! Like the dress, I was quite disappointed with the fit and fabric. The jersey is super soft so I'll give them that, but it is extremely thin and clings onto the body. I felt self conscious in it and also can see this shrinking in the wash. I also didn't like the sloppy neckline which I had to keep readjusting and couldn't get it to look pretty. This was a no for me, even on sale for $30.
BR Draped Wool Coat. Size XXSP [runs large - size down 1 size]
I saw this on the hanger and thought it looked so cozy, like a huge blanket you wanted to snuggle up in on a cold day. Like a reviewer said, this is the Olivia Pope coat and I definitely thought the same when I saw it. The coat is unlined and might be too thin for really cold snowy climates (okay for SF). This coat is really oversized and it's obvious when not belted. If you have a short/slim torso, the large collars might overwhelm you. The sleeves were also very roomy and a tad long (easy alteration though). If this is something you're interested in, I'd recommend waiting for a good sale and sizing down 1 size. 
BR Riviera Blouse. Size XXSP [good for inverted triangle]
I've been really into henley blouses lately and thought this was super cute in the plaid pattern! Small sizes are sold out online, but it's available in store. The shoulders on this blouse are wide and felt like it was going to fall off me and the sleeves were too long (plus anything with cuffs are a pain to alter). At the same time, the bottom was narrow and felt almost too tight for my hips (my hips are 33") and I like my tops a little more relaxed, especially in a woven fabric. If that was the only issue, I think I might have bought it though. The top would be great for someone who has an inverted triangle body (wider shoulders and small hips).

BR Soft-Washed Gingham Flannel. Size XXSP.  [fits true to size]
This top, I love! It was so soft and cozy just like the name indicates. Even though it's in petite sizing, the length is longer than what I typically expect. I have a long torso so definitely don't mind it at all. The longer length also makes its great for layering under sweaters. The only issue was that the sleeves are a tad long, but I'd normally roll up my sleeves when wearing a button up shirt to make it look less formal. I'd definitely buy when it goes on a good sale!

BR Skinny Ankle Jeans. Size 24. These jeans are the jeans I'm wearing in all the pictures above. I originally needed this to try on with the tops and fell in love with how soft and comfortable they are! The fit is near perfect! I purchased this in store ($20 off original price) and then realized that I had a 40% off coupon when I got home. I'll take more detailed pictures later. Thinking about returning and then rebuying...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pants

I know a couple of you were curious about the fit of these Old Navy Pixie Pants, so here's a quick review for you ladies. What initially attracted me to these pants were the fun prints and variety of colors they come in. Any pants with the word ankle makes me automatically want to try them out because I have short legs and ankle pants always fit like full length pants on me. #petitegirlproblems 

*Side note - omg my hair is so long from the back view! My layers in the front are so much shorter so I never to really see how long my hair is. I feel like in no time, it's going to reach butt length. Ahhh! Need to cut asap!
I returned these pants and totally forgot to take measurements (I'm a terrible blogger!). For reference I normally wear a 24" for jeans or 00P for dress pants. The inseam of these pants are approx 25.5" and there is no waist gap. The fabric is like a ponte and there's a good amount of stretch in these pants. Personally, I think these pants fit okay on me. They aren't terrible, but they're not that great on me either. There's a lot of bunching in the (front) knee area and there's also some drag lines below the butt (meaning it's a tad tight). In the back of the knee, you can see the fabric tucking under and I asked my fitting teacher why this happens. She said it's because I have fat deposits on the sides of my knees. I'm honestly kind of indifferent about fit and color so the right thing to do was to return them since I promised myself to not keep anything I don't love. My original pick was the b&w houndstooth print, but it was sold out. ON restocked and it's currently available again in the print I want! The little devil on my left shoulders says to order them and is trying to convince me that it might fit better in print. LOL! 
ON Pixie Ankle Pants. 0P | F21 Pink Chiffon Blouse. S. Sleeves altered | Tory Burch Wedges. Similar | LV Palermo PM | Orange Bib Necklace. Similar

These TB wedges (above) reminds me of how much I love her designs! She makes the cutest shoes (esp wedges) and I really like her logo not for the brand recognition, but think it's a really creatively designed insignia. Here's some eye candy for you ladies from TB's new arrivals!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Neutral Colorblocking

