Monday, June 28, 2010

Hollister Shorts Review

I'm going on vacation soon and am in dire need of shorts! I was in the mall today and decided to stop by at Hollister. Who would have a better selection of shorts than Hollister right? I tried on a number of shorts and was very disappointed and left the store with nothing! They have a clearance section online all the time, but it never entices me to purchase because I don't trust their sizing. I have tried on jean in 00 that are too large and also have had shirts in XS that are way too tight. Hollister is definitely not a line that I can just trust when ordering off their site because of their size variances.

I also have trouble finding shorts because I have a small waist & semi-large butt/thighs and most shorts don't accommodate this odd combo!

Hollister PC Highway Sweater
Size: S
Price: $59.99
Verdict: Not buying because of price

I couldn't help but grab this pretty cardigan with me to the fitting room. I love the ruffles and the fabric is so soft. The sweater is a bit pricey for Hollister. For $59.99, it should fit perfect. I don't know if you can tell from the first pic, the sweater sags by the waist. Even if they had a smaller size, I don't know if I would purchase at this price point. You can't really tell that the shorts are loose, but check out the pic below. I practically was able to pull on the shorts without unbuttoning it.

Hollister Zuma Beach Shorts
Price $24.89
Size: 0
Verdict: No on these shorts because of large waist

Hollister Rolling Hills Short (aka Hoochie Christina Aguilera Shorts)
Size: 0
Price: $19.89
Verdict: No because I'd be too embarrassed to wear these out in public. I just wanted to try these on for fun because they reminded me of something Christina Aguilera would wear. It's funny because a lot of the sizes are sold out online...I guess a lot of people like them.

Hollister Shorts
Size: 0
Verdict: No buy because it gives me sagging crotch and the waist is too big once again!
Sorry but I couldn't find these online.

Hollister Tourmaline Shorts
Size: 0
Price: $24.89
Verdict: No buy!
Now that I complained that everything is too big, these shorts are tight around the waist and my butt cheeks are hanging out. I'd show you ladies that back of the pants, but I thought I'd spare y'all. LoL

I'm really picky when it comes to shorts and its fit. I like them to be short, but not too short. I like them to be fitted, but not uber snug. Any suggestions on where else to look??

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faking those Long Legs

I'm the unlucky few that have a disproportionate body. My torso is much longer than my legs...why can't it be the other way around right? I always see girls (even petite girls) with long amazing skinny legs and they look so good in shorts and skirts.

Well I was cleaning out my closet and was about to toss these trouser jeans and decided to try them on one last time before getting rid of them. When I put them on, my bf commented how great they look. I was thinking...okay maybe I'll keep these. I decided to pair these with high heels. The wide leg hides my heels which gives the illusion that my legs are actually longer than it is. Awesome! :)

Outfit Details:
Banana Republic Trouser Jeans
Size: Petite 00
I love BR petite pants, I never have to get them hemmed!
Here is a similar pair from them and there are still sizes left.

Gray & White Polka Dot Top from H&M
Size: 4
It came with a tie around the waist, but I lost it. I'm surprised it wasn't too loose on me because I normally wear a size 2 at H&M.

Black Leather Bomber Jacket from H&M
Size: 2
I think I got this jacket for no more than $40 -- such a deal.
Here is something similar from for $748! Yikes! Of course it's real leather compared to mine.
Asos has a similar one as well and at a more affordable price of $169.

Shoes by Michael by Michael Kors
Berkley T-Strap Sandals
Price: $98
Size: 5.5
These shoes are great and fit true to size. The heels are 4" high and they are still comfy. I've worn them to work, to go dancing and just walking around around the city to shop. I have a few pairs of heels from him and I have to say they are all comfy.Thumbs up!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Piperlime & Gap Petite

Sandals by Corso Como at ShopStyle

Brand: Corso Como Simone
Color: Camel
Price: $119
Size: 5.5

I have so many pairs of shoes in my closet, but what was lacking is the perfect casual sandal. I wanted a neutral color that I can wear with most of my summer dresses and shorts/skirts. The heel has to be between 2-3" because I hate flats (because it makes me look short) & super high heels (because it's uncomfy to walk in). The search has taken me numerous trips to Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Nine West and many hours of searching the online sites. Finally I settled with this from Piperlime, it's free shipping and free returns so I guess I don't have too much too loose! I read all the reviews and everything said about it seems to be positive.

