Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Review: Paige Denim

Paige Roxbury Cropped Skinny Jeans. Size 24. Inseam 28".
Abercrombie Kids Blouse. Size M.
Coach Finley Kidsuede Pumps. Size 5.5. See this post for details.

I wore these Paige jeans this weekend and wanted to show you guys in case anyone was curious about Paige denim. They're pretty old and I got them from Gilt so I payed anywhere from $80-$100. I can't remember exactly. I think Paige jeans run pretty true to size. I have another pair of trouser jeans from Paige (Laurel Canyon) and they are pretty similar in fit.

The waist is a little big on me and gappy in the front and back , but I noticed most 24" pants are big in the waist for me. Therefore I can't really blame the retailer, I think I just have a funky body. I also really like the butt pocket. There are no annoying or obvious large design or logo on it. The butt pocket are a perfect size imo and helps give the illusion of a lifted bubble butt. The placement is also nice, sometimes when butt pockets are placed too low, I think it gives the saggy butt look. Butt pockets are important...well at least to me.

Paige denim full retail price runs from $150-$200. They're kind of pricey for jeans. I give them a 7.5 out of 10. They're not worth it in my opinion. I don't love it or hate it. I think they're just okay. Why do I have 2 pairs might you ask since I think they're just okay...because I like to spend money & I love retail therapy. LoL!

How do you guys feel about Paige Denim?


  1. I haven't tried Paige because I'm not in need of new jeans...but they look pretty tiny on you! I don't see the wait gap and it's nice that you didn't need alterations.

    I just wasted half an hour browsing ASOS after seeing your sidebar. Why can't they make things filterable by size? Ugh. Or maybe they do have that option...I'm just oblivious.

    And ooh, I like the new popular posts widget on your sidebar! Wonder if I can figure that one out myself...

  2. I love Paige jeans! I agree with you about the great pocket placement, I think it's really important too. I have 3 pairs of them in a size 24 and they all fit amazingly except the waist like you said. We must be around the same size! These look great on you! I love the grey color, I have been hunting for grey skinnies as well.

  3. "Dang!" is what immediately came to mind when I saw these pics. You look amazing in that outfit! I love, love, love gray jeans!!

  4. Very cute outfit! Butt pockets are extremely important. Couldn't agree with you more. And your blouse is adorable! I had been looking for something similar for the summer, but most of the ones I found had too much of a floral detail. Yours has just the right amount!

  5. Jean -- i guess i could have snapped some waist gap photos, but considering being in a bestbuy parking lot i think passersby would probably find that kind of strange. lol

    the US asos site does not allowed for sorting by size. at least i couldn't find it either. please share your finds!

    the popular post thing is just a new google widget under design. i'm sure you'll find it!

    TinyinTexas-- thanks! i bought these pant initially because i was looking for grey pants. i think you are probably a lot skinnier considering your are taller :P

    Michelle--lol! you are too kind.

    Love'n Salt--i think butt pockets can make or break a pair of jeans! the shirt came in other designs too. i wonder if they are still at the stores. i checked the site, but i think they are no longer available.

  6. I absolutely ADORE your outfit! I love PAIGE denim! Those looks great on you! I looooove your sense of style! You're GORGEOUS!

  7. I think the placement of butt pockets is important too... but I don't have the privilege of being too picky unfortunately. And I definitely like non-flashy logos as well. Those look pretty good on you! I keep hearing about Paige jeans, I know Kelly from AN loves them, but I can't bring myself to spend so much $$ on jeans just yet :)

  8. I have always curious about Paige jeans. I can't see myself paying almost $100 for a pair of jeans. They sure do look great on you. I have been watching for few pairs on Ebay but I don't think I am going to commit to it

  9. You're so funny "I like to spend money & I love retail therapy" LOL!

    Those jeans look great and I guess if the waist gap isn't obvious then I think the gap is acceptable. If I found a pair of jeans that I LOVE and would wear all the time then I would probably spend $100 for them. Luckily I've been able to find some that I like for way cheaper so I haven't had to go that route yet ;)

    Curls and Pearls

  10. I've never tried Paige denim (and have actually had horrible luck with designer denim in general), but after seeing this post I'm gonna scope them out! I love the color of those jeans as I need a pair of non-blue jeans for my wardrobe and I'm so glad that the butt pockets aren't obnoxious like some other fancy denim brands.

    Thanks so much for the post!

