Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red + Leopard

I bought this J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer (00P)   a few weeks ago and haven't had the urge to reach for it. To me that's  a bad sign because I normally wear everything new in my closet repeatedly. When I put it on, I don't feel fabulous in it.  
I don't think it looks terrible on me, but it definitely doesn't make my heart skip a beat like Justin Timberlake does. JK! If my bf reads this, there will be eyes rolling. 
Anyone excited about him making music again? I can't wait for his new album to come out.

Anyway, I decided to part ways with this brand new blazer with tags still attached to it. If anyone is interested in purchasing this from me, it will be $79 for US readers ($62.99 + SF Tax + $10 shipping). For shipping to a Canadian address, please add an additional $5.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email.
I bought this J. Crew factory Pencil Skirt (similar here) awhile ago during a sale. The smallest size available was a 0R. I knew the skirt was going to be humungous, but it was only $30 so I thought it was worth shelling out the extra dough to get this baby altered. 
I had my tailor slim the sides, take in the waist, and trim a few inches off the length. The waist is still a little gap-y in the back, but I didn't have the heart to tell my tailor to take it apart and redo it again since she only charged me $25 for everything. What a good lady!
Aritzia Talula BETSY BLOUSE. Size XXS. Btw they now have an online store!! I've always loved Aritzia because they carry size XXS or 00 which fits very similar to a H&M 2 or a 00P.
J. Crew Necklace. (similar here & here)
Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps. (similar here & here)


  1. I love the lace and leopard print on you, Ping. The skirt after alteration looks great. It's so important to have a good tailor right? The over abundance of clothes or weather might be another reason why you are not reaching for the jacket? I love it on you!

  2. I think the outfit looks lovely! Very cute leopard skirt!

  3. I agree with Vicky, the jacket looks pretty on you. But...if you don't reach for it, it is a wise decision to part with it. I know I have a lot of those items taking up space in my closet right now. :/

    And Artizia has an online store?! Thanks for letting me know! I have only been once to the store in Washington...that was probably 5 years ago.

  4. Love the combo of lace and leopard. Really Pretty on you. I do like that jacket on you, but maybe you are not used to that color?

  5. I think you'd look better with a red that has a *teensy* bit more blue in it. As it is, I love the combination of red + leopard, and LOVE the lace. :)

  6. Hi Ping! I really like you blog and how you style your outfits, consider me a new follower :-)

    I was checking out that skirt as well when Jcrew were having a sale online. I wasn't sure about the fit so I didn't get it, but seeing you style it makes me regret it.

    Have a great day :-)

    ~Jane B.


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