Has anyone had any experience with this brand before? This is my first pair from Corso Como.

Distressed Denim by Gap at ShopStyle
Always skinny destructed jeans (faded wash)
Size: Petite OO
Price: $19.99

Since I was already ordering from this site, I decided to check out Piperlime's sister sites for some deals and steals. I haven't gotten anything from GAP since middle school and saw they have petite sizes so I took a chance. I don't have any light color jeans in my closet so thought it would be a nice causal addition. All the reviews said these jeans run small. I thought about ordering a 0 but the only size available was 00 or 2. So I'm going to take a chance and try the 00 instead.

I hope I made the right decision.

Is anyone familiar with Gap Petite size?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obsessed with Maxi!

Image from Haute Look

Dress by Guess
Orignaly Price $178
Sale Price $79
Size XS

I have been on the look out for a cute Maxi dress for a while. I've seen it on other girls (much taller than me) and they always look so nice in it. Everytime I try one on, its way too long or too big and my bf hates them. He says what are you trying to hide behind that big Whatever right! I think I've been more obsessed about finding Maxi dress since he hates it.

I'm sure this dress is too long for me and I'm going to have this shorten, but that's okay. I got this from Haute Look and it's such a good deal that I couldn't pass up. Guess fits me pretty well normally and I trust that it will be the same on this dress. I love the plaid pattern and also how the material clings very close to the body.

The thing that sucks is that its going to take 14 days to arrive, its going to be a long wait. :(

Maxi -- hate them or love them? Let me know what you think.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forever21 overboard & everything under $25!

It's been ages since I step foot into Forever21 even though my work is steps away from the 3 story Forever21 in SF. There's always herds of tourist and locals and the massive amount of selection in there, it makes my head hurt. I went to another forever21 less busy and my bf was patient enough to wait for me to try on 30 different items. Everything in there is so cheap, I just couldn't help it. Here are my finds and everything was under $ cheap!!!

Forever 21: Smocked Knit Trimmed Romper: $9.80 . Size S.
Fit: Good
The description on the website says orange, but I think it looks more red in person.

Heritage: FLORAL SHOULDER DRESS: $18.90. Size S.
Fit: Good
This is my first red floral print dress. Bright color and large patterns tend to scare me!

Forever21 Boutique: Beaded Crepe Chiffon Top: $24.80. Size S.

Fit: a little loose, but I don't mind it at all.
It's a little expensive for a forever top, but the details are so pretty.

Forever 21: Silky Outline Top: $24.80. Size S.
Fit: Very Loose Fit.
My bf thought it was super big, but I love large tops. The top is really silky and airy.

Forever21 Poet Chiffon Top: $19.80. Size S. Finally available online.
Fit: Loose Fit.
This is a great top, its so feminine and I love the bat wing sleeves.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matty M Tunic

Shirt by Matty M. Size XS. $55.

This is a Matty M Shirt from Hautelook. For those of you who don't know what Hautelook is, they are an online site that hosts private sale for different brands each day. It's similar to the Gilt and Ruelala. I've seen this brand at Nordstrom before, but never felt compelled to purchase.

When I first took the shirt out of the package, it looked really big. I thought it wouldn't fit me, but lo and be hold the shirt drapes really nicely. I also really like the detail on the bottom and the color of the shirt. This is a good work top for me because it loose, non-body hugging, not colorful and covers my butt when I want to wear leggings or tight pants.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a Tourist/Hypocrite

I've been shopping so much the last couple of weeks, I kind of lost track of what I've even ordered and where its being shipped to. These Cole Hann Sandals are evidence of my bad shopping habits. I had these for probably over 2 years and forgot that I even own them. Sophia (
Kechiko) and I chat all the time and she showed me something similar to these recently and asked if I like them. I was said ...ehhh. Hahah I'm such a hypocrite.

