Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Boot and Eyelash Extensions

I been searching for fitted black suede boots for the last couple years and I have never really found one that fit my calves perfectly. I went to the Nordstroms Anniversary sale a few weeks ago and spotted these Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Stretch Suede Boot. I tried them on and couldn't believe how well they fit around my calves. Although they are a tad expensive I decided to jump the gun because I know that I'd wear the hell out of them all year round!

Free People Dress. Size 0. (similar here)
Free People Sweater. Size XS. (similar here & here)
Alexis Bittar Silver Crystal Encrusted Rhodium Horseshoe Necklace. (Gold color here)
Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Stretch Suede Boot. Size 5. For reference, I normally wear a size 5.5 and these ran about 1/2 size too big. My calves circumference is 11.75". These are super comfy to wear for hours (have worn them to work and shopping).

I been wanting to get eyelash extensions for the longest time!! I finally decided to do it and am really happy about it!
Here are pictures of what my REAL eyelashes look like. They are extremely short, thin and sparse. *sigh*

Below are pictures of me with lash extensions and I'm not wearing any eye makeup at all.
If you are unfamiliar with lash extensions, it is basically the process of where individual synthetic lashes get adhered to your real lashes. With care and maintenance, these lashes should stay on for few weeks. After that, you can get refills for the lashes that have fallen off.
Although I wanted them too look more full and voluminous, I am still really happy with the results.

What I love:
The extensions look really natural and look like they are my own lashes!
It eliminates having to put on any eye makeup therefore cutting down the time to get ready in the morning.
It definitely open the eyes and make they appear bigger.
You can can get these wet and they won't come off or change its shape! I wished I had these when I went on my Cabo trip.
My bf thinks they're hot (haha...he told me to put that!)

What I don't love:
They are really expensive and need refills after 3-4 weeks.
I wanted lashes to look more full, but since I don't have many real lashes it wasn't possible to adhere more synthetic lashes.
If you were to wear makeup on the eyes, you can't wear anything that is waterproof because waterproof remover weakens the glue and makes the lashes fall off.
You have to be gentle with them and be cautious not to rub your eyes because the lashes might fall off if you do.
It took about 90mins to have these lashes put on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Casual Summer Outfit: Pull On Skirt & Denim Jacket

My lazy go to makeup and hairstyle:
  • A messy bun : For when I don't feel like styling my hair or washing it.
  • Minimal makeup: I normally wear a lot of eye shadows and eye liner (on the bottom of my eye), I decided to skip that part and just throw on a pair of natural faux lashes which takes 2 seconds to put on and also gives instant drama without the fuss. For the face, I dusted on mineral powder and a dash of blush on the cheeks. For the lips, just a light pink gloss I had laying around..


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Pants & Hana/Misikko Dryer

I wore this outfit to an art opening today. One of my friends introduced me to this lady and she said, I noticed your red pants from across the room. Haha! They are indeed very eye catching.

UO - BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans. Size 24. (Also available in fun colors like berry & yellow). It's hard to tell from the pictures, but these pants run large for a size 24. The waist (esp the back) is roomy and there is also extra fabric in the crotch/hip area. I also wished the ankle area were also tighter. Although there are fit issues, I really like these pants. I've been looking for affordable bright color denim for the longest time!
*Btw I purchase these at the store, I'm not 100% sure the pants I'm linking are the exact pants I'm wearing. They look very identical and cost the same. Please let me know if I'm wrong. :)
Free People Seamless Tupelo Honey Top. Size XS.
Forever21 Necklace. (similar here)
Franco Sarto "Vaunt" Sandal - Size 5.5. Runs TTS.

I had a few readers ask me about my hair and how I get so much volume. There's really not much to it and it's actually pretty easy to achieve.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair with your head upside down.
Step 2: Use a large round brush to curl in the ends and aim the dryer with high-medium heat to set.
Step 3: Take hair from the crown and wrap the hair around the large brush.
Step 4: Aim the dryer with high-medium heat at the crown to set it.

The Hana Air Professional hair dryer I am using above can be purchased from Misikko. The product was provided to me as a courtesy of Misikko for reviewing purposes.
I agree to do this review because my hair dryer is ancient and I really needed a new one. I have never purchased a high-end hair dryer before and was super excited to use it. I actually really love it! Here are the pros and cons:

  • Dries my thick hair in 5 mins -- amazing! It used to take me 15-20 mins to dry my hair with the old dryer.
  • Not sure how, but it makes my hair straight (my hair normally has a wave to it), shiny, soft and not frizzy!
  • After using it for week, I feel that my hair is much healthier already.
  • Heavier than my old dryer so it makes my arm tired.
  • It's kind of expensive and would have never thought to invest this much money on a dryer.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dressing Up Denim Shorts

Denim cut-off shorts are not just for the beach!

UO BDG Sheer V-Neck Tee. Size XS.
UO Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer. Size XS.
JCrew Belt. XS. (similar here)
Tory Burch 'Aurelia' Wedge. Size 5.
AE Shorts. 00. (similar here & here)

H&M Blouse. Size 2. (similar here & here)
H&M Jacket. Size 2. (similar here & here)
Free People Sea Dip Bib Necklace.
MICHAEL Michael Kors Berkley T Strap. Size 5.5
AE Shorts. 00. (similar here & here)

Aritzia "A Moveable Feast Neil Jacket". Size 0. Color Birch. (similar here & here)
Aritizia Talula Betsy Blouse. XXS. (similar here)
F21 Chain Fringes Necklace.
Franco Sarto "Vaunt" Sandal - Size 5.5. Runs TTS.
AE Shorts. 00. (similar here & here)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FP ONE Smiles Returning Tube Dress

My 4th of July outfit minus the red + blue. I spent the day picnicking at Golden Gate Park with yummy food and sunshine (although it was brief).

Running in the park...don't we all do it? :P
I am wearing:
FP ONE Smiles Returning Tube Dress. Size XS. Comes in a navy color as well. I love the high-low effect created by the layers. It makes the dress look so flowy and romantic.
The longer necklace is the Filagree Circle Pendant from FP. (cheaper F21 version here)
The short necklace is F21. (similar here)
Nine West "Metric" Wedge Sandals - Size 5.5.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ombre, Feathers and Ruffles

I got my ombre highlights redone and I am loving it. I told my stylist that I wanted the color to start below the bangs (and also not to cut them!) and to get the color as ashy as possible. I think she followed my instructions pretty well. I'm really happy with the results. I also added these cute little feathers in my hair. They're so fun, but really subtle at the sametime and you can only see them up close.

I wore this dress to dinner with my bf. We celebrated our (fake) 2 year anniversary. Haha! What do I mean by fake? Well awhile ago, this cute gay boy at the Michael Kors store asked us how long we been dating and we're like ummm (*looking at each other*)...awhile. None of us of have really kept track, so we decided to make up a anniversary date. I'm sure we been dating for more than 2 years, but it nice to have a date to keep track. LOL.

I am wearing:
Free People Raw Cut Ruffle Tier Dress. Size 0. It also comes in a cream color.
F21 Necklace. (similar here & here)
Jessica Simpson Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here)
Dooney & Bourke black clutch. (similar here & here)