Monday, February 21, 2011

Theory 'Shaylee - Regional' Dress (with alterations)


Theory 'Shaylee - Regional' Dress . Size 0.
Is it just me or did Nordstrom photoshop the dress to be longer? The last time I checked, I remember the dress being super short. Even the reviewer who is 5'8" said that the dress is much longer on her than on the model.
See model from wear the same dress. It's super short and fitter on her!

I did have this dress altered. Sorry I don't have before pics. From what I remembered I had about 1/2" from the sides take in (from armpit down to the waist area). From hips and below, I had at least an inch from each side taken in. This is from memory, so don't take my word for it. LoL. When I tried on this dress, I had no intentions of buying it. Long story short, I gave into peer pressure. I'm not very good about saying no.

My thoughts: Even after alterations, I don't love the dress. I think skirt part of the dress can be taken in a little more. For a dress that costs $315 + $25 alterations + 9.75% tax , it should look amazing. I think for the steep price, the dress is a little lackluster.

Nine West Ambitious Pumps. 5.5. Fits true to size.


  1. It is a pretty expensive dress and I am sorry you feel pressured into buying it! (you need to join twitter so we can all talk you out of purchases you aren't sure about! or maybe enable you to buy more, who knows? :) )

    I think it looks great on you though and hopefully will get a lot of wear in the future! I know you can remix and style this better than anyone else! :)

  2. I echo Elle that you need to join twitter! I love that dress on you with the exception of the shirring on the side, I feel like the shirring should be wider and have a lot less wrinkling. If you don't like it you should try selling it on the AN forum!

  3. YES join twitter! But you may get talked INTO some purchases LOL.

    Sorry you don't love it :( You should love all your clothes, but I do think it looks fabulous on you - but really - what doesn't? yes as Hanna said sell it on the AN forum if you need to!

  4. Well hey since everybody is saying, "join twitter." I'll add in my 2 cents. JOIN TWITTER!

    If you fell for that peer pressure to buy the dress, here's to you falling for this peer pressure to join twitter!

    anyways, I feel you could have gotten a more fitted dress w/o alterations somewhere else that is 1/4 the price. =( bummer.

  5. Boy I know exactly what it is like being talked into buying stuff but at $300+ a piece, sorry to hear that you don't like it. I recently did the same thing, it was not peers but a sale girl. She was good, I ended up buying several skirts which I ended up regretting about the purchase haha.

    I think it looks good on you overall . Sell it, you may not get what you paid for but if you really want to get rid of it I am sure someone will buy.

  6. Hhhhmmmm....well, you might not be crazy about this dress Ping, but I think it is a very classic look on you. Very stylish, ladylike and chic. It might not be something you'll wear all the time, but I think it will definitely serve a purpose in your closet. The fit is beautiful on you and I really like the side ruching ;)

  7. Ping you look AMAZING!!! That black dress looks gorgeous on you!!!

  8. I think the fit is beautiful on you! But I do agree that it is vastly different from how it was pictured on the model and for that, it royally sucks that after all that expense it still isn't what you wanted / expected. Will they re-alter since it didn't come out quite right?

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Lesson learned...just say no when in doubt!!

    Twitter sounds very dangerous. You guys will persuade me to buy more stuff than I already do. One of this days, I'm sure I will give

  10. I love it! The fit is amazing after alterations!

    I haven't seen you on my blog lately...:(

  11. I am so sorry to hear you are not fully happy with the purchase! :(

    I agree with will find a purpose for it. It is a classic black dress that you will be able to use at more formal functions.

    I think the waist and top are gorgeous! Since it is conservative on top, consider altering the bottom hem an inch or two.

  12. I actually thought the dress looks pretty good on you... but then so does everything :) I hate to hear that you were so pressured to buy it, especially when it's not exactly cheap. But at least I hope it's been a learning experience and it's still a quality wardrobe basic that you can style in different ways to get more bang for your buck?

  13. I think the dress looks gorgeous on you. SO classy, very Audrey Hepburn-esque. Seems quite pricey for a dress that you had to get altered though. But you definitely make it look good :)

  14. Awesome!

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  15. I just found your blog through a comment over at Extra Petite - and I really, truly love your sense of style. I'm a new follower as of today!

    This dress is so professional, but so sexy at the same time. Love it.


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