Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ASOS VIP Discount - 25% off

25% off today and tomorrow on Asos Collection
Discount on full-price items until 1am Friday.
Enter VIP25 at checkout.

Picked up this pretty little dress. So many beautiful colors and I love dresses with sleeves!
Small petite sizes no longer available, so I ended up picking up the regular US2 in purple. This dress doesn't need to be fitted, so I'm thinking it might work for me. Can't wait to get this!!

ASOS Mini Dress with Double Layer Skirt

Thursday, November 24, 2011

J. Crew Petite Classic mini in felted wool

J. Crew Petite Classic mini in felted wool. Size 00p.
Measurements: Waist 12.75"/Length 15.5"

I kind of got arrow happy with these pics. LOL.
I actually really like this skirt and the color. The red is very pretty and look just like it does on their website. It is lined and also has a zipper on the back.
My only complaint is that the waist is too big for me. If you look at the picture on the right, you can see how low it sits. The picture on the left, I pinned it back so it sits higher on the waist. I think the skirt looks better that way because it makes my torso appear shorter and my legs longer.

With the 25% discount, this skirt cost me around $75. If I took it to alterations to get the waist taken it, I'm guessing that will take me back another $20. I'm leaning towards getting it altered, because I can see this skirt being very versatile and fun to wear. What do you ladies think, is this skirt worth $95?

Shell from AT (old)/Pressely Pumps by MICHAEL Michael Kors Size 5.5 (RTTS)

I styled it here with a blouse, cardigan and with opaque tights. I think it gives it more of a conservative vibe and can be appropriate for work.
Vince Camuto Amber Bootie (similar)/H&M blouse (old) (similar)/H&M cardigan (old)(similar)

I thought about not getting it altered and using a belt as a cheap fix. Ha! I think it works, but it makes a waist bunch up a little.
FP Sweater (old)(similar)/AT Overlapping Placket Long Sleeve Blouse. 00P/Burberry Rain Boots. Size 6.

BTW I hope everyone had a yummy Thanksgiving!!!
Who's going shopping during Black Friday tomorrow?! I haven't done too much research about deals and what types of discounts retailers are offering, so please do share.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

J. Crew Double-cloth Lady day Coat & Metro Coat

Hi Ladies! It's been a busy weekend for me. I'm in the midst of moving and getting my apartment together. Can you tell from the pictures. it's a new background! LOL. So this is going to be a (kinda) short review because I don't have internet set up yet (and oh how much I miss the internet!). But thank god for the Starbuck across the street for free wi-fi!

It was a tough choice deciding between the Double-cloth Lady Day coat and the Double-cloth Metro Coat. The quality of both coats are fantastic with lining inside and reinforced buttons.

Here are the side by side pictures of both coats.
(On the left) J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate. 00P. Color hthr majestic. $234.75 after 25% discount.
(On the right) J. Crew Petite double-cloth metro coat with Thinsulate. 00P. Color hthr caramel. $238.50 after 25% discount.

The fit of both coats are very similar with the exception of the Metro Coat being a tad wider in the waist and the sleeves being a smidgen shorter. I feel that both coats are roomier in the torso as compared to the sleeves. The sleeves are fitted throughout and can probably accommodate a long sleeve blouse & cardigan or just a chunky sweater alone. Anything more than that would look bulkier in the arm area. On the other hand, the torso area of both coats can accommodate a long sleeve blouse, a cardigan and a chunky vest. If both coats' sleeves were a little looser or the torsos were a bit tighter, I think it would make the coat more proportionate. I hope that makes sense.

Measurements for:
J. Crew Double-cloth Lady Day Coat (with Thinsulate) (00P):
Shoulders 13"/Sleeves 21.25"/Bust 16"/Waist 13.5"/Length 34.5"

J. Crew Double-cloth Metro Coat (with Thinsulate) (00P):
Shoulders 13"/Sleeves 21"/Bust 16"/Waist 14.5"/Length 34.5"

Another comment I wanted to make is that although the coats are embedded with thinsulate, I still don't think it's warm enough. I think it's fine for 50 degree SF winter weather. If I lived in an area that snows (like 30 degree weather or lower), I honestly don't think this coat will be warm enough.

