Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Before and The Ugly

Before I start getting mean, I have to admit how much I hate shopping for suits. I don't like how I look in them and how masculine it makes me feel. If it wasn't for an important work function I have to go to soon, I wouldn't even think of getting a suit. I wasn't going to post these pics, but if anyone else is curious about how Ann Taylor suits fit, here they are for you.

Ann Taylor Triacetate Stretch One-Button Long Jacket. Size 00P.
What I like: the jacket is well made, it is lined and the material feels like the tropical wool material.
What I don't like: The fit is too big all around & not flattering at all. The length is too long for someone my height and I have a long torso too! They call it the Long Jacket for a reason...haha! I feel like I'm playing dress up in my mom's clothes. I honestly would equate this 00P to a size 6 at H&M.
Verdict: This is one is a definite return!

Ann Taylor Triacetate Ruffle Jacket. Size 00P. No longer available online, but if you're interested the Style # is 260413.
What I like: I do like the ruffles rather than the normal collar/label which makes it look more feminine (big plus in my book!). I do like the length of the jacket.
What I don't like: The sleeves are a tad too long and the jacket is too wide and roomy.
Verdict: I'm keeping and taking this to alterations to get it slimmed and to have the sleeves shortened.

Ann Taylor Triacetate Stretch Skirt. Size 00P.
What I like: I like the material and how the skirt drapes. It is lined and feels/looks well made.
What I don't like: The length is too long and the waist is too big.
Verdict: I'm keeping and taking this to alterations to get the waist slimmed and to shorten the length.

You guys are probably wondering why I'm keeping and not looking for better? Well, I really don't have time to look and don't want to look. Shopping for a suit is as fun as shopping for toilet paper. So it'd be easier just to take it to alterations, pray they will do a good job and call it a day.

BTW when I saw the word "stretch" in the description, I thought maybe it'd fit more snug. The material does not feel stretchy at all. Too bad I can't throw it in the dryer and make it shrink. LOL!

Post-alterations pics to follow in the near future...


  1. oh i hate shopping for suits too!! i really like the ruffles on the jacket too and it definitely adds a feminine touch to it. good luck with the alterations! i can't wait to see how it works out!

    cute & little

  2. Lol! about "shopping for a suit is as fun as shopping for toilet paper." :p

    You will pull something nice together! Alterations will help so much! Looking forward to seeing your final product!

  3. Oh Ping I hope the alterations come out well! LOL at your TP comment :P I haven't shopped for a suit in a loooong time so I'm sure it's a pain!

  4. Banana republic 00p seems to fit better for me than any of the Ann Taylor suits.

  5. argh - I def. think suits have something against short people. I can never really find any that fits me either. You are so tiny Ping! Thanks for the detailed photos by the way ;)


  6. Ann Taylor skirts fit much better than their jackets...I don't know why there is such a discrepancy.

    Can't wait to see the "after"!!! I love transformations. :D

  7. I think you'll do better with the Express studio stretch jacket. It fits tiny and you'll only need to shorten the sleeves, plus it nips in at the waist instead of being masculine and boxy.

  8. Anon @ 4:55am-- thanks for the suggestion! i'll stop by BR and see if they have anything better.

    Violet-- I actually have an Express pant suit. It's too big and needs alteration as well. I wanted something more feminine and opted for AT, but its not much better as you can see.

  9. I just realized that I haven't gone suit shopping in a couple of years because it's such a pain. I guess I should hunt one down too just in case…Looking forward to seeing your alterations. (Thanks for commenting on my camel dress. I'm just being lazy but eventually I agree with you, I'll hem it)

  10. I agree with the comment above! Banana Republic size 00P suits fit better for petite girls! I must be an odd ball because I actually like the look of suits. When I wear them I feel so empowered!


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