Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was looking for the perfect work appropriate LBD.

My criteria:
-isn't too short or show's too much skin
-doesn't wrinkle easily
-is comfortable while sitting at my desk
-has sleeves so I don't have to layer a cardigan or jacket over it

Ann Taylor Petite 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress . Size 00P. A definite Keeper!

This is my favorite out of the bunch. I wore it to work last week and got a ton of compliments. I like that it fits well everywhere and love that that the tie accentuates the waist. This faux wrap dress is so classic and best thing about it is that it will compliment any body type. If I had to be picky about the dress, I wished the sleeves and bust area was a tad more fitted. Otherwise I love this dress and am definitely keeping it.

Ann Taylor Petite 3/4 Sleeve Side Tie Knit Dress. Size 00P. Sadly returning...

I liked this dress too, but I liked the wrap dress a little more. I only wanted to keep one LBD so I ended up returning this one. The dress fits well, but for some reason there is excessive fabric under the armpit area. Not sure if you can tell in the pic below.

Ann Taylor Petite Modern Shift Dress. Size 00P. Returning for sure
I don't love this one because it's just so boxy all over. From the side view, I look like I could be pregnant. LOL! It's also too short for work.


  1. LBD + wrap dress = perfection. You hit the nail in the head today :O)


  2. Love the wrap dress! Perfect for the office and work events.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
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  3. funny you said that, because I like that last one. :)

  4. Very cute wrap dress!

    I can totally tell what you mean about the armpits on the second one!

    Thanks for the reviews!

  5. I like the length and the neck line of the second dress! The beige pumps look great with that dress!

  6. I actually like the boxy dress. It looks like it has some potential! Also diggin the way you styled it with the blouse underneath.

  7. The wrap dress looks incredible. I haven't been able to find one that suits my body type, but maybe I've just been looking in all the wrong places.

    I even like the dress with the droopy armpits (haha - that sounds awful!), but I have no idea whether that's a fit issue or they intended to make it like that.

    Both look great!

  8. LBD + LWD (little wrap dress) = perfection! It looks great on you, and is a great wardrobe addition. Wonderful choice!

  9. I definitely love the wrap dress! The second AT dress looked great too, but I can see what you're talking about with the fabric in the armpit area. The shift dress is cute too! But definitely not good for work. Haha! :)


  10. I'm with The Little Dust Princess--the wrap dress is amaaaazing on you (fits like a glove!) but I actually like the boxy dress, too! It's always fun playing with various shapes--and the button-up shirt that you layered underneath makes it a bit more playful. I think it'd be great for a weekend with boots!

  11. Great choice--for me, I wish I saw this review during the last 40% sale-- I need that 2nd one!! I have broad shoulders so I'm hoping the extra material in pit area will work in my favor.


  12. Love the first one! Looking very polished indeed!

  13. Good choice, the wrap dress looks perfect on you! I actually like the shift dress but obviously for a completely different look. Very "mod" (is that the right word? LOL!)

  14. I love your addition of the collar on the black dress! very Jacky O :D

  15. I saw that wrap dress at AT just this afternoon, and loved it! Unfortunately they didn't have my size in-store, but after seeing how nicely it fits, I'm making it my new mission to try it for myself.

  16. Love the black wrap dress. I seem to always have more success with wrap dresses than other styles.

    I have a black wrap dress sorta like that but it has long sleeves and it's perfect for the winter.

  17. I love the first 2 dresses but definitely agree that the wrap dress is the prettiest of the 2. Too bad the shift dress is so boxy because the collar / cuffs peeking out are super cute.

  18. i like the second one worn alone. it's classically elegant and work friendly!

    pandaphilia style

  19. I agree the first dress was the best one! I like how it fits and it could pass for a DVF because the fit is amazing. Similarly to you, I have a hard time with shift dresses, they tend to be too boxy for my frame! Enjoy your new dress :)

  20. oh i didn't realize the wrap dress was faux wrap. that's kind of a good thing bc real wrap dresses, i feel often shows too much cleavage.

    @khatu, i can totally see you wear the 3rd dress.


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