It was so nice in SF this weekend I decided not to shop and enjoy the outdoors. All of these place are less than 1/2 mile away from my apartment. I got off my lazy butt and decided to go sight seeing with the tourists.

Outfit Details:

Rows of Ruffles Dresses from Free People for $68. Size XS. This is a good layering piece, I don't recommend wearing this by itself. As you can tell in the picture, it's pretty short. It has a nice loose fit which is great for this hot weekend. When it comes to ruffles, layers of it can give the illusion of extra bulk and this dress does not seem to do that.

Cole Hann Sandals. Size 6. I'm normally a size 5.5, but the ankle straps are adjustable so I don't mind the shoe fit being a tiny bit bigger. Here is something similar from Cole Hann - Thong Sandals- and its on sale for $89.

Cardigan From Express. For details, check out this May 31st post.
Michael by Michael Kors Bag. For details, check out May 23rd post.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Juicy Juicy

Even though I do have a couple of Juicy Hoodies from a couple of years ago, it never crosses my mind to go into their store. I was heading towards Forever21 and had a change of heart because it was too cold and windy outside the mall. I thought Juicy will do.

I found these two cute top and intended to wear these when I go on vacation because it's never hot in SF! Well SF decided to prove me wrong because it's hot this weekend. I am definitely not complaining!

Outfit Details:

Stripe Scope Neck Top $58 Juicy Couture. I'm wearing size S because they didn't have any XS in the store and I like the top so much I decided to buy it even though it's loose. I'm sure the XS would fit much better. You can't really tell in the picture, but the arm holes are really big. If I didn't tuck in the top, the shirt hangs down to the point where it almost cover my shorts. Maybe I'll take it for alterations...

Cotton Sateen Stretch Shorts by Talula from Aritzia $40 Size 0. Overall fit is fine. The waist is pretty big...definitely can't wear without a belt.

Leather equestrian belt from Jcrew $45. I cut off the tag from the belt, but I think the size I got is XS. Also Jcrew recently launched a new site called Madewell. It looks like a more casual and less expensive version. Let me know if you get anything from there and how their stuff fits.

Tory Burch "Sally 2" Peeptoe Wedges from Bloomindgales $265-- I got these in size 5.5 and they are pretty true to size. I been wearing these a lot and they are stretching out a bit.
I also wore these on my May 31 post.

Top is from Juicy Couture $58. Size XS. Sorry there isn't a link. I can't find it anywhere online. I love the flutter bell sleeves and the faded graphics. The printed is actually printed on the inside of the shirt! The sheer material of the shirts allows the image to show through.

Liquid Leggings are from Bebe XS. I got these for $2 from the Bebe sample sale. Sophia and I went last year and we got a whole bunch of stuff for $2. It was in a big warehouse packed with miles of people. It was insanity.

BCBGirls Black Pumps Size 6. These run 1/2 too small. Here is something similar from Nordies and it's on sale for $38.90. BCBGeneration 'Alena' Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking for some bootie?

Vince Camuto "Amber" Peep Toes Bootie from Nordstroms $119: Runs 1/2 size too big. Leather is really nice for the price. Heel is pretty high. Don't recommend walking around for too long!

Lace Tank from Aritzia: $38. XXS. Long in length. Fitted all the way through.

FP Skinny Knit Pants from Free People $68: Size 23. Runs true to size.

Plaid Button Top from H&M. Size 2. Fits true.

Zipper Stud Earrings
- Marc by Marc Jacobs from Net-a-Porter. On sale for $40.60. I <3>

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zara Finds

I have forgotten about Zara and have been disappointed the few time I've been in there with their selection and sizes. I'm glad I decided to give Zara a second chance! This top is one of the finds from there and I absolutely love it. The fabric is really soft and drapes nicely. I also love the bow detail as well.

Outfit Detail:

Top is Zara Basics in Size S (come in 2 sizes only - S & M - random!) for $25.90 (pricing is kind of random too).

