Sunday, August 26, 2012

H&M Fitted Tweed Blazer

A beautiful fall piece for only $19.95!
The blazer fit nice overall, but there are 2 issues. The blazer feels a tad snug when I button it up. I probably wouldn't be able to wear a thick sweater underneath. I tried on a size 4, but unfortunately the arms were too baggy. Another issue is the back of the arms. It puffs up and the fabric doesn't lay flat against the skin. I was going back and forth in the store about this but decided to get it in the end.

Ladies - what do you think about the 2 fit issues below? Does it bother you or can you forgo it due to the price?
H&M Fitted Tweed Blazer. Size 2. Lined - shocking at this price point. (similar here)
AT Pointy Nude Pumps. Size 5 (I normally wear 5.5 and had to size down).


  1. I definitely see the problems you point out with the blazer but I really like this blazer on you. Would a trip to the tailors be able to fix the puffy sleeve issue? Also, I don't mean to sound like a creeper but which H&M do you shop at? I feel like I never see the cute stuff you get at Stonestown's H&M!!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your input. I normally shop at the H&M at the downtown westfield center.

  2. i feel weird about the red speckles in the tweed but like that you matched it up with the tangerine dress and accessories. i think it's a cheap and casual suit for $35 total - i'm going to go for it :)

    pandaphilia style

  3. I definitely can see both issues with this blazer. Since the blazer is so affordable, I think it's well worth altering.

  4. I LOVE your earrings and dress!

    The snugness doesn't seem too bad - do you ever wear blazers open? The sleeves look like they didn't sew this one correctly? Maybe you can check out the other size 2s and see if they all have this puffy sleeve issue.

  5. Great find!! haha Love shopping with you! Yeah the puffing up at the back of the arms is kinda annoying but maybe you can get the arms slimmed a tad.

  6. Hey Ping!

    It does not look too snug in the pictures. But the arms are much more obvious. If you plan to alter them, I say keep.

    You look great in coral! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your find! I'm going for it, and slimming the sleeves. They also had the matching skirt there too, but it is kind of short. =/

  8. Wow, I can't believe the blazer is only $20! That's a great price and it looks cute. I'd keep it if you need it and will get a lot of wear this Fall. Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  9. You know, I played around with it. I think the bunching comes from just...bad tailoring. If you're willing to take it apart, that bunching will go away... Except, I think I messed mine up and it's super tight now at the arms, but no bunching. It was really annoying me too, but hey, $20? It's a great deal regardless!

  10. I absolutely love the coral red dress + brown, tweedy blazer on you! What a great color combo. I also can't believe that blazer is just $20--I need to get my butt to an H&M ASAP.

    Isn't trying to find blazers that fit the right way so frustrating? I'm with Michelle--I'd keep the blazer because it's such a good price and style, but maybe slim the arms if you can! Then I think it'd be perfect. ♥

  11. ooh I just saw that blazer yesterday but I already have a tweed blazer! I would keep for $20 for sure!

  12. thats gorgeous, the orange of the dress and the blazer look gorgeous together!

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    xoxo prismcouture

    p.s. i'm a new follower, love ur blog!

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