Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loft Pants Review

I purchased these Loft pants during friends and family with 40% discount. Generally, I lean towards the cropped pants because they tend to fit better for someone like me with a shorter inseam. But since fall is approaching and it gets quite chilly in SF, I wanted to get full length pants to cover my ankles. 
Loft Kate Straight Leg Pants in Bi-Stretch 
Style #:290119  | Size: 00 P | Color: Carpet Red  
Measurements: 28" Inseam & 13" Waist (measured across flat) 

What I like:  The color is really pretty and different. There is little waist gap. It is fitted throughout the legs.
What I don't like: There is too much bunching around the knee area (front & back). If the inseam was an inch shorter, it might also drape better in the front?
Decision: I am returning these pants. As much as I like the color, I feel that it would be hard to incorporate them with my work wardrobe. I prefer to wear darker color pants for work.
Loft Marisa Trouser Leg Pants in Loft Superfine
Style #:286822 | Size: 00 P | Color: Heather Camel
Measurements:  28.5" inseam & 14" Waist (measured across flat) 

What I like:  The color is very basic and easy to pair with other items. The material is light weight which helps drape the legs nicely. The waist is a tad big, but a belt can fix that. The cut is very flattering and helps lengthen the legs.
What I don't like: From the thigh down, the pants are a bit baggy. I think they would look much better if the legs were slimmed down.
Decision: I am returning these pant because I have something similar that fits better. 

Style #:286826 | Size: 00 P | Color: Deep Cabernet
Measurements: 29" inseam & 14" waist (measured across flat)

What I like:  The color is very on trend for the fall. Not only is it a gorgeous color, it's also very slimming for the legs.
What I don't like: The waist is huge! Although the waist measures 14" (measured across flat), it sits higher on the waist compared to the Marisa trousers (pictured above). There is also a lot of bunching below the butt and in the thigh area. These pants are not flattering on my tush either.
Decision: I am returning these! They fit the largest compared to the 2 pants mentioned above. I'd recommend a size 00P to someone who is a size 4-6 at H&M.

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe that all of these were a miss! The first pair were gorgeous! And they fit you well, with the exception of the length. And the color of the last pair is gorgeous! Huge bummer!!

    thanks for the link! :)

  2. Aww boo I loved all the colors of the pants! Sucks that none of them fit right! =(

  3. Ping! This is Sabrina. How are you?

    The second pair is a classic cut and looks fantastic on you, especially the back view. I am enamored of anything in camel color. Pair the pant with brown suede bootie, black turtle neck, a short leather jacket and you are good to go during the chilly SF night.

    How's your NY trip? I am still in NY and will fly to Bay area for a brief visit next week.

    1. hi sabrina! thanks for writing. i was very close to keeping those pants! i wished the legs were a tad slimmer and didn't flare out so much on the bottom. i had a fab time NY. Both me and my bf were busy catching up wiith friends and didn't really have time to do touristy stuff. I definitely need to go back soon and explore so more. If you are coming to SF (the city), it is chilly right now. Pack warm clothes!!

  4. i like these (Loft Marisa Trouser Leg Pants in Loft Superfine) from the side view. the length is perfect w/your heels.

  5. Sorry to hear that none worked for you :( I like the front view of the trouser pants - you're right, they are very leg lengthening!

  6. Thank you for showing the clothing from every angle, it's so helpful when trying to find the perfect pants because the front-side usually looks great but the backside is another story. =p Thanks again for your review, I found them very useful!

  7. you buy and return a lot...


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