Skinny Khakis from Zara. Size 2. I think these were $30 pants. I got them awhile ago. Waist is definitely too big. I'm wearing a belt...not sure if you could see it bulging through the shirt! The length is 2" too long. I folded it over. I was too lazy to take it to alterations.

Shoes are are favorite and I will always love them! They are Tory Burch. She makes the most amazing shoes. I've gotten so many compliments. I was at a conference in Texas last year and a couple of guys came up to me (and they were straight) and said wow they are cool shoes. I thought to myself Texans looove me....haha! Then I had a few more people approach me to tell me those are pretty awesome shoes. So I came to the conclusion that they just love my shoes and NOT ME!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Much better shorter...but not too short!

Wow it's been months since I've cut my hair. My hair was starting to split at the ends and it felt like hay. I finally decided to pick up and the phone and call my girl Rox at Oxenrose Salon for a haircut. She's super awesome, I've always liked every hair cut she has given me. You know how you go to hair stylist and you tell me to cut off 1/4" and they end up cutting 2" and you're like what?!?! Nope, not Rox! I also like that she doesn't use a razor to layer my hair. I had someone do that to me one time when I was a hair model...OMG it was the worse experience ever and gave me split ends like no tomorrow. Never again will I let someone touch my hair with a razor!

Anyway, I normally like a lot of layers, but I decide to go otherwise this time. I kept most of the layers long so its easier to manage.

Top: XS from Free People -- It's old so I can't find it anymore.

Stretch Twill High-Waist Side Zipper Shorts from American Apparel $48 -- Size 24/25. I would say these run a little smaller than most brands. These are pretty high-waisted and go above my belly button. These shorts don't offer too much stretch either. When I sit, the high waistband digs into my belly. It also comes in 3 other colors like coral, moonbeam and ash blue. This is also a great place for petites ...some of their pieces run pretty small!

Animal Print Flats are
by Betsey Johnson in size 5.5. For flats, they are not the most comfortable. I had it for a couple of years, but I rarely wear them especially for a long period of time.

I also go these 2 hair products today recommended by Rox.

Kerastase Smoothing controlling care. $36. I needed something to make my hair soft and shinny and this serum was nice because it's not greasy. Its easy and quick to use, you apply 1 or 2 drops on your hands and run it all over your hair.

Unite Tricky Spray Finishing Wax $26.99-- I wanted a pomade like product to give my hair texture, but didn't want that heavy greasy cream to weigh my hair down. This is a light spray (like a hair spray, but not sticky) that gives texture, hold and a little volume to the hair.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hoodie and Jeans...not so bad right?

I guess my sense of fashions is as bipolar as I feel sometimes. If someone was to ask me how I'd describe my sense of style, I'd say just that. I was feeling un-girlish and wanted something just thrown on and simple. I had these pair of jeans for awhile and I probably wear it all the time. It's simple, the color goes with everything and fits great. I wished I had a shot of the back. I love the pockets and the button me a lifted bottom.

From top to bottom:

Piped Moto Jacket from Armani Exchange (XS) -- Fitted look. They don't have this color anymore, but 3 others are available. Armani Exchange also has petite sizes. 0P and sometimes maybe 2P. They are great for casual wear.

Hooded Plaid Top from Free People (XS) -- also available in a "tea combo" color. Loose fit. Great for going to a buffet! haha! As my one of my friend would call it her "buffet shirt". Maybe the shirt doesn't photograph well, I just looked at it on the FP website and it's not too cute. I promise it's a lot better looking in person.

Seamless Tank from Free People (XS) -- a tad loose around the waist. Available in 4 other colors. I might stock up on more colors.

Jeans by William Rast. I have to admit, I bought these originally because I love JT...and also that it fits (haha!!). Anyway I couldn't find the exact style, but here is something similar.
Belle Flare -- mine are size 23. I'd have to say this brand runs pretty large. I'd recommend ordering a size down. I had to get these shortened. I also kept the original hem. I hate when the stitching doesn't match! The butt pockets of the jeans I'm wearing are exactly like the belle flare.