Monday, February 4, 2013


I asked my bf if casualizing is a word? He said no I don't think so...
Well I looked it up and the word is actually in the dictionary, but it has a different meaning from what I'm intending to say. This DIY dress (inspired by this FP dress) is quite fancy on its own. I wanted to get more use out of the dress and create a more casual relaxed feel for the weekend.

F21 Sweater. (similar here). I got this sweater in store recently for around $14 and it's been my favorite thing to wear everywhere. It's super cute paired with skinny jeans too!
Franco Sarto Sandals. (cute ones here) Although I complain about how cold it is in SF, I still wear open toe shoes and sandals during the winter. A random fact, I never wear socks even with boots. I don't like the feeling of socks and my feet doesn't sweat either so I never have to worry about stinking up my shoes. But my legs do get cold easily, so I will wear tights for that purpose. Haha!


  1. That sweater looks so cozy! I can definitely see that getting a lot of wear.

    Your hair looks so the color and how you style it.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the compliment, but I have to admit that my hair is currently just black. The flash and the outdoor lighting makes my hair look lighter and my legs even pastier.

  2. Love your striped top and lace skirt:)! So pretty!

  3. I love that sweater, Ping! really impressed with F21 lately. You look very chic in this outfit.

  4. Great way to pair the sweater with that skirt! I went to a LOFT fashion show a few months back and all the models were wearing short pleated skirts with sweaters!

  5. Loving how the sweater totally changes the aura of this dress! And even more amazed you made the dress yourself! Very envious about your sewing skills...I'm thinking about investing in a sewing machine but am afraid I'll be totally lost and just leave it!

  6. hahaha I like "casual-izing" outfits too Ping! I can't believe you can still be bare-legged and wear open toed shoes in this cold weather! Love the sweater...totally something I would have since I adore stripes. hehe


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