Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banana Republic Petite Sloan Fit Flared Pant

I desperately needed new work pants because I been wearing my beloved Guess ones to death. They were pilling and I didn't think it was THAT noticeable until my observant coworkers (yes, plural!) made comments about it.
So this weekend, I made it my mission to find new work pants!

I went to Bebe and tried on all their pants and they were all too big. Big to the point where I had to hold them up or else they would fall down.

My next stop was BR. I haven't been to BR in awhile because their stuff puts me to asleep, but I guess work pants doesn't need to be interesting or fun. It just needs to fit and be appropriate. I tried on quite a few, but the only one that fit semi decently were the Sloan (which I have on below) and the Logan (not shown). The Logan fit closer to the legs than the Sloan but was too too big in the waist.

Free People Laser Cut Top. XS. (similar in long sleeves)
H&M Animal Print Scarf. (similar here)
BR Sloan Fit Flared Pant. Size 00P. Color Sandy Taupe.
J Crew Belt. XS. (similar here)
Tory Burch Pumps.
Forever21 Earrings. (similar here)

Charlotte Tarantola Cardigan. XS. (similar here)
BR Sloan Fit Flared Pant. Size 00P. Color Black.
BR Classic Leather Belt. XS. Run really small. Also available in XXS.
Michael Kors T-Strap Sandals. (similar here)

A few comments about the pants:

  • The pants could be a tad smaller overall
  • The waist is big (measures 13" across) and a belt is definitely required
  • They look more like wide legged pants than flares
  • I love the thicker cotton-y stretch material - very comfy to wear
  • The inseam is 30" - it would be perfect if it was 1/2" shorter
  • I'm hoping these pants will shrink in the dryer (width and length wise)
Also use code BRDEAL30 to get 30% off your entire purchase! Code will expire after 3/29 so hurry. Also free shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.


  1. These pants look great on you even though there is some gap..I like the fabric a lot. I am in search for more work pants but haven't decided if I should go back to Express to get more. Their waistline in 00 is still too big. Great find, Ping!

  2. I think the pants look awesome on you!! They're so nice and professional! I looked them up on the website because I'm on the market for nice dress pants and you make them look so much better than the models do (even with the gaping at the front)

  3. You look so chic! I love your H&M scarf. Is that recent find??

  4. Gorgeous Ping!!! I especially love your first pic! So pretty!

    I also need work pants. I have not worn trousers to work this school year...not once. I am very interestd in those!

    So these are home washable? Assuming so since you made a comment about shrinking them in the dryer.

    And...I am in love with your scarf!

  5. nelah-- thanks! it's been a long time since i have tried express. i do remember purchasing 00 at express.com and it was pretty big so i ended up returning.

    b_ra-- aww you're too kind.

    swanprincess-- yes the scarf is a very recent find and it was only $10.

    michelle-- thanks :)
    it says dry clean, but i'm putting them in the washer and dryer anyway. heehee

  6. love those shoes!!! such a great look.
    i really like your blog !

  7. Pięknie!!:) śliczne są twoje zestawy...,uwielbiam twego bloga! beautifully you look , i like your blog:)

  8. Those look lovely on you especially the first pair x

  9. I guess wide-legged pants/jeans are making a comeback? These look pretty good on you even just off the rack! Are you planning to get them altered? I really the scarf too... it's going on my H&M shopping list!

  10. Wow those pants fit decently! They might even fit me pretty well! I wonder if my local stores carry these in petites! and I LOVE the scarf in the first picture, you look sooo beautiful! (as ALWAYS)

  11. The pants look incredible on you, love love love love! I am always looking for work pants too but my concerns are different from yours (I am just odd shaped haha). The material looks nice and sturdy in the pictures which is always a plus, let us know if you manage to shrink it down! :)

  12. Those pants looks great on you Ping! I have never had luck with BR Pants...they are cut weird for my body..LOL

    Love the whole outfit!

  13. your pictures are nice! and I love the scarf you got on in the first post, it's a nice office outfit I think :) those pants color also match your skin tone well

  14. The pants look wonderful (hopefully they'll shrink just a tad like you said). Totally love both outfits, lovely!

  15. great find on these pants! i hope they will shrink a bit for you. you look beautiful in these pictures!

    cute & little

  16. Love the pants and outfits you put together with them, you're definitely helping me with work-outfit inspiration. I like BR pants, they seem to be the best fit for me at least! Thanks for sharing, doll!

  17. I definitely thought these pants were trouser styles vs. flared pants but either way, I think they look really nice on you especially since it seems to fit well in the tush. I hate when my butt looks lost in my pants :( I'm going to hazard a guess that you're best dressed in the office :)

  18. Ping! You got two pairs? Belted, they actually look really nice on you. I love the first color and the black seems nice and basic. I like the silhouette...not too skinny actually elongates your legs nicely.

    I felt the material in store and it seeeeems like something that would shrink in the dryer, but who knows? Also I'm sure you will have to iron these like crazy post dryer, and I know how much you love chores.

  19. Wow! Both pairs of pants look fantastic on you. A pair of well-fitting pants is much harder to find than a skirt, so nice job!

  20. Those look great!

    I hate it when things pill. What do you do about that?

  21. Did you ever end up washing/drying the pants from Banana Republic? Did they turn out okay?

  22. Can I throw up? We know you're extremely thin. Stop pretending that's not what you're trying to shove in our faces. And yes, I'm think too, so no projection here.


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