Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free People Reviews: Tunic, Ruffle Cardigan, Lace Dress & Thermal

Bloomingdale is having their friend and family this week! I totally took full advantage and stocked up on my Free People. It is 20% off almost everything in the store - use promo code "GIFT".

Free People Kapowski Tunic $78.00. (with discount: $62) Size XS.
I think this top is so cute. I love everything about it, from the sweet heart neckline, the cut-out in the back, the print and the way it hugs my body. The material is really soft. It's fitted, but does not feel tight or uncomfortable. On the model, it definitely looks more like a top than a dress. I'm much shorter than they are so I can see myself wearing this as a short dress!

Free People Eyelet Ruffle Cardigan $128.00. (with discount: $102). Size XS.
My boyfriend really like this one and wanted me to get it, but he likes everything. He is such an enabler.
I think the idea of the eye ruffle is what drew me to the cardigan. I also like the cute little buttons too. In terms of fit I think it is just okay. It's a little shapeless and just hangs there. I passed on this one.

Free People "Medallion" Lace Dress $118.00. (with discount: $94). Size 0. Also available in cream and deep plum.
I look a little goth with the boots and leggings...please ignore it...heehee.
Anyway, I am so glad I bought this because it is not sold out in my size and in this color on the FP site!
I have been eyeing this for awhile and am so glad I finally got it. I really like this dress because its so girlie and romantic looking. There is also the cute tulle detailing on the bottom, I'm not sure if you can see it. This is definitely a very easy dress to wear and I can't wait to wear it to date night this weekend.

Free People Lace Trim Thermal $48. (with discount: $38). Size XS.
I wanted a cute thermal for the weekend because it's getting pretty chilly here. I really like the lace neckline. The material is pretty substantial and it's also really soft. I saw this online and the model makes it look so cute! I don't have the boobies to fill out the top like the model does and I'm not sure if I love it. I also wasn't crazy about the color selection they had in the store. Grey and charcoal-- pretty boring! I'm kind of on the fence about this. Nordstrom has the same thermal and it's on sale for $31.90. I like the color available which is a sky blue and in my size...not sure if I should get it. What do you think?

Did anyone else take advantage of the F&F? Please share your finds and goodies!


  1. the Kapowski Tunic looks absolutely lovely on you and it looks great as a short dress! the medallion lace dress is also super cute and i love the ruffles on the bottom and how it kinda poofs out a bit. great finds!!

  2. Ohhh I looove everything on you! I am in love with the Medallion dress.

  3. It's cute that your BF likes everything... my hubby is the opposite and vetoes most things lol. I agree with you about passing on that cardigan though. My fav is probably the lace dress! :)

  4. My favorite is also the lace dress. Since you have a very slim body, FP clothing looks amazing on you. I am eyeing some of the stuff online but haven't pull the trigger yet. Since there isn't a Blommies nearby, I just don't want to mail them back if they don't work out for me.

  5. I desperately want that lace dress now, it looks terrific on you! My Christmas Wish List is filled with half of the things you've worn on this blog. :)

    My bf is an enabler too so I get what you are saying - the last time he said something that's borderline negative about what I was wearing I gave him sad face for the rest of the day so now he compliments (however fake) me on everything...which clouds judgment.

  6. Really how has Free People not hired you yet as a model?!? You look amazing as always - it's great that your BF will go shopping with you. My husband will but I prefer to go alone LOL.

  7. My most favorite items are the first tunic and the third dress. The cut on the back of it is super adorable. Lace dress is so classy. You look great in all items.

  8. My fav is the lace trim thermal! So cute! I love that black necklace.. I wear mine like 2x/wk!

  9. It's kind of freaky how similar our tastes are in clothes--I bought that Kapowski dress in the lighter color on Revolve a few weeks ago! And yes, it's very cute! :)

  10. I LOVE the Kapowski tunic... {*ahhh!!} It looks great on you! The Medallion dress is cute too but I can't really see the detailing. Darn black dresses! They look fab in real life hut it's hard to see the details in photos.

    <3s Serena.

  11. glad you decided not to purchase the cardi. It is shapeless and just hangs there.

    big fan of anythg w/sweetheart neckline.

  12. You're kidding? went shopping for Free People?...Did not see that coming!! LOl I'm goofing ;) Seriously, love that black dress on you, it's very flattering. I'd probably stick with the gray color on the thermal tee so that I could layer it with anything, but that's just me. It was definitely a good fit for sure!

  13. Dang! The tunic looks hot on you! Glad you found some good items! Vegas does not have a Bloomindale's with clothing...just the home store. :(

    I just left a comment on Jean's blog about checking out F21 tomorrow...I will try to find some "hot" clothes for myself! :p I figure if I tell you, I will be more likely to do it. Not 100%, but more likely. :p

  14. Kileen/April-- thanks so much!

    Petitexxs/Elle-- I wonder if my bf and I were married and we shared bank accounts...wonder if that would be a different story. lol! he might veto everything too.

    PLG--aww i to waste money on shipping!

    Curls--haha I wished!!

    nelah-- thanks!

    Sophia-- i love that necklace too! i wear it all the time. i wished it would stay in place, it looks so messy in the pics.

    Ida--that's so cool! i think we totally have the same taste too.

    Serena-- no worries! i will probably wear it and take more pictures in it...haha!!

    Aubrey-- i definitely agree with you...

    Callandra -- LOL!!! Hmm I think I might love FP more than the petites love LOFT! What do you think?

    Michelle--really?? i swear i been to the bloomingdale's in vegas. what about the one close to the venetian hotel cloting in that store?
    i hope you find some hot party clothes this weekend!!!

  15. my favorite is the first tunic! geez, you are sooo tiny! :)

  16. Oooo Ping- so many that I like but I love the first floral dress and the lace dress! You have such a nice body!!! :)

  17. I know everybody has been saying this, but I reiterate, I LOVE the Kapowski tunic and that sexy sexy back!!!

    You are so model-thin you could wear anything! :D

  18. That is the home the Fashion Show Mall. Unless there is a secret Bloomingdales that I am unaware of!! Are you thinking of Barneys?

  19. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the lace dress! It's so pretty and... I'm so jealous you have such a slim body..... T^T

  20. Leena/Irene--I am definitely not that small. I think bloomingdales has very skinny mirrors so it makes me "look" that skinny!

    RP-- thanks so much!!

    Michelle-- I am thinking about the same one! I must be remembering wrong. How weird of them to have a home store and not a clothing one.

    Bunny-- thanks so much ;)

  21. The Kapowski tunic is gorgeous on you! I also really like the lace trim thermal in the lighter color - it fits well and the lace detailing is awful cute. I think it can stand on its own or be paired with cardis, etc.


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