Sunday, March 27, 2011

Asos Petite Tailored Pencil Dress

Asos Petite Tailored Pencil Dress. Size 0P. Color Red. (similar here & here)
See detailed reviews from Jean (thanks for the recommendation too!) and Elle.
COACH Kristin Embossed Python Crossbody.
Alexis Bittar 'Miss Havisham' Crystal Necklace.
Tory Burch Pumps.
Betsey Johnson Bow Pearl Drops.

A few comments about the dress:

  • I wouldn't recommend it if you have big boobs, good for the A cup sistas
  • Pretty roomy in the hips
  • I ordered the red color and I got this which is more coral
  • The slit in the back is pretty small so you can't take big steps
  • The dress is really hard to take on and off because the opening is pretty small
  • The material is pretty thin and cheap
Despite all the negatives, I still <3 the dress :)


  1. this looks HOT on you! the colour is perfect and you are such a lady with style. gorgeous photos, especially the last two!

  2. first the dress fits perfectly! second, how did you get your shoes to match your dress exactly? lol. i have a blazer from asos, and i feel like the material is cheap and thin too--i wonder if it's just the brand?

  3. Ping, I've been dying to see how this dress fits you and I have to say that I totally love it!! I was also wondering if it would turn out to be coral or red and the color is so beautiful as well!!

  4. Almost forgot, what a fabulous bag!!

  5. Saw the first photo pop up in my reader and I almost gasped b/c it's stunning! I love the backlit indoor photos. The coral shade is also stunning on you and perfect pairing with the TB shoes that have a pop of orange. I just got my dress back from the tailor and it looks better on me now with a 1.5" hem but the price of the "slit reconstruction" was so painful.

  6. Love this dress on you, Ping! The color suits you so well. The fit is flawless. Those Tory Burch pumps are to die for. So chic!

  7. Head to toe HOT! This looks so beautiful on you and the accessories (necklace and shoes) just amplify the loveliness. A great addition to your wardrobe!!!

  8. I love love the dress on you, Ping. It looks gorgeous. The color compliments your skin really well. Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress.

  9. I also ordered this dress per Jean's rec, but it was a return for me. I rarely wear sheath dresses so I think I'm going to go with something more like your Theory dress. You're so right about how hard it is to take this on and off. The small opening at the bottom makes it difficult and I'm pretty certain I put more wrinkles into every time I put it on or take it off. This dress looks really classy on you and I like your TB pumps as well! The coral color is gorgeous on you.

  10. Oh my goodness I almost bought the dress just from how gorgeous you look in the photos! I love those shoes, wowwie. =0D The gold necklace really compliments the dress.

  11. You look gorgeous! Love the color of your dress!


  12. You are pretty much beautiful beyond words here, and I love the soft coral color of the dress. (I think I even like it better than I would a redder color). And the way you accesorize it? Undescribable.

    The girl with the poor vocabulary.

  13. LOL A cup sista over here too! :P

    You look BEAUTIFUL Ping, the dress and colour are amazing. And the photos! Breathtaking!

  14. This dress was MADE for you Ping! Such a lady-like silhouette and it totally highlights your teeny waist! The coral color is so flattering on you and Jean, but I'm pale as they come so I think it would be too orangy on me. I'm still holding out for the cafe creme or blue, if they ever come back in stock!

  15. to me, it's not coral b/c there's no pinkish undertone. just plain orange. anyhooo, I need to post a review on the forum. You should also post a pic to the forum too!

  16. Looks fabulous on you, and the back-lit photos are really pretty! I agree with you about the hip being a bit roomy, but other than that, it looks great. I love the small arm holes!

    Yes! Please post in the AN Forum!

  17. this dress looks amazing on you! love it from every angle!

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!

  18. So stylish and classy, love the colour of the dress and our hair :)

  19. omg this dress is AMAZING on you!! so classical and elegant.. reminds me of jacky O!

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    what an amazing blog...
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  21. I just bought this exact dress in the same color and I'm glad to see I didn't get a weirdly dyed one. Jean from Extrapetite's looked more coral colored in her photos whereas mine lookd more orange, like yours does in your pictures. I wasn't a huge fan of the color at first, but it is starting to grow on me. The dress looks great on you - I love your style and blog! I'm following you now :)


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