Tuesday, October 26, 2010

H&M Blouse - Worn 2 Ways

Hey Ladies- I just wanted to do a quick post on this H&M blouse I bought last week. I been wearing it a lot and also love how versatile it is. The blouse is super soft, silky and light weight. The length is also long enough to tuck in and it doesn't get balloon-y on the bottom when tucked in. It's a little expensive for H&M, but I think it's relatively cheaper compared to other retailers. I am also wearing a nude cami underneath because the blouse is kind of sheer.

Dinner Outfit:

H&M Blouse. Size 2. $34.95. (similar here)
Forever21 Tulip Skirt. Size XS. Very Old. (similar-ish here & here)
H&M Tights. (similar here)
Nine West Heels. Size 5.5. (similar here)

Work Outfit:

H&M Blouse. Size 2. $34.95.
(similar here & here)
Urban Outfitter Wide-Legged Trouser. Size 0. (similar here & here) I've had these since high school! Can't believe it has held up so well because I put them in the washer and dryer all the time.
JCrew Equestrian Belt. XS. (similar here)
Michael Kors Pumps. (similar here & here)


  1. Oh, that shirt is cute! I love seeing different ways to wear one piece.

    And I love your hair in the work pics :)


  2. wow, that blouse looks gorgeous on you! i really like how it's styled in the second picture -- looks so chic! reminds me that i still need to find me a good pair of trousers...

    thanks for the great inspirational looks, Ping!

  3. I love that blouse on you, and I especially like your work outfit, it's so sophisticated but it looks so comfortable. I have been buying items that can be versatile and ditching the dresses that I used to love...I am definitely in need of a blouse like this.

  4. Seriously, Ping... how do you manage to always look so good! I love both outfits, and you always have such great finds!

  5. Wow! Since HS?! I have not thought to look at UO for work pants.

    That top looks great on you both ways. Although, I have never seen anything not look great on you! :p

  6. Love the blouse!! So pretty! :) I love silky, light weighty clothes :) And wow.. your pants are STURDY! :) I have one pair from HS too, and I got fat and rip them LOL But I repaired it after losing some weight and I wear them from time to time :)

    You look great. I love how your cheeks are so bright!

  7. you looks so pretty Ping, love the first outfit and the skirt!

  8. Ooh great find at H&M! I love the balloon style arm. It totally looks like something you might find at a more expensive shop.

  9. That top is so beautiful. I love both of your outfits. You look so chic in your second outfit.

  10. OH I LOVE the way you paired it with the wide legged pants! The blouse is really flirty, loved how you paired it with a feminine skirt and masculine pants. =0D

  11. Wow I love that blouse!!!! Just another stab in the heart for an H&M lover who relocated to Texas :[

    I adore both outfits! You look super chic & gorgeous! Esp. love the slacks for work! Thanks for the inspiration, doll!

  12. oooh love that blouse! Darn you H&M - I wish there was online shopping - so hard to get to the malls these days! I'm in need of a white blouse too!

  13. Amy-- thanks! my hair is natural kind of wavy. i been curling my hair more often because it easier than straightening my hair.

    Kileen--yes i do love those trousers! i forget about them because they're so old, but everytime i put them on i fall in love all over again. lol.

    Elle--i love your dresses too! but sometimes when its so cold, i prefer pants so my legs don't freeze...

    PetiteXXS-- haha....thanks!! you are too kind. :)

    Michelle--you know i don't think UO sells work pants, not sure what those were doing there!

    Jen--lol!! i have a beloved black cardigan and there's a hole in the back, i need to get my mom to sew it up.

    Liana-- thanks so much!! ;)

    Sophia-- so nice to find things that look expensive, but are cheap.

    PLG-- thanks!!

    Hanna-- you totally summed it up!

    Stephie & Curls -- I will wish for H&M to come to you guys. I don't know how we San Franciscans ever lived without it!

  14. that is a bit expensive for h&m but it looks fitting and good on you!

  15. I shop too much b/c of you. Another great find.

  16. Hi! Found the Via Spiga Shanti boots for you on Zappos's online outlet 6pm.com. Still have your size 5.5 available in black leather for only $80.00 plus shipping. No luck for me. 3.5" heel is not in proportion to a tiny shoe size 4.
    The boots suit you well.
    Sabrina from NY

  17. Julie-- I definitely agree with you...

    Aubrey-- lol!

    Sabrina from NY-- OMG thank you so much!!!! i love those boots. I hastily went onto the site and just bought them and had them sent on 2 day shipping.

  18. Gorgeous blouse!! It looks expensive. Love the F21 skirt and equestrian belt as well!

  19. Wow that is such a pretty blouse!! Great find and I really like how you styled it for two different occasions! I've been trying to buy flowy tops like this for a more grown up look and now I want to run out to H&M and find this one!

  20. OMG i LOVE that skirt!! too bad it's old :(


  21. Looove the second outfit. We so rarely see you in "slacks." Is this Divided or their regular line? I need to hunt it down! The other day I searched H&M for about 20 minutes for your lace print dress, finally found it, but it wasn't as awesome on me.

  22. The blouse looks very luxe and I LOVE that tulip skirt! Great looks as always!

  23. Adorable! I love ruffles!

    Those wide leg pants look amazing on you, by the way--and I never think wide leg pants look good on anyone! It makes me want to give wide leg pants a shot especially since I wear strictly skinnies now.

  24. TinyinTexas-- thanks so much!

    MichLA-- I don't have anything like this either. I was very happy to find the right size and at a relatively inexpensive price. I know a lot of nice blouses can run $100+! I hope you find it.

    Leena--Thanks! It's a great skirt and I love the unique print.

    Jean--Haha! I actually have lots of slacks...I guess I just prefer not to wear them. Not sure what divided is...but it's in the work section. I hope you find it and i'm sure it will look fantastic on you!

    Sewpetite-- thanks! i'm sure you can find a similar pattern fabric and sew up a better version.

    Ida-- thanks so much! I think you can totally rock wide-legged trousers, just gotta make sure it's nicely fitted in the waist, hips & rear!

  25. Indeed that shirt is so versatile... and Definitely gorgeous and elegant! Even classy seems to fit with it! i really love it!!

  26. i love how you showed the blouse paired with both a skirt and trousers;)

  27. So adorable! I love both of these outfits, they're perfect for work and so chic!!

  28. I looove both outfits! You look fantastic! :)

  29. I love that blouse and it looks great on you! I'm a new visitor to you blog and I'm definitely following :) If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? It seems we're the same height or close to and similar body types. I have such a hard time finding clothes sometimes so I love it when I come across blogs like yours to give me inspiration

  30. Hi Ping, my favorite FREE PEOPLE gal! I posted myself wearing the coat. You definitely look better in the coat, but I still love it! I gave you a shout out as well because I loove your sense of style and hope you continue to post your outfits! :)

  31. You are so adorable Ping! Love this blouse and love it both ways too!

  32. sheer blouses are to die for! love this one on you ping


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