Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back with H&M Ruffle Blouse

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and I was more than ecstatic to be able to wear shorts! I was on the verge of bumming it at the beach, but my bf wanted to watch the summer bowl instead. Booo!!

Anyway I have forgotten about this blouse until I saw Jean wear it. The last time I wore it was here which was awhile ago.

H&M Blouse. Size 2. (similar here & here)
Short from Aritizia. Size 0. (similar here & here)
Skinny Gold Belt from Urban Outfitters. (similar here & here)
Gold Drop Earrings from Express. (similar here & here)
Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses
Nine West Ambitious Pumps. Color light taupe. Size 5.5.


  1. I am so jealous of the shorts-wearing weather you are having! That top is gorgeous! Loving the sparkle the belt adds...is it silver or lime green?

  2. i love this blouse on you and Jean!! those shorts fit you perfectly and the nude pumps make your legs look a mile long.

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!

  3. You look soo classy and gorgeous Ping, and I'm envious of your legs! This outfit is so perfectly put together and effortless.

    Have a lovely day!

  4. omg love this look you look so pretty! and seriously you have legs growing out of your head!

  5. oh my gosh, you're very pretty and hot!

  6. I love that blouse...such a cute outfit!

  7. I am so jealous of the gorgeous weather you're having. I love this look. Black and white (cream) combination is so elegant. You look beautiful as always. Welcome back :)

  8. You look terrific, I always loved that blouse on you and thought about getting it myself the first time you wore it for this blog. The shorts go perfectly!

  9. Ping - is this with your new lens? What a difference! I love these pics...your boyfriend did an awesome job.

  10. I'm very jealous of your shorts weather!! I woke up to 17 degrees but with the wind it was 0...ZERO...degrees. I love the blouse on you too!! You look so slender and tall in this outfit! I wonder what my legs look like? It's been that long.


  11. These shorts have such a perfect fit on you. I've never owned fancy shorts. I want! the skinny belt is a great accessory for this outfit.

    Missy, has anyone told you not to put your sunglasses on your head b/c it stretches them out?

  12. You look great Ping! I had no idea you had this top either! I just wore it on my Monday post...hehehe I bought it back in Nov:)

    Your legs look amazing in these shorts!

  13. Shorts?!!....I'm so jealous!!! You look beautiful, very Audrey ;)

  14. Missed you Ping! What gorgeous photos and yeah jealous like everyone else that you get to wear shorts! What a great outfit :)

  15. Looking good! I've been enjoying the weather in SF lately, too. I actually wore a dress today. :)

  16. That first pic of you is gorgeous! Kudos to the BF for such nice shots! I love the simplicity yet elegant feel of the outfit, and those shorts fit you so well and make your legs look amazing!

  17. Stunning!! I'm soooooooo jealous of your weather right now. Argh..I wanna be able to wear shorts and a shirt without a jacket. -_-

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  18. Yay, you're back!! :) Like everyone else, I am so envious of your shorts-wearing weather! You look great - I love how the blouse + shorts makes such an elegant statement!

  19. Michelle-- the belt is actually gold.

    Kileen-- thanks! the nude pumps definitely help to give the "illusion" of the longer legs. lol

    Jen-- aww you're too kind!

    Lisa/Rosy/Emmy-- thanks so much! :)

    Sydney-- I can't believe it has been so nice here in Feb! It never happens.

    Elle--aww did you get a chance to try it on? I'm sure it would look fab on you!

    Jean-- haha! big thanks to you!

    Petite Mom-- LOL! you know, my leg has not seen day light for a long time until now. They're looking pretty paste-y.
    OMG 17 degree sounds SOOO SOO COLD. :(

    Aubrey-- haha I never knew. Thanks for the fyi!

    RP/Callandra-- thanks girls!

    Elaine-- aww thank you. i'm glad you missed me - lol :P

    Ida-- I hope the weather stays this way for awhile!!

    Liane-- thanks! i told my bf about all the compliments about the photos -- he's feeling very proud of himself right now. hahha!

    Jess-- it feels good not worry about carrying around a jacket.

    SewPetite-- thanks! feels good to be back and to be connected with you and all fellow bloggers!

  20. Really great style and blog !


  21. okay i'm totally jealous of your legs! :P you look hot, but classy at the same time :)

  22. you look so classy chic!!! cute outfit and hello spring! :)


  23. OMG you look gorgeous here!! I love the black shorts with the white blouse! I'll have to try that when it gets warmer outside =)

  24. i love your blouse! it's pretty gorgeous!



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