Sunday, March 31, 2013

Satchels + H&M Fitting Room Pics

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and Easter holiday! 
I wanted to share with you all my shopping finds.
When I saw this Michael Kors Satchel, I immediately thought of the Prada Saffiano Double-Zip Tote and Tory Burch Robinson Double-Zip Tote. Although the MK satchel does not have the double zip compartment, the design and saffiano leather looks very similar to both higher end bags. MK bags usually have a lot of large hardware attached to them, but I'm glad he kept this bag clean, simple and classic. I think this is a great contender, plus the price is more wallet friendly compared to the latter 2 totes.
Bloomingdales carries the MK Satchel in: white, tan, palm, navy & black.
Neiman Marcus has a fun fuchsia pink color which is great for spring and summer.
This is definitely on my top list of things to purchase! Will be on the look out for a Friends & Family discount!
I've been very curious about the Tory Burch Laser-Cut Leather collection so I decided to go look, touch & try out this Kelsey Middy satchel. I really do like the cut out leather and the design of the bag, but overall I just wasn't wowed by it in person. Sometimes you pick up a bag and it's love at first sight, but for some reason this just didn't do it for me. Maybe I had a different idea of what the leather would look and feel like? In person the leather was very stiff / hard, and while I totally understand the need for a stronger leather to hold up it's shape, I just feel like it didn't work for this satchel. I also thought the size of the bag was too big and bulky for someone my size.

H&M Items
H&M Printed Blouse | Size 2 | $14.95
Normally I'm not a fan of busy prints, but I actually liked this green floral design! It's quite cute and would be a nice blouse to pair with neutral bottoms or a blazer. Unfortunately, the fit was not for me due to the large armholes and very low neckline. Darn!

 H&M Olive Dress | Size 2| $39.95
I didn't have much of an issue with this dress' design or fit. I thought the olive color would look better on someone with a tan because I'm too pasty for this color. The dress is lined, which is a plus in my book, but the price is a little high for H&M...mb?
H&M Eyelet Peplum | Size 2 | $29.95
I think this top is super adorable and I love the eyelet material. It's a nice piece that can be paired with pencil skirts, shorts or skinny jeans!
3 issues: bust area loose for me, arm holes were big and the neckline was very small, making it very hard to put on or take off  (or mb I just have a big head?)!
H&M Printed Blouse | Size 2 | $17.95
I love the ruffle arm holes which makes it quite different, don't you think? It comes in a green floral print, orange and a solid white color.
In terms of fit, the armholes were too big (seems like that is the issue with most of their blouses!).
It was also wide and ballooned out at the bottom, which is not ideal for neatly tucking into work pants and skirts.

H&M Lace Sheath Dress| White in Size 2 | Yellow in Size 4 (below) | $39.95
I have an affinity for items that are white and lace-y. Even though I've always been indifferent to having a big wedding or getting married, I've always loved wedding dresses. I'm a big fan of "Say Yes to the Dress" and have been watching the show for a number of years.
Anyway, when I saw this white lace sheath dress, I was super excited to try it. I tried on the size 2 in white and the bust and waist area was SUPER tight. I was able to zip up the dress, but if I ate or drank a drop of water I would be in deep trouble. I tried on the size 4 in yellow and definitely felt a lot more comfortable in it. I didn't need another sheath dress so decided to pass, but will definitely consider purchasing this dress if it goes on sale.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunshine + Nine West Reelymind Sandals

I think the weather gods must have heard my plea for warm weather! It was beautiful, sunny and 70s for the last couple of days. I was ecstatic to be able to wear my shorts and new sandals!! :D
And I have to admit, I am in love with these sandals! They are absolutely my "it" sandals for spring + summer because they are simply so chic and sexy. A definite winner!
 If you are a long time reader, you've probably noticed that I wear a lot of Nine West heels and also purchased a lot of my shoes via I love Nine West shoes because they are always on trend and have shoes with price points that are so affordable. is great for their free shipping + returns, their large selection of shoes that cater to women with different styles and small shoe sizes.
Nine West Reelymind Sandals via Piperlime -- comes in black, natural and this yellow leather(above).
Nordstroms carries them in white & pink leather also.
My normal shoe size is a 5.5, but I'm very familiar with Nine West shoes running big so I decided to order them in a size 5 instead. I'm so glad I sized down because these fit exactly like my other Nine West shoes in a size 5. 
 For me, I like a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in, versatile enough to pair with multiple items in my closet, and will not break the bank. These sandals definitely meet all my criteria and I also love the springy yellow color with the sexy ankle straps. Even though it is a low heel, I feel they are still unexpectedly elongating for the legs.  If I had to nitpick, I'd say the ankle area runs a tad big.
F21 Blouse. Size S. (similar here)
H&M Paisley Shorts. Size 2. (similar here)
F21 Necklace. (similar here & here in silver)
Nine West Reelymind Sandals. Size 5. Runs 1/2 size too big.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cherry Blossoms + DIY Peplum

