Tuesday, November 9, 2010

H&M Basics: Sweater, Skirt & Cardigan

H&M Cowl Neck Sweater: Size XS. $24.95. (similar in other colors here & here)
I really like the color of this sweater and how soft it is. The sweater is more on the non-fitted side. The material is pretty sheer and I am wearing another shirt underneath.

True Religion Jeans. Size 24. (very similar here & here). These were shortened a couple of inches and I kept the original hem.

Coach Finley Kidsuede Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

Bebe Coat. Size XS.


H&M Pencil Skirt. Size 2. $24.95. (similar here & here)
This skirt fits awesome and is also lined. I find this to be more fitted in the waist and shorter in length than the H&M lace skirt and khaki skirt that I have tried on before. I wanted to purchase the grey color in the same style, but there was no more size 2 left.

Armani Exchange Blouse. Size XS.

BCBGirl Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)


H&M Cardigan. XS. (similarish here)
Fita pretty true to size. I love the little bow detail and the contrasting black seams.

Free People Lace Mock Neck Top. Size XS.

Franco Sarto Lady Boots. (on sale right now!) Size 5.5. Also worn here. Even though the heels are on the taller side, I find these boots to be pretty comfy. I wore them all day today and my feet feel fine. See Jean from ExtraPetite.com try them here.

Also friends and family starts tomorrow at Bloomingdales!
Of course I took advantage and stocked up on my FP stuff.
20% off almost everything - use code promo code GIFT at checkout
I pre-sold these items below:
Free People "Medallion" Lace Dress. Size XS. Black.
Free People Kapowski Tunic. Size XS. This fits so well. I love love love this, it's really cute!
Fitting room pictures coming soon...


  1. Everything looks amazing on you! Your Franco Sorto boots are soo cute! The Kapowski tunic is so cute! :) The True Religion jeans look great on you! I have some in 25 and dislike them. I think it's because they are too big for me unfortunately. I love how you wore the Free People lace mock neck! Brilliant idea to wear it under a cardigan. I'm learning so much from you! I am pretty plane and boring! Hehehe!

  2. I remember that H&M cardi when i went to the store not too long ago. The grey is a nice color :) I love how you styled your outfit with the leggings and the boots!

  3. I like how that relaxed fit H&M shirt looks on you. I don't know what it is, but I just love how relaxed fits look on petites sometimes :)

    I really must try out some of H&M's pencil skirts, seeing as everyone seems to be talking about them!


  4. I'm new to your blog but I'm loving it!! Your outfits are both chic and cute. The khaki shirt and pencil skirt look great on you :) like the unique prints of the shirt especially.

  5. all these outfits fit you so well!! the camel coat in the first picture is absolutely lovely and the color of the H&M shirt is so lovely.

    those Franco Sarto boots are love. might have to check it out... :)


  6. I love all your outfits. My favorite is the pencil skirt from H&M. It fits you like a glove. Are you switching from Free People to H&M :)? LOL..At least your wallet will be happy

  7. Like Sydney I love that pencil skirt on you...I don't think the H&M by my house has it though. :( And I can't wait to see the Medallion dress on you! It looks gorgeous...I am putting that on my wishlist too along with the FP coat.

  8. Oh I tried on that H&M cardi - love how you wore it here! What is the shirt you're wearing underneath? The sleeves are peeking out.

    That pencil skirt fits you so well - I've been impressed with the quality and the variety at H&M lately!

  9. I got the same H&M Cowl Neck Sweater over the weekend. I also love how soft it is and the color is adorable. But still not sure if i should keep it. The low cowl neck is bothering me a little. It looks great on you though. I might need to check out those franco sarto boots. They look awesome.

  10. Absolutely love your second and third outfits Ping. Everything seems to fit you perfectly and beautifully. I have seen several nice pieces from H&M being worn by many bloggers lately. Gotta check it out.

  11. i like the lace top underneath the gray cardi. how stylish!

  12. April-- aww thanks so much!! you're too cute. ohh yes size 25 would be too large on you!! you need a size 23 or 24. I think true religions run a little bigger in general. i really like the ones i'm wearing because it's so comfy. i have slept in them before...lol!

    jen-- thank you!

    amy-- i been loving h&m lately. great for petites and i think their size 2 is equivalent to a lot of 00P!

    karen--thanks so much for following!! i look forward to seeing you around more :P


    PLG-- haha no! i just pre-sold two items from Bloomingdales and they are both from FP!

