Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sandals: Steve Madden Rabble Vs Qupid Ilicia

I just recently realized that simple strappy black sandals are missing in my closet! I think they would be a nice versatile addition that can be paired with dressier items or to elevate a casual outfit. I found these 2 pair of sandals during recent online sales and was unsure which to keep until I wrote out this little table to compare both items.

Steve Madden Rabble Sandals
Qupid Ilicia Sandals via Piperlime.com

The design is definitely very sexy with the skinny ankle straps. I also really like the 3 thin straps positioned at an angle across the toes. These are definitely statement shoes that will get noticed!
I love the angle straps and the simplicity of the design. It's a classic sandal that won't go out of style.
Purchased at $50.38. *UPDATE - now only $29.99! Thx to Catchingflight for the alert!
$23.99 after promotional discount.
5.5. RTTS. Narrow footbed.
5.5. RTTS. Narrow footbed.

Heel Height

I wore these around my carpeted apartment for 30 mins and I can already feel my ankles starting to hurt due to the heel height. The straps across the toes were a bit snug, but could see it stretching out after a period of wear.
The heel height is a tad lower and it makes a world of difference! I wore these around the apartment  for 30 mins and they did not hurt my ankles. The band across the toes  fits a bit tight and I could feel it digging into my skin after a short period of wear.

This is something you can't really wear on an everyday basis and is too sexy for work. It's more appropriate for special occasions, date night or the weekends.
I see these sandals being more versatile because of the simple and classic design and lower heel height. These would be cute paired with dresses, short, jeans or skirts.

Keep or Return
Return because the heel height is higher than I'm used.
Return due the straps being too tight in the toe area. This could work for someone with narrower feet.

I just placed an order I'm also curious to try the following from Asos: Hollywood Heeled Sandals, Henley Heeled Sandals and Hoxton Heeled Sandals. Can't decide if I want to order now or wait until July 4th to see if they are going to offer 20% off your purchase - use code HAPPYFOURTH.
 Also, if anyone has recommendations please feel free to share them with me.


  1. i love these strappy black sandals! i'm actually looking to add a pair to my closet too so i really appreciate the options.

    1. Let me know if you find one that fits well!

  2. I just clicked on the Rabble sandal and they're only $29.99 now! I really like how they look on you...maybe you can get a price adjustment and keep both lol.

    1. Thanks for the alert, but I already returned those shoes!

  3. I bought a pair from Express a few months ago and have been wearing them frequently on the blog. They're pretty decent. Strappy sandals are making their way back in a big way so I am sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. Happy Fourth, Ping!

  4. Ooh, I love this table review format! I still love that striped DIY dress - perfection!

  5. Hope one of the new ones work out. Out of the ones you just purchased, I am rooting for the Hoxton heel. Love that the buckle is black, not silver or gold. But the Henley does not have material on the heel, which would be easier to maintain.

    And your scarf print dress from a couple posts ago...amazing!! I am just constantly in awe of your creations!

  6. I love the outfit with the shorts! :)

  7. nice reviews! i like how you directly compared the two

  8. love all


    - Nora from France


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