You know it's spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming! 
I am currently loving the black + white trend and can't get enough of it. I made this peplum top and added white piping to contrast against the black. Even though the white piping is a small detail, I feel that it makes the top so much more interesting.
DIY Peplum Top. (similar here & here)
F21 Skirt (old). (similar here)
Nine West Rocha Pumps. Size 5. Sized down 1/2 size.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY: B&W Striped Dress

When I saw this b&w striped fabric, I knew I had to have it. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it, but decided to take it home anyway. As most of you might know, I'm a beginner at sewing and have no knowledge about fabrics and their characteristics. I will buy anything that catches my eye which is a mistake (for a beginner)! I'm not 100% sure if I'm describing the fabric correctly, but it is a very light weight cotton material with no stretch to it. It has a smooth slippery texture which moves around when you try to cut it. The edges also fray like crazy which drove me nuts. You also have to be precise with your measurements when working with a fabric that does not stretch. I had to take apart the bodice quite a few times due that I didn't leave enough seam allowance for the sides and invisible zipper.
  SPG recently posted this really helpful article on fabric selection and too bad I didn't have this with me before I bought a whole bunch of fabric during my last shopping trip.

Below, I have created a fit and flare dress with box pleats & inseam pockets! Hope you enjoy it! 
DIY dress. (similar here, here & here)
H&M Blazer. Size 2. (similar here)
Circa Joan & David Sandals. (similar here)
Banana Republic Belt. Size XS. Had extra hole punched to fit the waist. Wish I didn't listen to the reviews and bought the XXS instead.

On another note, I just placed an order for the BP. Trolley Ankle Boot  at Nordstrom. I think these might have filled my void for casual boots. I initially wanted the gray leather, but cognac leather looked better against my pale legs. Although the reviews say the booties run small, I thought the size 5.5 (my normal size) felt big so I had the SA order a size 5 for me. I'll let you know about the fit when I get them!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ralph Lauren Janessa Two Tone Riding Boots + Sandals

Over the last fall and winter, I have tried on numerous riding boots and have had no had success. I ordered these R.L. Janessa Riding Boots because I loved the two tone color, plus they were also on sale! Spring is also a great time to buy boots at discounted prices (if you don't mind waiting) because retailers are trying to get rid of their old fall/winter stock. I have lots of dressy boots and wanted a pair of casual boots that I'd wear with weekend or errand-running outfits and thought these would fit the bill.

The biggest issue I have with most boots is the calf circumference running too big (and I'm sure a lot of ladies have this issue as well). I remember wearing my Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Boots  while shopping one weekend and this random lady chased me down and said "Excuse me, but where are those boots from because they fit your calves so well and I can never find boots that fit!"

I knew the calf circumference would run big on these boots so I decided to order 1/2 size smaller than my normal size, hoping the calf area would be smaller as well. Not sure if that is logical or not? 
I got a size 5 (normally wear 5.5) and the foot area actually fit just fine, but the calf area was a tad big. When paired with jeans, I think it's hard to tell that the calves don't fit. When wearing them with bare legs, its very obvious they are too big. I went back and forth, but finally decided that if I were to keep these boots I could only wear them with jeans and didn't want to be restricted to just that. Another thing that bothered me was the quality of the leather. Even though these boots were on sale, it wasn't extremely cheap to warrant such low quality leather. I really love the style of these boots (esp the 2 tone) and thought about it for a couple of days before returning them.

Circumference of the calf area measures 14".

If anyone has similar boots that fit them well in the calves, please let me know!
On to another hunt -- versatile sandals!
I found these wedges via Piperlime and am pondering which one to get. All are very affordable!

