Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Always Remember To Layer

I wore this outfit over the weekend to run errands in and should have known better to layer up. Within SF, you can go into different neighborhoods and the temperature can vary up to 10 degrees. If you leave SF, the temperature and weather varies more drastically. There are days where the temp is in the low 60s, but neighboring cities are experiencing beautiful sunshine and 90 degrees. This outfit was definitely fine where I live, but once I left the city I felt so hot in this sweater! I should have layered a tank underneath so I could have taken off my sweater in anticipation of warmer weather. So a message to friends visiting me next month, bring clothes you can layer up in! ;)
H&M Sweater. Size XS. I was going to buy another one in a different color, but this dang thing snags so easily.
F21 Skinny Jeans. Size 24. Only $8!! Inseam 29, but I shortened it by about 2".
F21 Chevron Necklace. Similar here
 Michael Kors Python Tote. (Zip Top Version & MacBook Version)


  1. I absolutely love the outfit! Simple, yet beautiful! That sweater is really cute.

  2. Thanks for the tip, doll =) Will definitely keep this in mind when packing. Have a wonderful week, Ping!

  3. I am used to the weather being so predictable here...that would slightly annoying.

    So I take it Sydney is coming to visit? Looking forward to pics. :)

  4. love this simple, chic outfit -- especially the chevron necklace! i guess i'm lucky that it's still boiling here in TX so there's rarely a need for a jacket. :)

    cute & little

  5. I saw those jeans on the Forever 21 website but I was weary to buy. Can you do a review for them?

  6. I love the city, but the weather has me so confused! We're always cold in the Irving Street area near Sheng Kee and then hot near Mango Medley. Layers are definitely a must! Of course, once you head inland, all bets are off as its been sweltering here :)

  7. I think I bought the same (or similar) sweater recently at H&M! So cute and comfy and I love the colour.


  8. Omg I got the SAME exact pair of jeans from F21! haha

  9. You look fabulous! You're so right about dressing for the micro-climates. Love the purse to death.


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