So which coat did I keep??

I decided to keep the J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate because of the slimmer waist and the longer sleeves. I also thought the color was just beautiful and I currently don't have anything like it in my closet. If the Metro coat goes on sale more, I might consider picking it up again.
Also check out a number of reviews of Lady Day Coat (from 2010) on Alternations Needed Forum.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mackage Ashley Rib-Trim Wool Coat

Mackage Ashley Rib-Trim Wool Coat. Size XS. I really do love this coat and the design. Everything about this coat is so unique from the oversized collar to the leather trims. The major issue is the fit. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but this coat in a size XS is very similar to a size 6 or bigger at H&M. What a shamed. I also wanted to try other coats by Mackage in size XXS and order direct from their site. The only issue is that they have a mediocre return/exchange policy. Shipping is free which is good. You have 10 days to return/exchange the item. charges a $15 restocking fee and you have to pay for your own postage to ship it back if you decide to exchange/return. So if the coat I order doesn't work out, I'd be out $15 (for restocking) plus whatever shipping is back to their warehouse. No thanks.

If the coat only fits this slim...

The shoulders aren't too bad, but the sleeves are way too long!
The length is too long for my liking and wished the coat was more structured and less flimsy looking. The wool is also very thin and not thick enough to keep me warm during the winter.

For a coat that cost so much, I'd like it lined...please?
I couldn't believe how much the SA from nordies swears that Mackage coats run amazingly small!! I should have known she was only trying making a sale. Honestly when I worked in retail as a makeup artist, I rarely lied to people. When customers asked me if this concealer will hide their saggy skin under their eyes, I'd say no. Only surgery will fix it and don't waste your money. Haha! Of course they would look at me in shock and walk away.

This Mackage coat is a definite return and going back to nordies. But not to despair, I have reviews coming up for the following coats and one is a keeper!! :)
J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate. 00P.
J. Crew Petite double-cloth metro coat with Thinsulate. 00P.

Monday, November 14, 2011

J. Crew Boatneck Painter Tee

J. Crew Boatneck Painter Tee. Size XXS. Purchased in store for $14.99. An awesome layering piece, but cute worn by itself. I really like neckline and how slim the sleeves fit. It's kind of sexy without showing skin.

P.S. Extra 30% off sale items at J.Crew. Use code MUSTHAVE.

This is one of my favorite scarf purchased during the summer at H&M. (similar here & here)
It's big enough to use as a blanket. I carry it on with me for flights to keep me warm.
Jeggings from AE. Size 00 Short.
LV Palermo Pm.
FP Earrings. (similar here)

I had a few readers ask me about my hair in the last post and if I was wearing the bump-it to create volume. Nope, I was not wearing a bump-it. The bump-it looks great on a lot of people, but on me it makes me look like I have cone-head. The volume is actually very easy to achieve. I'll create a tutorial soon and I promise you it's simple and quick to do. Once you see it, you're going to think that's all I have to do?!? So stay tuned...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wilfred Boiled Wool Blazer

I bought this blazer a couple of weeks ago from Aritzia. I can't find it anywhere on their site, but this blazer is pretty new to the store and it also comes in a camel color. I love everything about this blazer especially the fabric and the fit. The blazer looks and feels well made and the inside is also lined. It can easily be dressed up for work or down for the weekend.

Tag Info: Item #41497/Boiled Wool/Size 0/Color Heather Black/Price $195
Measurements: Length 24"/ Shoulders 14"/Sleeves 13"/Chest 15.5"/Waist 13"

Aritzia Wilfred Boiled Wool Blazer. Size 0.
H&M Satin Dress (old). Size 2.
Nine West Rocha Pumps. Size 5. *Correction (runs half side too big, I have a bad memory sometimes). On sale in other colors here (contemplating the dark brown!).

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Coats, Coats & more Coats

I swear winter has crept up on SF literally over night. Last week, we had beautiful sunshine with 70 degree weather. Over the weekend, we had lots of rain, fog and dreary cold weather. I fear and hate the cold so I'm on a mad hunt for a thick cozy coat to keep me warm.
I decided to return the Aritzia - T.Babaton Bromley Military Coat. Initially, I was going to keep that coat but the tailor I brought it to said that type of wool is very high maintenance and needs constant dry cleaning. She kind of encouraged me to return the coat and I thought yeah, I'm not up for keeping a expensive high maintenance coat.