  11. I like the bit of scrunching on the bottom and looks great with the shoes! Paige is one of the brands that I think has a decent butt pocket design and isn't obnoxious like some other designer jeans brands.

  12. You rock because you shop ASOS. I just discovered them last week and am eagerly anticipating my package! Have you tried Levi's new Curve ID jeans in their smallest design? I'm nowhere near as petite as you, but I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my small-reared Asian self. Anyways, the Levi's are WONDERFUL and very affordable (~$60). They've totally converted me from my pricier Sevens.

    Call Me Ishmael

  13. I think jeans are one of the more forgiveable clothing items that you can splurge on. They fit great on you! I have a critical thing for butt pockets as well...I hate it when everything fits and the butt pockets extend to my thighs! Not a problem here, thanks for the heads up! Maybe Gilt/HauteLook will have a sale on them soon...

  14. April-- awww you're too sweet. thank you so much!

    PetiteXXS--i think you should definitely go by nordies and try them on so you know your size. a lot sites like gilt have Paige denim sales, so when the sales does come, you'll know your size and you can snatch a pair for cheap.

    PLG--I say they are not worth it. Something about it i don't like & i can't quite put my finger on it. when i love something, i wear it every week like my FP stuff! haha

    Curls--LOL!! i know...i will never be rich because i will spend every dime i have. its a very bad habit i have. the waist gap doesn't bother me that much, i just wanted to point it out because i know it bothers a lot of people.

    kileen--i'm glad you found it helpful. paige has a lot of different cuts, so please show is your fitting room review if you do try them on.

    sophia-- i agree with you on the butt design...i hate when its loud and obnoxious!

    Pamela-- thanks for stopping by. i can't wait for my ASOS package to arrive either. i have never tried their stuff.
    i haven't tried levi lately. i did try a size 25 a while back because there was nothing smaller (is that their smallest size?) and it was huge.

    Hanna--haha yes i think you're right about jeans and that it's forgiveable to splurge on and if you wear them a lot. i rarely wear these...maybe a couple times a year. oh yeah, i hate when butt pockets go to the's like my butt does not hang that low. hahah!

  15. I too, love the widget on your side bar :)

    The jeans look awesome on you! Definitely a splurge :p they look great on you, seriously! You have a rockin body :D

  16. I love the color of these jeans! You look fab as always :) What kind of handbag are you carrying?

  17. Jen-- hahah! you're too nice. thanks girl!

    SewPetite-- thanks. i am carrying a very old botkier bag.

  18. Great review!!! I am in search of size 23 Paige denim after my kids Paige denim was a flop. You always look good - is there something you don't look good in? hehehe

  19. Love your blog! New follower!

    Follow me too! =)

  20. I've always wanted to try on a pair of paige jeans, I see them at aritzia for pretty expensive but i dunno I'd rather buy R&R or true religion... the jeans look great on you though, very fitting I think! and I love that 3rd pic! how do you get your hair that volumous btw? :)

  21. Hi Ping, i love your hair colour!, I was wondering if you used bleach or normal hair dye? My hair is black and it's hard to find a dye that makes a difference unless i use bleach! I really like your colour so please let me know what you used! :)
    love the blog btw hehe

  22. Reallypetite--I have never seen a pair of paige denim in size 23 in real i know they exist though! i'd love to see them on you if you ever try them!

    c-fabulousmakeup-- thanks for stopping by!

    Julie--hmm not sure if its just the pic. haha! i don't really do much to my hair besides blow dry with a large round brush and put some smoothing serum in my hair and sometimes i flat iron it.

    Anna-- thanks so much! i actually got it done at a salon. i don't trust myself to do it! my stylist said i didn't need bleach because she was working on virgin hair (undyed hair). so i think if you already have color on your hair, you might need bleach. i'm not 100% sure though. thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment :)

  23. For some reason I'm more interested in the shirt! I have a red one like that, but it falls lower and ends up making me look wide. I chuckled when I read that it's kids size M! lol. I should do that but I'm so small if I go to he kids section they'll mistake me for one...

    For a 4'9.5", do you think I should get kids S or M?

  24. Dainty Chibi-- hmm that is hard to say! i wished the shirt was a little longer on me. didn't really intend for the shirt to have that cropped look. if you want it to cover your tummy, i'd say get a medium. if you want more of cropped look, i think you should get the small. hope that helps!


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