Remember when color-blocking was huge a few years ago with super bright colors? I don't know if you've noticed, but it's back in a totally different way. I think I love it much better. It's so much easier to wear especially for those who work in a conservative work environment and want to incorporate this trend. It has a softer and more chic vibe and is so much more classic than the latter. On top of my list is the first dress(left) and the olive midi sheath from Misguided and the raglans from J. Crew Factory! I almost made a purchase last night, but the Misguided site was having glitches and wouldn't let me add items to my cart. Tonight, I'm too tired to pull out my credit card as I'm writing this. Plus I just received my Nordstrom's Halogen booties when I got home from work and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I don't care and am definitely sporting them.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Comfy Outfit + Columbus Weekend Purchases

This is my idea of comfy these days and also what I wore to school a couple of weeks ago. I remember years ago when I went to college (to get my BS) and lived in the dorms, my idea of comfy was shorts or mini skirt, tank top and Ugg boots. I still have those same Ugg boots, but I only wear them around my apartment because they're so cozy. During my old college days, I'd even sometimes roll out of bed and wear my pajamas with flip flops to class. To think about it, it's so embarrassing and can't believe I would do such a thing. I guess something about living in the dorms and being so close to school made me feel like it was okay to be sloppy?? I'm sure my professors and some classmates were thinking, eww what is this girl wearing. I have come along way...

Speaking of old college days, I've had this LV speedy since then! My friends used to ask me if it was a fake. Hahahaha! I'd never carry a fake!
Stitch Fix Sonoma Stripe Top. XS | UO BDG Mid Rise Jeans (in another color). Size 24 | BP Trolley Ankle Booties Size 5 (sized down 1/2 size) |   F21 Cardigan. Size S | LV Speedy (via Real Real)

I'm really surprised that this F21 cardigan is not sold out yet! I was expecting something flimsy when I placed the order, but it's made out of a really nice weight knit. The next time I make a F21 order, I will pick up another in the burgundy or oatmeal color or both since it's so cheap.  
I've been in search for grey booties for the longest time and found these Halogen booties on sale at Nordstrom this weekend! The ones I'm trying are a size 5 and they felt pretty snug, so I had them order me a size 5.5 (my normal size) and I have a pretty good feeling they're going to fit. I'll do a review on them once they come. These also come in a burgundy which is another nice fall color. These booties start at size 4 so it's great for ladies with small feet!

I also purchased a plaid skirt from H&M. It's actually the same exact style as the F21 grey skirt I'm wearing above! I love it so much, I couldn't help but purchase a dupe in another color. What's great about the H&M version is that the size 2 fits perfectly in the waist and no alterations are needed, but it is slightly more expensive than the F21 version (worth it though). I also picked out an H&M knit tube scarf in the mustard color (only available in store) and thought it would be the perfect color for my neutral outfits. The deal with H&M (in store) is that they'll give you a 10% discount if you sign up to get their newsletters. I told the cashier that I'm already signed up and she was nice enough to give me the discount anyway. So nice!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Super Bright

I'm normally the type of person that gravitates towards neutral colors, but I do love bright pink! I think it started with trying bright lipsticks and now I love it for my tops too. I haven't worn this top out yet and was playing with different outfit ideas and thought this pairing would make for a great girl's night out look. I have an affinity towards simple flowy blouses with balloon sleeves and if I can remember correctly, I have 2 similar blouses in a terra cotta and black color. The sleeves' length of this blouse is super long (approx 24.5") and I took 2" off and also made the wrist circumference smaller. Yay to doing my own alterations! :D
F21 Pink Chiffon Blouse (S) + Necklace (similar) |  J Brand Super Skinny Coated Jeans (shortened). Size 24 | Nine West Flax Pumps. Similar | MAC Lipstick - Up the Amp

I love the cutout and zipper detail of this dress so I was crossing my fingers that this would fit decently. Unfortunately, it's so baggy and big everywhere that I couldn't justify keeping it. I'm wearing a size XS and think this would fit someone that is a 2-4P. This dress would not be good for someone with narrow shoulders either. What's nice about this dress is that it is fully lined! My co-worker always laughs at me when I tell her, this is only X amount of dollars, plus it's fully lined! I only say that because it's a lot of work to fully line a dress; it's like making two dresses and sewing one to the other. So yes, that is definitely the redeeming feature of this dress.

Monday, October 6, 2014

(Petite) Fall Wish List

My office is really casual and we don't have a dress code. It's almost too much freedom and I get conflicted sometimes if I should dress up or dress down and be more relaxed. I do like that I have a choice and am not confined to business casual attire. I'm very happy that I can finally wear jeans and more casual shoes. It's also nice not to have to buy two sets of clothing where one is designated for work and the other is worn for play or the weekends.