Anyway, I have purchased 3 different coats and hopefully one of them will fit.

From Left to Right:
Mackage Ashley Rib-Trim Wool Coat. Size XS. Purchased @ Nordstrom for $399, but not available on the site.
J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate. 00P. Color hthr majestic. $234.75 after 25% discount.
J. Crew Petite double-cloth metro coat with Thinsulate. 00P. Color hthr caramel. $238.50 after 25% discount.
Promo code on J. Crew's site.

Here's a funny story I have for you ladies...

So i went to nordies this weekend because of their sale...
I stopped by the studio department at nordies...tried on a few coats and everything was too big.
The sales lady was determined to sell me something....of course.
She pulled out the Mackage lookbook and showed me all the coats they carry and insisted that the XS runs very small and would fit me.

She points to her Asian coworker who is older (maybe late 40s-early 50s) and petite. She says my petite coworker wears a size S and can't even fit into an XS.
Well its hard for me to gauge someone's size so i asked her if she wears Ann Taylor. I assumed every old lady wears AT or has worn it. :P
She gives me this weird look with raised eyebrow and walked away. I just thought to myself ohh okay she probably doesn't understand English. My SA said something along the lines like, ohh no no no....and blah blah. Haha! I wasn't paying attention because I was concerned about finding the Mackage coat in my size. At this point my SA was trying to call a couple of stores that had my Mackage coat in a XS.

Btw, I said to her isn't Mackage (I pronounced it like package with a "m") made by Canadian designers and the SA corrected me said it's "me - khage" and it's italian. Hahaha! Italian my @$$!

So when I left, my bf was said did you see the look that the Asian SA gave you when you asked her if she wore AT. I said yeah, I don't think she understands English. He said no, didn't you hear what your SA said? I said no, what did she say? He said your SA said "oh no no no! she only wears St. John!" The Asian SA gave you the look of death because you thought she would wear cheap AT.
HAHAHAH! Whatever!! What a snooty SA!

I actually had another co-worker tell me that I should be wearing St. John. I was thinking, are you smoking crack? Do I look like I'd wear St. John?

Anyway, i ended ordering the Mackage coat and the XS better fit or else I'm throwing a fit.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lots of Tops

Remaining items from this order:

Ann Taylor Petite Mixed Media Print Shell. Size XXSP. Keep!

Ann Taylor Petite Pleated Wrap Top. Size XXSP. Indigo Ink. Keep!

Ann Taylor Cotton Long Sleeve Perfect Shirt with Satin Placket. Size 00P. It doesn't excite me. Return!
See on Elle & Kelly.

Ann Taylor Petite Crew Neck Cardigan. Size XXSP. This cardigan deserves only one picture because the fit is terrible. Return!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was looking for the perfect work appropriate LBD.

My criteria:
-isn't too short or show's too much skin
-doesn't wrinkle easily
-is comfortable while sitting at my desk
-has sleeves so I don't have to layer a cardigan or jacket over it

Ann Taylor Petite 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress . Size 00P. A definite Keeper!

This is my favorite out of the bunch. I wore it to work last week and got a ton of compliments. I like that it fits well everywhere and love that that the tie accentuates the waist. This faux wrap dress is so classic and best thing about it is that it will compliment any body type. If I had to be picky about the dress, I wished the sleeves and bust area was a tad more fitted. Otherwise I love this dress and am definitely keeping it.

Ann Taylor Petite 3/4 Sleeve Side Tie Knit Dress. Size 00P. Sadly returning...

I liked this dress too, but I liked the wrap dress a little more. I only wanted to keep one LBD so I ended up returning this one. The dress fits well, but for some reason there is excessive fabric under the armpit area. Not sure if you can tell in the pic below.

Ann Taylor Petite Modern Shift Dress. Size 00P. Returning for sure
I don't love this one because it's just so boxy all over. From the side view, I look like I could be pregnant. LOL! It's also too short for work.