Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I think these are my first Loft purchases...

I go into Loft quite a bit, but I think these are my first Loft purchases. My bf asks me why do you keep going in there because your success rate is like 1.5%. I said because I have faith! I see Loft items look so good on other petites, so I think it might work for me one day. Hahah! So I finally strike jackpot! I found not just one item, but a few items that fit and they were all discounted 50% off the originally price. My bf says I have fallen to the dark side now.

Loft Salt and Pepper Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket. Size XXSP. I love: the fit, the sleeve length, the color and the texture of the sweater. A few dislikes: on a scale of 1 to 10 of itchiness, I'd rate it a 5; the sweater is unlined & there is only one hook closure by the collar. I wore this outfit out today and to take the itchiness factor away, I layered a thin cardigan underneath. I also used a small pin to keep the cardigan from flying open.
AE Jeggings. Black Indigo Destroyed. Size 00 short.
F21 booties. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

Loft Marisa Modern Straight Leg Pants in Bi-Stretch . Size 00P. I been looking for a straight leg pants rather than a skinny or wide leg. I also like that the rise is not too low or high and overall fit is not tight making it work appropriate.
I'm on the fence about the following issues. The waist is a tad loose and the inseam (29.5") is tiny bit long for me. I usually put my pants in the washer and dryer so these pants definitely allows room for shrinkage.
What do you ladies think, are these pants a keeper or a return?
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Loft Bow V-Neck Shell. Size XXSP. I love everything about this shell. The color is gorgeous and the bow detail and ruffles are so cute. The arm holes are not too big either! If I had to be picky, I'd say the V-neck is a bit low cut.

The current promo:

Please forgive me because I have a terrible memory. If you have reviewed any of the items above, please send me a link and I will definitely link you!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Re-styling Asos Petite Tailored Pencil Dress

I can't count how many times I wore this dress during the summer when the weather was warmer. This beautiful dress has been sitting in my closet for months untouched. Determined to to wear this dress, I decided to add layers to make it more winter friendly.

BTW, this dress is currently on sale for $35.45 which is an amazing deal!!

Asos Petite Tailored Pencil Dress. Size US 1. Just a warning, the chest area is pretty fitted.
H&M Blouse. Size 2. A loose fit. (similar here & here)
Aritzia/Wilfred Boil Wool Blazer. Size 0. See me wear the heather black color here. (similar here)
J. Crew Belt. Size XS. (similar here & here)
Free People Fan Earrings. (similar here & here)
Pressely Pumps by MICHAEL Michael Kors. Size 5.5. Runs true to size & comfy.

And Happy Holidays everyone!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festive Work Outfit

The Occasion: A Holiday Work Luncheon
We opted for lunch instead of dinner this year. I guess nobody wanted to go home, get dressed up and come back to hang out with their coworkers some more. LOL!

H&M Sweater. Size XS. I got this over the weekend and it was on sale for $10!! (similar here)
F21 A-Line Knit Skirt. Size XS. Only $11.80! I have to admit the quality is quite decent for the price.
AT Overlapping Placket Long Sleeve Blouse. 00P. Color Crisp Nougat.
BR Dancing Bead Necklace. (similar here & here)
F21 Glittered Skinny Belt. Size XS. (similar 3 pack for $10 here)
Tory Burch Pumps.
LV Palermo PM.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

H&M Green Shift Dress

I picked up this dress early this week when I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting gfs for dinner. I was on the fence about it, but my friend Karen who was with me at the time encouraged me to get it. My initial reaction was that it was a bit boxy and maybe too big. After contemplating about it for a bit, I decided to get it and thought I could return it later if I didn't love it. But I am so glad I ended up purchasing it because this dress is so easy to wear and you can dress it up or down for different occasions (as you can see below).

Occasion: holiday party

H&M dress. Size 2. (similar here, here & here)
Jessica Simpson Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here)
Aldo Silver clutch. (similar here)

Occasion: a casual outfit for the weekend
H&M dress worn as a blouse. Size 2. (similar here, here & here)
Aritzia/Wilfred Boil Wool Blazer. Size 0. See me wear the heather black color here. (similar here)
AE Jeggings. Black Indigo Destroyed. Size 00 short.
Tory Burch Aurelia Pump. Size 5 (runs 1/2 size too big). Similar ones are the Sally's (I bought these in a 5.5 and regret not buying them in a 5 because they stretch out so much with wear).
Forever21 bib arrow necklace. (similar with the shorter chain here)

Occasion: work

H&M dress worn as a blouse. Size 2. (similar here, here & here)
Ann Taylor Triacetate Stretch Skirt. Size 00P. Altered. See before pics here.
Nine West Rocha Pumps. Size 5 (runs half size too big). Purchase here (with more color options) too.
Old Nordstrom/BP necklace.

Occasion: For a night out

H&M dress. Size 2. (similar here, here & here)
H&M bomber jacket. Size 2. (similar here)
F21 booties. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)
H&M belt.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lancome Foudation & How to Create the Bump Without the Bump-it

Due to the weather, my oily combination skin has been more dry than normal. My go-to foundation is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Duo Mat Powder Foundation but, for this type of climate it just doesn't provide enough moisture. Don't get my wrong I love the MUF compact! But for the winter I wanted a foundation that will provide more hydration and also to give my skin a dewey look.

For the purpose of this review, all pictures are unedited so you can see the true results of the foundation.

Wearing below: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in Buff 4 (C)

Pictures above are taken without a flash.

You can see in the before picture, I have lots of blotchiness and pigmentation in my skin. I don't have too much redness, but I feel like the discoloration really ages me and makes me look older than I am. It also gives the illusion that I'm tired and need some TLC. I think foundation is so important to a polished look. When your skin look good, you'll end up using less makeup everywhere else.
In the after picture, my skin looks so refreshed, brighten and luminous.
I used one pump of foundation and I think this gives a nice medium coverage which looks very natural. If you wanted to build on it to create a full coverage, you can add another pump. I applied the foundation with my fingers and it does the job just fine. Sometimes a brush/sponge just isn't necessary and I feel that brush/sponge will absorb the product so you don't get the full use out of it.
What I do love about the foundation is that it is oil free and doesn't make my skin oily as I wear it throughout the day. I don't have to do any retouches or blot the oil from my skin which is a bonus. It doesn't oxidize either; sometimes my oily skin will change a foundation's color making it more yellow or orange-y. The foundation is very light weight and feels as if I'm not wearing anything at all.
I don't have anything bad to say about this foundation besides that it is a tad more expensive that my other foundations. This Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation retails for $42.

I am wearing the same foundation below and pictures are taken with a flash.

I had a few reader ask me about my hair and how I created the volume without the bump-it.
So here's a really quick and easy tutorial and how to achieve that look!

Step 1: Gather a handful of hair from temples (keep it loose & not taut) and pull it back towards the crown.
Step 2: Pin the hair with a small clip.

Step 3: Gather all your hair and pull it back into a high ponytail or bun (whatever you like, it really doesn't matter).
Step 4: Take out the small clip and brush any unevenness out with a bristle brush.
If you like, you can use hair pins to pin flyaway or hairspray it down. That's it and how super easy and quick was that?!