Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mackage Ashley Rib-Trim Wool Coat

Mackage Ashley Rib-Trim Wool Coat. Size XS. I really do love this coat and the design. Everything about this coat is so unique from the oversized collar to the leather trims. The major issue is the fit. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but this coat in a size XS is very similar to a size 6 or bigger at H&M. What a shamed. I also wanted to try other coats by Mackage in size XXS and order direct from their site. The only issue is that they have a mediocre return/exchange policy. Shipping is free which is good. You have 10 days to return/exchange the item. charges a $15 restocking fee and you have to pay for your own postage to ship it back if you decide to exchange/return. So if the coat I order doesn't work out, I'd be out $15 (for restocking) plus whatever shipping is back to their warehouse. No thanks.

If the coat only fits this slim...

The shoulders aren't too bad, but the sleeves are way too long!
The length is too long for my liking and wished the coat was more structured and less flimsy looking. The wool is also very thin and not thick enough to keep me warm during the winter.

For a coat that cost so much, I'd like it lined...please?
I couldn't believe how much the SA from nordies swears that Mackage coats run amazingly small!! I should have known she was only trying making a sale. Honestly when I worked in retail as a makeup artist, I rarely lied to people. When customers asked me if this concealer will hide their saggy skin under their eyes, I'd say no. Only surgery will fix it and don't waste your money. Haha! Of course they would look at me in shock and walk away.

This Mackage coat is a definite return and going back to nordies. But not to despair, I have reviews coming up for the following coats and one is a keeper!! :)
J. Crew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate. 00P.
J. Crew Petite double-cloth metro coat with Thinsulate. 00P.


  1. That's so strange because my Mackage winter coat runs relatively small! Mind you, I bought it 3 winters ago so maybe they've changed their sizing. But the XXS is quite slim on me and it would probably work on you (it would probably be a bit loose but you wouldn't look like you were swimming in it with this coat). That's disappointing because Mackage jackets are so beautifully detailed and the quality is wonderful. I'm glad you found a keeper in one of your J. Crew coats, but hope you try out some other styles with Mackage!

    Have a great day Ping!

  2. I can't believe that for such an expensive coat the return policy isn't hassle-free! And the fact that it isn't lined! Well, I'm excited to see the J. Crew coats you'll review! :)

  3. Omg!! Those sleeves have me laughing!! The collar is amazing! I also love the buttons and just the color! For an expensive (and unlined) jacket you are right to be so critical!

  4. Can't stand dishonest sales people. They should go die (lol) I like how your coat's collar fans out. Very pretty.

  5. "Only surgery will fix it" ... HAA! And alas, the snooty SA's lied and wasted your time and $. At least Nordies has a wonderful return policy. Looking forward to your next coat review.

  6. And oh my goodness I cannot believe that coat is unlined. My jaw dropped! I feel the same way about some Theory dresses and skirts that are hundred of dollars, itchy, and completely unlined.

  7. Such a shame! I've always heard that Mackage runs amazing small as well, and am sad to see that the xs is this big! I imagine the xxs wouldn't be that much better. An no lining?! Seriously?

  8. You're swimming in it! Too bad, it is a lovely jacket. Looking forward to the next set of reviews.

  9. Soo big on you! all that money and no lining??? Looking forward to more of your coat reviews.

  10. That's very odd... Mackage really does usually run small, just like their sister brand Soia & Kyo. I am typically a 0P and the XS fits. I think I've also seen XXS, but those are a little too small for me.

  11. OMG! The coat is HUGE on you! I can't believe it is unlined (especially for that price). Where are your hands? lol I don't see them in this post =)

    I am looking forward to see your J.Crew's review. I love their coats, just wish the sleeves are a bit longer.

  12. Oh my that is HUGE!!! Too bad b/c if it fit I would love it on you, but yeah what the heck, why isn't it lined?!?

  13. This is such a beautiful coat which makes it even more disappointing that the sizing is so big :( Hope one of your other coats works out!

  14. I think we are about the same size. I'm 5'4" and about 100 lbs, i usually wear sz 2 at h&m. I'm from Canada and have a few Mackage coats, the size difference between an xxs and xs is pretty big!
    I think an XXS should fit you perfect! Usually their coats are excellent quality, and very well made. Sorry to hear this one didn't work out for you. You should give them another try, they are one of my fav brands!

    Very strange that this coat is not lined too...usually their coats have beautiful lining!!


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