Wednesday, June 13, 2012

J. Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan

I stopped by J. Crew this weekend because I saw SPG blog about some awesome sales items. See her review here & here.

I ended up purchasing 3 Featherweight Cotton Cardigans -- the 2 colors below and one in black (not shown). They are on sale in store for only $29.99. These cardigans are very lightweight and great for the summer. I also love all the pretty colors that J. Crew has to offer.
Wearing size XXS.

I always wear out my cardigans pretty quickly and thought it was worth stocking up. Anyone have advice on how to keep cotton items like this looking new?


  1. Hey Ping!

    I love both of your pairings so much! That purple is gorgeous!!

    Oh gosh..SPG had me wanting to go to J. Crew...and now you! :p

    I just use the handwash cycle on cold and use less detergent than the bottle says. Not sure if that keeps anything looking like new, though! :/

  2. i line-dry my cardigans and wash them in a mesh bag!

  3. Wow this is $65 online?? So glad we found these deals! haha Love the pops of color!

  4. I like both outfits! Those colors look great on you! I'm still trying to stray away from neutral colors and add some bolder colors in my wardrobe.

  5. Pretty colors! So glad you were able to get a good deal on these and thanks for linking me. I've been shopping up a storm lately - too many sales!

    I'm really bad, but I only launder items that have been worn a few times or have gotten stained. Really lengthens their life though!

  6. love both colors ping. i would ttotally jump on this if the sleeves were longer. i feel like no matter what season, i still prefer them L/S.

  7. I love both colors. They look great on you. I think hand wash is the best way to clean those cottons.

  8. You're so lucky to find these in store. I am in need of new cardis but my local store was a complete mess and chaos. You style these colors so well! :)


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