Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I think these are my first Loft purchases...

I go into Loft quite a bit, but I think these are my first Loft purchases. My bf asks me why do you keep going in there because your success rate is like 1.5%. I said because I have faith! I see Loft items look so good on other petites, so I think it might work for me one day. Hahah! So I finally strike jackpot! I found not just one item, but a few items that fit and they were all discounted 50% off the originally price. My bf says I have fallen to the dark side now.

Loft Salt and Pepper Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket. Size XXSP. I love: the fit, the sleeve length, the color and the texture of the sweater. A few dislikes: on a scale of 1 to 10 of itchiness, I'd rate it a 5; the sweater is unlined & there is only one hook closure by the collar. I wore this outfit out today and to take the itchiness factor away, I layered a thin cardigan underneath. I also used a small pin to keep the cardigan from flying open.
AE Jeggings. Black Indigo Destroyed. Size 00 short.
F21 booties. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

Loft Marisa Modern Straight Leg Pants in Bi-Stretch . Size 00P. I been looking for a straight leg pants rather than a skinny or wide leg. I also like that the rise is not too low or high and overall fit is not tight making it work appropriate.
I'm on the fence about the following issues. The waist is a tad loose and the inseam (29.5") is tiny bit long for me. I usually put my pants in the washer and dryer so these pants definitely allows room for shrinkage.
What do you ladies think, are these pants a keeper or a return?
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Loft Bow V-Neck Shell. Size XXSP. I love everything about this shell. The color is gorgeous and the bow detail and ruffles are so cute. The arm holes are not too big either! If I had to be picky, I'd say the V-neck is a bit low cut.

The current promo:

Please forgive me because I have a terrible memory. If you have reviewed any of the items above, please send me a link and I will definitely link you!


  1. Such a cute jacket!! Looks perfect with the red top too! Is it warm enough though?

  2. the red tie blouse is so festive and pretty! i like it with the full skirt in the last photo

    pandaphilia style

  3. Ack! That jacket is gorgeous! And it is actually washable at home!! You look great in the jacket and bow blouse!

    I say return on the pants. That waist gap seems so big!

  4. Return the pants. We have similar measurements and I found that these pants look really good in 00p.


    Where is the black skirt from?

  5. Karen--it's definitely not that warm. i layered a cardigan underneath that sweater jacket for sf weather (which surprisingly has not been that cold lately).

    Angie- thanks! :)

    Michelle-- aww thanks! i appreciate the input! :)

    Rebecca--thanks for your input! how funny you recommended those pants! i actually have 2 pairs (in the flare leg) and reviewed it here awhile ago. Those are great too, so I will definitely try the straight leg too! thanks!!
    The skirt if from f21 and is super old.

  6. I just purchased the red blouse on monday...after seeing it on you can't wait to wear mine :). Love!

  7. Welcome to the dark side, Ping. :) I love the red blouse on you. The jacket is adorable, but I have to say that I tried it on before Thanksgiving and have to give the itchiness/scratchiness rating a whopping 8. Such a shame 'cuz I was so psyched when I saw it.
    Happy holidays!

  8. i wish i looked that good in red! nice finds :) i dont usually find things in there, but the things i have found get lots of wear. im not sure about the pants. i always struggle with the wash/ dry to fit, mine dont usually turn out right!

  9. Ping, my mouth almost fell open when I saw you bought some stuff (and not one but three) from LOFT. You've always dubbed it as the boring mom store ; ) I like the jacket on you and absolutely LOVE the red bow blouse on you. Pants I think are return-worthy. Aside from the waist, the length is a bit long which make the front view also look funky. Two scores in one day from this store is sufficient, what do you think? : )

  10. I vote return on the pants considering for that price, the pants should fit. An inch or two too big on the waist.

  11. Love the salt and pepper look of the jacket.. and that shade of red is practically glowing!


  12. Ha! You've fallen to the dark side. :) Don't do it! I love that your outfits aren't too similar to other petite bloggers, so please don't start shopping at Loft! I shop there, but I've gotten pretty tired of it.

    And return the pants.

  13. i tried on this cardi. sometimes, top hooks remind me of chollo-apparel. hahaah, no i kid, but i really liked it but I thought it was part of the new arrival so I wasn't sure the 50% would apply. same w/the bow tie blouse. Now i gotta go check it out again.

    Miss you!

  14. Mai-- I hope you post about the blouse too!

    Vicky--haha! yes if you are super sensitive, i can see it being really itchy. i definitely advise layering.

    Easy Petite Looks-- You're right! Things never shrink quite right when you need them to.

    Jean-- ahhaah! when i left Loft with 3 items purchased, i was thinking to myself..."what is jean going to say about me shopping at Loft?!" you're definitely right about the pants. when i tried them on at the store, i thought they looked great. after taking these photos, i definitely had 2nd thoughts! pictures definitely don't lie~

    Violet-- thanks for the input!

    XJOLE -- thank you! :)

    Erica-- i told my bf what you said and he goes, omg please listen to her. i guess i was bored with the normal places i shop at and thought to venture out of my comfort zone. plus they lured me in with the 50% discount!

    Aubs -- ROFL! i can definitely see those 2 items on you! with the 50% discount, the sweater jacket was $40 and the blouse was $25! such a deal! And no worries, I'll be back in no time! :)

  15. Keep the pants! I love how they look on you. The waist gap can be fixed with a belt, I think. The red shell looks amazing too, especially with that skirt!

    I've been into Loft a few times too, but I never find anything. Hopefully someday! :) LOL

  16. Gorgeous picks from LOFT! I especially love the jacket and blouse! I hate itchy things but I make exceptions for cute items :D

  17. Great jacket. The pants look like they fit until you do the close up shot. I like the silhouette, so if it doesn't cost too much to tailor (or if it isn't too much trouble to shrink them), I'd vote for keeping them.


  18. You wear that red blouse so well. Jacket is good too but too bad about the itchiness. NO to the pants.

  19. Love that jacket - it has a classic look to it. A pity that it's not all that comfortable! Haha, and I'm the same as you in regards to LOFT...I go in there ALL the time, but feel like 95% of the time, I leave empty-handed!

  20. I love your shirt! Great color and great shape. Looks really really gorgeous!

  21. You have more faith than I do! LOL. I rarely go into LOFT because I rarely find anything. It's not really my style either. I did buy that red blouse but I didn't think it layered well under things in my existing wardrobe even though it looks nice by itself as you've shown here.

  22. Congrats on your firs Loft purchase! I visit Loft at least once a week. I got the same red blouse a couple of weeks ago. I like how you style the blouse.

  23. The blouse is really pretty and such a good color on you

  24. What?!? Your FIRST Loft purchases?!? LOL! I guess I just assumed that all my fellow US petite bloggers had items from Loft :P You look great Ping, great choices and I love how you still make them YOU. as for the pants, they looked really good on you but when I saw how much room there was at the waist I think you should return and look for something else.

  25. I love the sweater jacket and bow blouse! The color of the blouse is really pretty on you :) I'm not a big fan of the pants though, unless you can manage to shrink them in the wash or you can get them tailored. The other 2 items are definite keeps though!


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