    Elle--thanks!! there's plenty left in SF. shoot me an email if you want me to grab one for you.

    Curl-- the lace top is from FP. i provided a link above...

    Claud-- i agree with you...it's a little low on the neck line. i would definitely wear something underneath...

    Nelah-- thanks! if you have an h&m, i'd definitely check it out. their size 2s are very petite friendly and would definitely fit you!

    Aubrey-- thank you!

  13. What a coincidence ~ I'm wearing my black h&m today too! It's a great skirt! Man I wish I got the grey too :(( I like the colorful AX top too!

  14. Your looks are always so chic and the fit is impeccable! Love it!

  15. you look so chi and sophisticated! i love the last outfit, those boots are amazing!

    Fashion Bag 411

  16. OMG Ping- where do I start?? Well the camel coat- MUST HAVE- love love love it!!! I have that pencil skirt from H & M too- but it looks WAY cuter on you! The cardigan is so gorgeous and fits you perfectly!!

    P.S. How come you are not on Twitter?? :)

  17. Hi there! You're the third petite blog I've stumbled on and all of the content I have seen so far have been so great! I adore your style it's sexy yet sophisticated. I especially love the H&M cardigan :) I'm also 5'2" :( but have found ways to work around the whole petite issue..Great blog!

  18. Ping - It's so nice of you to offer...I might have to take you up on your offer...but I'll be in NYC twice in the next week so I am going to peruse the nine(?) stores there before troubling you. :) I might be back!

  19. Omg so much to comment on! Three outfits in one post : ) I need to go search for that skirt in black or gray (I loved it on Sophia too in her twitpic)...tell me it was recent??

    Glad to see you pull out the boots again. I freakin love how you wore that cardigan with the bow details. I think I saw the cardi in store and was like "eh..." but with that lace top it's stunning with some antique charm.

  20. i love each outfit for different reasons! the first is a perfect casual outfit, the second is chic for work, and the last is sexy for a night out! great job!

  21. So many gorgeous things! My FAVORITE is outfit #3 - the lace peeking out of the cardigan is just too pretty for words! Also love that Camel colored Bebe coat and Armani printed blouse! Impeccable styling as always :)

  22. {*AHHHHHHH!!} So many outfits in one! Casual, work, and dressed up. There are so many things I like about each outfit. I really like the coat and top in your first outfit. The skirt and the colorful top in your second. I'm tempted to get that skirt it looks great for work. I love the cardigan in your last outfit. I actually almost bought that one. I really like how you layered it over the lace top. So stylish.

    I really like how you post where you got the items from or similar ones.

    <3s Serena.

  23. Sophia-- thanks!! the skirt looks awesome on you...that is why i bought it. :)

    Kaleido Mind/ Liana-- thanks so much! you guys are too kind ;)

    ReallyPetite--lol...i can't handle too much social media...my bf already complains that i'm on the phone constantly because of work emails and personal emails! if i was twitter, i'd never pay attention to him.

    Joyce-- thanks so much for stopping by and following. there are so many petites out there, check out extrapetite.com and see her blogroll. i just looked at your page and love your style btw!

    Elle-- no problem!!

    Jean-- the skirt is really recent! they have a whole bunch in sf. if you can't find it, i can also grab one for you too.
    thanks for reminding me that i had those boots!! they have been sitting in my closet since the last i wore them.

    Leena/Sewpetite-- thanks ladies!!!

    Serena-- thanks so much! i think you should get it. it's so cheap and the quality if pretty decent. i can see it looking fabulous on you :)

  24. you have such a nice closet, I would love to raid through your clothes! and love the background of the first pic :)

  25. The mix of lace and cardigan is GENIUS ! I adore this outfit , you look so feminine and pretty even though it must be a very comfy outfit because of the leggings. Did I already said GENIUS ? yes I did !

    Caro xxx

  26. There's so much to love in this post! The first sweater, the 2nd skirt, and the 3rd top! How do you manage to look so great all the time :)


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