*Most items come in petite sizes

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nude Strappy Heels

I originally wasn't going to alter this skirt thinking it would be okay sitting on low on my waist. When I did wear this skirt, I felt like a boy who was sagging and was constantly pulling up his pants. So I got fed up and decided to take the skirt apart and do my own alterations. Although, I can make my own skirt from scratch, I really hate doing my own alterations because you have to be careful about undoing the stitches and not ripping the fabric. You have to study what someone else did and pay attention to what order they did it in. If you do mess up, you're pretty much SOL because you have no extra fabric to compensate for your mistake and therefore that is why I hate doing alterations. Now that I think about it, I feel bad for bargaining with the seamstress because alterations are hard work and so time consuming. I spent a good 2-3 hours undoing the skirt, trimming off the excess, redoing the invisible zipper and sewing back the waistband, but it was time well spent because I love my skirt so much more now and it's more comfortable to wear. For reference the XS has a waist that is approx 26.5" wide (the website's measurement are wrong). 
So let's talk about these amazing nude strappy heels! I normally try to stay away from anything that ties at the ankles because they tend to make my legs look shorter; but since they're a nude color, they have quite the opposite effect of truncating the legs and actually make them appear longer. I had high hopes for these because of all the positive reviews, but I also had my reservations because they're from Forever21. I have bought shoes from them in the past and have had really good and bad experiences. When I received them, I was pleasantly surprised and thought the quality was pretty decent for the price. They also look exactly like they do on the website which is awesome. They run true to size and are comfortable for heels that are 4 inches high. I also love that the straps are adjustable so you can truly have them fit to your foot's width. The annoying part is that you have to lace and unlace them every time you put them on and take them off. It's not like slipping your feet into a pair of pumps and you're ready to go. Despite the small hassle, I really love them and my only regret is not getting them in black as well when I had the 30% discount code.
F21 Pleated Skirt. XS (waist taken in) | H&M Blouse. Similar | Aldo Earrings. Similar| MAC Girl About Town Lipstick | F21 Nude Strappy Heels. 5.5 RTTS

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Outfit of the Hot Day

It's been warm the last couple of days, but today was really hot! I've been working from home all day and got dressed without poking my head outside the window or checking the weather beforehand. By the time I arrived at a work function, I was literally melting and my hair was sticking to my forehead. After the event, I did decide to relish the heat and walk my way to school from one end of downtown to other. That's saying a lot for me because I never want to walk anywhere.
 Choies Blue Lace Dress. Size S. c/o | LV Palermo PM | BP Trolley Ankle Booties Size 5 (sized down 1/2 size) | F21 Necklace. Similar | Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Pink

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flowy Vs. Boxy and Ann Taylor 60% Sale Items!

Flowy or oversized tops are one of my favorite things to wear currently, but there's a difference between flowy and boxy. When a top is oversized, I prefer the fabric to have a nice drape so it falls freely and moves with the body. Boxy tops tend to be made of a stiffer fabric and just kind of hang there like a rectangle. They are better for inverted bodies who do need more structure on top to balance out a bigger bottom. My shoulders are broad compared to the rest of my body, so therefore boxy tops don't really work for me.
Stitch Fix - Davenport Blouse. (Kept) XS | J Brand Super Skinny Coated Jeans (shortened). Size 24 | Vince Camuto Bootie. Similar. | F21 Necklace | Botkier Bag. Similar | M.A.C Hang-up Lipstick   

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I love the edgier style, unique print and how flowy this top is. It skims the body nicely and doesn't cling onto any lumps and bumps. The longer length covers the bum and makes it great to pair with leggings and boots. The fit is oversized and has large armholes. I'm wearing a regular bra and was surprised that it's not showing through. I was all ready to layer a bandeau underneath this top! There is also a keyhole in back with a button closure to make it easy to get in and out of. I also like the black contrasting trimming on the neckline and hem and allows for the print and cobalt color to really pop.
Stitch Fix Elissa Moto Jacket. XS. (returned). This jacket is made of a medium weight french terry fabric and is fully lined with a soft cotton fabric. I like the stripes and moto style of this jacket, but the hem hits at the widest part of my hips which is not the most flattering for my body. I prefer my jackets to either be longer or cropped and not this in between length. I don't think this jacket is meant to be fitted so I don't think it's too loose at all. The sleeves are also a tad too long for me and although the boxy silhouette of this jacket doesn't work for my body shape, I think it would look nice on someone taller and with narrower shoulders.

On another note, Ann Taylor is having 60% off their sale items! For ladies who are in need of a suit, this is a great time to buy with the deep discount to counter the money needed for tailoring. Below are my picks with small sizes available!