Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Workout Time!

I've taken a break from working out for a few months and it's time for me to come out of hibernation! I haven't put on any lbs. from holiday eating and have remained the same weight, but I can definitely tell that the little muscles I did have turned into fat. Ewww...I know and I feel totally flabby.

Every year I buy myself one set of new workout clothes as a motivator to start going to the gym again. Two years ago, I went colorful and bought Zobha leggings, bra and tanks. They are currently having a sale, so it's a good time to pick up a few items if you're interested in trying their yoga clothes. When I made my purchase their smallest size was a 2 (for pants), but now they are carrying size 00. I haven't tried their 00 so I can't really say how their new sizes compare. What I do love about the brand is that they carry a variety of colors in their leggings. The con about about wearing light color pants (I have the light purple-ish color) is that your sweat will show through. I’m a total sweater and would say I sweat more than most men, so the light color pants didn’t work for me even though I do love the look.

Last year, I decided to try Lululemon Wunder under pants and their padded sports bra and tanks. From what I can remember, they didn't have that many color selection so ended up getting the black Wunder unders. What's great about Lululemon is that they will shorten the length of the pants to fit your inseam at no cost (done at store and I believe the pants have to be regular price). What I didn't like about their tops was that the material felt like swimming suit fabric, but they did offer nice support and padding (for no show through headlights).

This year, I'm interested in trying a new brand called Sweaty Betty (how cute is their name!?). They have super cute yoga pants, yoga clothes and sports bras! Their sizing seem to run small according to their chart, but I haven't tried their stuff in person since they only have boutiques in New York. If anyone is familiar with this brand, I'd would love to hear your thoughts on their quality and sizing.

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