Monday, December 10, 2012

All About Tights

Hi ladies! I feel like I been away for awhile now and haven’t blogged much lately. It’s much due to laziness than anything else. I also recently moved to a new beautiful apartment and finally got settled and unpacked. My good friend Karen came over to help me with the move and organize my closet. When we were putting away my clothes, I realized I had a draw stashed with over 20 pairs of tights tangled together and it was so messy and just something I didn’t know how to organize. She had this great idea of rolling these tights into little bundles (like what you would do with your socks). It was such a simple, but brilliant idea. So thanks Karen for the help because now I’m able to easily find the perfect pair of tights to coordinate with my outfit.

I love tights because not only are they great for protecting us against chillier weather, they are also a great accessory to transition your spring and summer wardrobe into appropriate fall or winter attire. I thought I create a couple of outfits and show you guys how I incorporate them into my work and weekend outfits.

Look #1: 9-to-5 Office Attire Styled with HUE Pinstripe Herringbone Tights

Let’s begin with our basic sheath dress and black jacket for the office.  These are 2 great essential pieces that everyone should have in their work wardrobe, because they are easy to accessorize to create different looks. Since the outfit is so basic and one dimensional, I decided to pair it with the HUE Pinstripe Herringbone Tights  to give the outfit some texture and interest. The necklace and bag gives the outfit color without being too bold or loud for the office. I decided to mix it up and finish off the look with the black suede lace up booties instead of your usual black pumps. With the right accessories, a boring office look is transformed into a fun, spunky work outfit that will put an extra pep in your step throughout the day!

Look #2: Weekend Outfit styled with HUE Herringbone Texture Tights
This is the outfit you want to wear when you’re out with your girlfriends running around town on the weekends. I picked a simple slouchy summer tee and short shorts as the foundation for this outfit. You wore these simple pieces during the summer to keep cool in the heat, but why not make use of them during the fall to create a sexy fun look? To make this outfit even more edgy, I added a faux fur leather jacket and black strappy sandals. The look is finished off with a tan cross-body bag for a pop of color. A cross-body bag is also great for keeping your hands free so you’re able to sip cocktails and dance the night away with the gals without having to worry about losing your purse.

For the two outfits above, I picked black and espresso colored tights because I find darker color to be more subtle and flattering. I tend to sway towards darker shades because they help to make the legs appear slimmer and longer and who doesn’t want that? I was browsing through Hue’s website and also noticed their selection of bright tights and animal print leggings. I tend to shy away from colors and loud prints because I’m so used to wearing darker tones. Do you ladies wear colorful tights or leggings with prints and if yes, how do you incorporate them into your outfit?

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  1. Glad to see you're back, Ping! I too have the same problem with tights. Rolling them into little bundles is a great idea. I am going to do the same for all my tights.

  2. I love first look so much.

    Talking about your bundling tights, I do the same too! My problem is (assuming you do the same) I can see the color not design of tights - which I've collected different ones over years. Finally getting used to finding correct ones but it was hard at first!

  3. It's so good to see you back, we've missed your fashion sense around here. I can see that you haven't lost your touch too. This is great.


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