Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

A few more items added today - May 28th!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Hey,

    Would you happen to have been at Gilroy Outlets today? I was shopping and thought I saw someone that looked like you. I wasn't sure but if it was you, here's a late HI :D

    1. that was totally me! omg, i got there around 2 and left about 6pm and my feet are killing me now. the only thing i bought is a bracelet from AT! i hope you scored some good stuff and you should have said hi! :)

    2. Oh noes... I was shy :/ I found some comfy sandals at Cole Haan and some shorts for the summer. Maybe we'll run into each other again and next time I'll say hi :)

  2. Looking at your shop reminds me how much I love your style! Sad that I'm much bigger than you or I'd snap up a few things - hope they sell quickly!


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