Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cozy Fall Outfit

We had an Indian summer in San Francisco and have been enjoying beautiful sunny weather until this week. I feel a little unprepared for fall and feel ambushed by this chilly weather! When I leave my apartment during the evenings, I can see my breath and feel the crisp air cut into my skin. I have lived in SF for most of my life, but I have to say I just never got adjusted to the cold. I know, I know, I do complain about the cold all the time. If you’ve ever been into my apartment, you would know how much I like the heat. I was told by a recent visitor that her bf almost fainted due to the extreme heat in my apartment.  I guess I just like my apartment to feel like a tropical beach! Hopefully in the near future, I could move to somewhere where the weather is a constant 80 degrees so I could turn off the heat and save money on my electricity bill. Until then, I’ll just embrace the cold with a few cozy items that will keep me stylish and warm. 

I’ve always liked the idea of a sweatshirt dress because it’s sporty and girly – sounds like an oxymoron. Haha!  I’ve owned one before, but thought the fabric was too thick and made me look bulky so I eventually got rid of it. I really like this sweatshirt dress made of fleece because it fits close to the body and looks quite slimming at the same time. I added a no fuss faux fur vest for extra warmth and feel that this piece can be easily transitioned into SF winter and spring as well. I’ve been wanting a faux fur vest for the longest time, but my bf always gives me the thumbs down when I try it on. He says it reminds him of a sachsquatch! To keep my legs warm, I picked out these Reef winter moon boots with faux shearling. They kind of remind of a more refined version of the Ugg boots that I used to wear during college years. I know a lot of people think they’re ugly, but I still rock them…in my apartment (that is!) because I’m too embarrassed to wear them in public. Haha! I finished off the look with a satchel and arrowhead necklace because the colors in those two items really add pop to the outfit. And I just love the drop earrings because of the chevrons and think they would be cute with any outfit!

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