Sunday, September 28, 2014

My First Fix

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about Stitch Fix, but if you haven't, it's an online styling service for women. How it works is that you go on their website and fill out a profile. They ask questions about your style, how much you want to spend on each item category, your size, and the kind of clothes you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. The styling fee is $20, but that gets credited towards your purchase if you do end up buying something.  A 25% discount is given to your entire purchase if you decide to keep everything which is pretty cool! I scheduled my first order a few weeks ago and was so excited to get my box of goodies this Friday. In my order, I received this cute little dress, 2 blouses, 1 necklace and a jacket. Shipping is free both ways and you have 3 days to decide which items to keep. According to the site, the average price of each item is about $55 and the items I received range from $30-$75. You can schedule automatic "Fixes" to come once every few weeks, monthly or every other month. I didn't do that, but opted for a one time order as I wasn't sure how things would fit or if I could afford to do this all the time.
This dress is probably one of my favorite items from the entire order and my bf really liked it too. What I love is the simple print with the mix media and pleather trim which makes it sophisticated and edgy at the same time. The keyhole neckline is sexy without being plunging and the length of the dress isn't too short or inappropriate for a casual work setting. It is also unlined with an exposed center back zipper. The price of the dress is $68 which isn't cheap, but neither is it overly expensive. I think it's a good price for something so cute and unique. I went back and forth about keeping this dress, but ultimately decided to return it due to fit. The armholes are sitting a little low and almost showed my bra, but that was not the deal breaker. What I learned from my fitting class is that I have a forward rotating pelvis (I stand with my hips forward) so a lot of dresses tend to be too long and roomy for me from mid back to my bum and I had the same issue with this dress. I received a size XS and think this would be more suitable for someone who is a 0P-2P or H&M 4-6 with a curvier bottom to fill out. The fit of the dress was a total bummer, but I did end up keeping a couple of items from this box and will review them later on this week. Overall, I had a really good experience with the service and would schedule another Fix when I feel like treating myself again or when I get tired of the usual retailers I frequent.

Stitch Fix - THML Adelyn dress. XS | Asos Sandals. Similar (small sizes avail + under $50!) | F21 Bag. Similar | MAC Ladybug lipstick | MAC Brick Lipliner (love!)

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