Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hanging out in Boston with Fellow Petite Blogger

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Boston for the first time and also meeting one of my favorite petite bloggers -- Jean of Extrapetite.com. Jean is definitely extra petite in person and so genuine and sweet. I had a blast shopping and chowing down with Jean. Check out our day below...

Our outfit details:

Jean is wearing: Loft Striped Sweater. Size XSP. (similar)/ H&M Navy Blazer. Size 2. (similar)/ BR Skirt. Size 0P. (similar)/ Target Sandals. Size 5.5. (similar)/ LV Speedy bag.

I am wearing: Urban Outfitter Printed Chiffon Blouse. Size XS./ Forever21 necklace. (similar)/ Aritzia "A Moveable Feast Neil Jacket". Size 0. Color Birch. (similar)/ American Eagle Ankle Jegging. Size 00R. On sale for $19!/ Nine West "Metric" Wedge Sandals - Size 5.5./ LV Speedy bag.

Shopping at American Apparel...

This AA mid-length circle skirt (size XS) has potentials, but something is a little off. Maybe if it sat a little higher in the waist? I also thought it made my hips look big. I do love the color though.

Our pre-dinner snack: drinks and oysters.
We are at the Legal Seafood restaurant and in front of us are oysters. I was so nervous about eating them because I have never had it before. I slurped the first one down without even chewing! To my surprise, it was actually really good. I'd definitely eat them again. I wonder what it would taste like with A1 sauce....hmmm.

This was the first time for the both of us at the famous Neptune Oyster Bar. Our dinner included hamachi ceviche (not shown), lobster roll dipped in butter with fries, a paella inspired dish and more drinks of course! This meal definitely put us over the top! I was about to explode and Jean couldn't even see straight when we were done. Haha!


  1. Aww! Looks like fun! And the lobster rolls sound delish! :)

  2. You guys look adorable together, love both of your outfits!!....you're both so tiny ;) I really like the circle skirt on you actually.....and seriously?....I don't think anything could make your hips look big. Lol I do have a question though about the skirt, could you tell if it might be see through if you were to wear it outside? I've never bought anything from american apparal before and wasn't sure what to expect. Love the pictures so much - thanks for sharing!!

  3. You ladies are Speedy twins :) How fun, I want to be there too! The weather there appears to be a bit chilly, perhaps? Cuz both of you wore long sleeves.

  4. You two are sooo cute! (haha and the matching LV speedy = made my day)

    Please go back and get the AA skirt because it looks incredible on you (if you won't do it I'll have to do it for you...and maybe get myself one too haha after my ban).

    Gosh these blogger meet up posts are my favorite!

  5. You guys both have LV bags!!! I like the AA skirt...it's rare that that length works well on petites...

  6. Awww looks like soo much fun! You ladies look amazing!

  7. I adore that UO top! I checkd their website no same color available! ;/ pretty gals!

  8. You both look amazing! Love how you both carried your Speedys. :P

  9. paella...nom nom nom.

    I agree. mb if the skirt sat higher. do you think bc it's a circle skirt that's why (you think) it makes your hips like wider? sometimes i have issues w/circle bottoms.

    anyhoo, looks like so much fun!!! wish i was there.

    next destination: SF!

  10. Awww..You ladies look adorable. Sounds like you had a great time visiting Boston. I hope I will get a chance to visit the city one day. I've heard it is really beautiful, especially in the Fall. Thanks for sharing Ping!

  11. Thanks Ladies for your comments!

    Callandra -- Lol! Thanks! The skirt is kinda see through. I'm wondering if maybe you could solve the issue with nude under garment?

    Nelah-- it was cold! *sigh* i definitely brought the sf weather with me!

    Elle-- LOL!!! I have mixed feelings about it. i love it and i don't love it. i think it would look better on someone taller like you! i think you should get it.

    tinymum-- you might want to check the stores instead. that is where i purchase my blouse.

    aubrey-- yes! definitely SF next and soon!

  12. Kyoot! Looks like you two had a blast in Boston. =)

  13. Oh how cool! You both are so crazy cute/pretty! Glad you had fun shopping and dining together :)

  14. Aw I had such a great time! Wish there were more room in our tummies. You didn't even leave room for dessert!

  15. looks like you had wonderful time in Boston. The Neptune Oyster Bar! It's also my favorite place. You made me want to visit it this weekend. :)
    Love your beautiful blog photoes, follow you now.

  16. I haven't been checking out your blog. *guilty*

    The picture of you and jean with the speedy bags is so cute. I like how they're of different colours to show your telepathy with each other yet your own uniqueness.

    It's so fun to hang out with gals who click.

  17. You got to meet Jean! She seems really genuinely sweet - glad to see the both of you had such a great time together. Haha that's cute how you both have matching bags too :D

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