Nine West Reelymind in Natural

Please help me out and let me know which one are your favorites.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Asos Tulip Dress With Waterfall Skirt [w/ Alteration]

When my bf saw this dress, he was horrified and said you look like a 50 year old school teacher. Scroll down to see the unaltered dress and I think you might agree with him. LOL. 
But I definitely saw potential in this dress and I think its much cuter with a mini length!
H&M Denim Jacket. Size 2. (similar here & here)
Coach pumps. (similar here)
LV speedy.
The Pros: The fabric of this dress is very lightweight and the dress is not form fitting so it's a very comfortable dress to wear [esp. for those warm spring/summer days and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll have those very soon]. I also like the ruffle coming down the skirt which adds a fun and flirty element to the dress. My favorite part of the dress are the polka dots!! I've been trying to find a similar polka dot print fabric, but haven't had much luck.
The Cons: On the model, the dress is a midi length so I already knew it was going to be super long on me. But in order to pull off this dress at the given length I think you'd have to be at least 5'6 or 5'7! On me, it's almost a maxi dress.
The armholes are also a tad too big for me and so is the chest area, but keep in mind (and I'm sure you can see) that I'm not very well endowed in that department. 

Before Alteration:
Shoulders: 13" | Chest: 16" | Waist: 12.5" | Hips: 17" | Length: 42"
I trimmed a whopping 14" off the length!!

Below is what I wore to dinner on a colder night.
J. Crew Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate. 00P
F21 Bag. (similar here)
F21 Booties. (similar here)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Wedges

Spring and summer are my 2 favorite seasons because of the warmer weather and the fact that I can finally wear sandals! I lived in San Diego for a few years and loved the fact that everyone wore sandals or flip flops all year round. During the winter holidays, I'd come home to SF wearing my sandals/flip flops because I was so used to it and my friends would look at my like I'm nuts. So I'm glad spring is finally here and I have an excuse to buy and wear more sandals!
 I purchased these wedge sandals at Target while I was doing an errand run with the bf. I thought the ankle strap made these casual sandals really sexy and loved the sky high wedges. I tried them on at the store and walked around in them for a few seconds and they felt mighty comfy for wedges that have a 5" heel. I think what adds to the comfort level is the 1 inch platform in the front.
I was SO sure they were going to be my new favorite sandals for spring!
 But after wearing these for the photo shoot, I could feel that the front straps were squeezing my pinky toes and the back straps were scratching my heels. Definitely a no no after just 15 mins!
 So unfortunately these will be going back and my search continues for the perfect spring & summer sandals!
Free People tank. (similar here)
American Eagle jeggings. 00S. (similar here)
Coach clutch. (similar here)
F21 chevron necklace. (similar here & here)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIYS: Practicing & Sharing

Hi Everyone! First off, I just wanted to thank you to everyone who have been so supportive of my recent DIY efforts. I appreciate all the comments and feedback on my previous posts. It really means a lot to me! 
A few of you have asked me to make and sell my chevron maxi and at this point I'm just not comfortable yet in making clothes for other people. I am currently practicing on my friends & family to improve my sewing skills.  Hopefully at some point  I will feel more comfortable with sharing my DIYs with fellow readers. When that time comes I will definitely let you know and I hope to have your support as well. :)

And here's 2 more DIYs I can add to the list!
The chevron dress was a b-day gift to my bff. When she saw my chevron maxi dress, she expressed to me how much she loved it and wanted one for herself (and specified in a short version). Initially, I told her that I'm not making that dress again because it's such a pain in the butt to line up all the stripes. But since her bday was coming up, I told her I will make an exception. LoL

The original inspiration was from this BR Dress.
This dress was requested by my auntie. She really liked my blue lace dress and wanted one that was less "sexy". I said no problem! Instead of doing a nude lining, I opted for black so it doesn't look like she not wearing anything underneath. I also made the length to hit just above the knee so it shows some leg, but not too much.

The original inspiration was from this Free People Dress.

Btw what do you guys think about the new layout? I was chatting with a former client yesterday and somehow my blog came of topic. Since she designs website, I said what do you think of my layout? She said..."what's up with the blurred out header with all the girls (me)? It looks like an Asian dating website."  Hahahaha!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: ASOS A Wear Peplum 40's Dress

