Monday, December 27, 2010

Hola from the Bluegrass State (wearing Free People Herringbone Puff Sleeve Jacket)

Yes, I am feeling as cold as I look.


Free People Herringbone Puff Sleeve Jacket $168.00$39.95. Size 0.
I can't believe the original price was $168--definitely not worth that! The reviews were right about the sleeves, it's definitely fitted but not in a way where it felt uncomfortable. I can see the sleeves feeling tight if you were to wear a thick sweater underneath. I think the torso area is kind of of wide. The proportions are a little weird -- fitted sleeves and wide torso? The jacket was lightly lined. It kept me pretty warm while indoors, but not against the 20 degree snow-y weather. This will be a good lightweight jacket for SF during late spring and summer. The jacket has more pros than cons, so I'm leaning towards keeping since it was so cheap.


  1. Thanks for the eyeliner recommendation !

    Keep the jacket! It fits you nicely. You are proportion and look taller than your actual height.
    Happy New Year.

  2. aha now you know how it feels for me every day at school xD don't worry you'll be back in cali in no time. these photos make you look like a snow princess!

  3. That is a bummer that the sleeves are too tight to layer something thicker underneath...but $40 for a super cute jacket to wear back in SF is not so bad!

    I love the shot with the Christmas tree in the background!!

  4. I like it! I have a Free People jacket, and I love it, but it also wasn't worth the original price of $138. I got mine for under $30 and wear it a lot.

  5. I love the first photo!! So pretty!!! I think that is a great price for that coat! I'd keep it..LOL

  6. Despite the cold, you still look fab! Did you see the Free People sale on today? They had some pretty good deals but I'm trying to curb my spending.

  7. Beautiful pictures, I love that you captured the snow! You look beautiful, so strange about the fit of that jacket though!

  8. the jacket looks really cute on you and i like the wide lapels in the front. and such beautiful snow! you have the cutest gloves. :)

  9. The jacket looks super cute! Although it's not as fitted in the waist, that's probably the only con imo! Price is a steal as well.

    By the way, how did you get such nice waves/curls? Did you use a curling iron or flat iron?


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