This review is long overdue! I've been so busy with DIY projects, I haven't had time to devote my attention to writing a review for this dress from Asos.
Lately, I've been loving orange and red hues so I was instantly drawn to this dress and thought the cheerful color + print would be a nice addition for spring. I'm kind of late on the peplum trend, but if I can recall correctly this is my first dress with a peplum frill at the waist. I also love the very ladylike 40's inspired details like the cute cap sleeves, the V-neck with fitted bodice and the slim pencil skirt on this dress.
 I normally would order from the petite section, but decided to venture out since my friend Jean has had luck with their regular sizing. I went ahead and gave this dress a chance after viewing it on the runway and the fit seemed very form fitting  on the model. My gauge for regular size clothing is that if fits tight on a model, then it might fit someone petite like me. 
I am wearing a size 2 regular here and you can tell that the cut of the dress is form fitting. I was shocked at how small a size 2 regular run because I normally wear their Petite 1. I thought about ordering a 4 regular a couple of weeks ago to compare sizes, but it was sold out. I just checked and looks like they just re-stocked the 4 regular. If anyone gets the 4R, let me know how it fits!
I also thought the length was a tad long on me so I decided to snip 2 inches off the skirt. I'm used to skirts that are above the knees and thought the shorter length would help elongate the legs. It was an easy alteration that I did and it took no more than 30 mins.

The measurements:
Shoulders: 13" | Chest: 15" | Waist: 12" | Hips: 16 | Length (before alteration): 38"

Let talk about the cons of this dress! Well the obvious one is that it's form fitting (I guess it could be a pro depending on the occasion) and I do wish it was a tad bigger to accommodate room for a larger lunch or dinner. This is the dress you wear when you know you're going to have a salad for lunch or else you're going to be very uncomfortable going back to work sitting at your desk. 
Another thing that bothers me is that the lining of the skirt is made of a  thin cotton material while the shell has a chiffon/satin finish. The issue is that the fabrics do not move in unison because the lining is stretchy while the shell has no give. The lining rides up causing bunchy-ness -- notice the ripples around the hip area in the picture below. This is a tad annoying because you have to tug and pull at the lining too ensure everything is looking nice and smooth.
c/o Asos - A Wear Peplum 40's Dress. Currently on sale!
Size 2 Regular

I haven't had time to take pictures, but I also have the Asos Tulip Dress With Waterfall Skirt (Size 2 regular) to review. Stay tuned to see if the Tulip Dress in Size 2 regular fits similar to this peplum dress!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY: Nude Inverted Pleat Skirt + 9 pairings

In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to make a skirt that's as versatile as my nude patent leather pumps. I decided on the inverted pleat skirt inspired by this Alice + Olivia skirt. I've always had an infinity for pleated skirts because they're so feminine and I also love the movement of the pleats when you're in motion. 
The A+O version is much shorter in length and also with a hefty price tag. I do like the shorter length, but thought it would be better to make my version longer so its appropriate for all occasions. After finishing my skirt, I can also understand the hefty price tag as it does take up a lot of fabric to create the pleats and was also a very laborious process. My perception was that this was going to be an easy afternoon project, but boy was I wrong. However, I think it was time well spent and I love the finished product. I have worn this a couple of times already and have received compliments from a few strangers which made me feel really good.
To test out the versatility of this piece, I thought I'd pair it with a few things in my closet. ;)

For similar pleated skirts: here & here.
Top Row:  
H&M Blazer | AT Placket Blouse | LV Palermo PM| TB Pumps (similar here & here)
J. Crew Naomi Shell | J. Crew Cardi (similar here & here) | MK tote | AT pump (similar here & here)
H&M Denim Shirt (similar here & here) | F21 Crossbody (similar) | Nine West Sandals (similar)

Middle Row
Crew Cut Cardigan (similar here from J. Crew Factory)| H&M Blouse | AT pump (similar here & here) | F21 Crossbody (similar)
H&M Blazer (similar) | H&M Polka Shirt (similar)| Coach Factory Bag (similar) | Carlos Santana Slingbacks (similar

Bottom Row
H&M Denim Jacket (similar here & here) | BR stripe tank (similar) | Nine West Sandals (similar
Aritzia Coat (sleeves shortened) | H&M Blouse (similar) | F21 Necklace (similar here & here) | Coach Factory Bag (similar) | Stuart Weitzman 'Spectacle' Stretch Suede Boot
FP Jacket (similar here) | Asos Snood | LV Speedy |  TB Pumps (similar here & here)

 And here's a closer look at the inverted pleat skirt...
 I also finally got a twitter account! You can tweet me
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspiration: Nude Skirt

One of my closet staples are my patent leather nude pumps because they literally go with everything. Well I wanted a versatile skirt that would do just the same. 
My next DIY project will be a nude skirt and below were my inspirations. 
Can't wait to show you guys what I end up making! :)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Matchy Matchy Outfit

F21 Blouse. Size S. (similar here & here)
Aritzia "A Moveable Feast Neil Jacket". Size 0. (similar here)
J. Crew Factory skirt. Size 0. Altered. (similar here & here)
Arturo Chang Heels.