Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shorts and Thigh High Socks


Free People Ruffled Tweed Jacket $168.00$99.95. Size 0. Of course I payed the full price -- argh!
Community Cashmere Blend Batwing Sweater (from Aritizia). Size XS. ($85 with 20% discount). Super duper soft and so comfy to wear. I can live in this. (similar here & here)
American Eagle Destroyed Shorts. Size 00. (similar here, here & here)
Forever21 Thigh High Socks. (similar here & here)
Via Spiga Grey Suede Boots. Size 5.5. (similar here, here & here)

The weather was beautiful today. There was lots of sunshine and fortunately it wasn't too cold at all to walk around and snap some photos. I'm on my way to my parents to have Thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I adore this thigh high socks and boots combo. Great look! I love Via Spiga boots. I have a stone colored pair and love it.
    Vicky's Daily Fashion

  2. I love the socks and boots combo!!! Too cute! I definitely wanna try that out sometime. Happy Thanksgiving gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous and inspiring as usual, Ping! The tights/socks/boots combo is beautiful and I've been meaning to try it out for a while now but my thighs have too much meat on them to look good in thigh highs... hahaha.

    Anyway, I LOVE the peplum on the jacket. Do you know where it's available online?

    Happy weekend!

  4. I love the Via Spiga boots with the thigh highs, you make it look effortless. And that jacket, I LOVE. I wish I didn't know it's on sale now because I want it I want it I want it! But I have to stick to my wish list (which is composed of all these things that you've worn on this blog, I just love your blog and your style).

    Happy Thanksgiving Ping!

  5. Oh you look so gorgeous! Love the whole outfit! Those thigh high socks are too cute! And what a nice coat!

  6. You are rocking this look Ping!!...and I love the background settings, especially the one with the huge gazebo thing next to the water...So beautiful!! (I'm definitely checking out that coat btw ;)

  7. palace of fine arts! I've been there! loveee the over the knee socks with that sweater, it's really hot on you! have a great thanksgiving love! and lol yeah i dragged my bf to see the movie cuz i told him that it's free... i think he couldn't pass up the free

  8. I love these photos! This look is definitely very YOU!

  9. You look super tall and model-leggy in these photos! I'm still so in love with your FP jacket :)

  10. i love how you wore your knee highs with boots :) great coat too

  11. gorgeous look!! i love the thigh high socks with boots and shorts look on you! and the FP jacket is the perfect top for this as the flair at the hips adds a really nice feminine touch.

    have a great thanksgiving!!

  12. Gorgeous scenery! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! :)

    What a cute look with the boots!

    You are totally turning me on to Free People! There is not one located in Vegas, but I just checked the website, and found one that I can walk to in downtown Seattle! Yay!

  13. @ Ping: does your bf call missouri "missour-ah?"

  14. I love the jacket, it has like this peplum-like flare to it! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. You look so cute Ping!!! I love the boots! I just tried on some Via Spiga boots at Nordie's Rack yesterday :)

  16. Vicky-- thanks! i love my via spiga boots too and definitely wear them way too much!

    Stephie-- you can definitely rock the look!!!

    jen-- the jacket is from or you can click on the link i have provided above to lead you there.

    elle-- aww you're sweet! i love your blog and your style too. your outfits are always so fun and fashion forward.

    girlieblog/callandra-- thanks ladies!!

    julie-- you have a good eye, it is the palace of fine arts! lol you have a sweet bf for going to see the movie with you...even free.

    curls/sewpetite/kileen/angie-- thanks ;)

    michelle-- ahhh i can't wait to see you in FP! lol i hope you find some good stuff.

    aubrey--lol yes he you know someone from there?

    Hanna/ReallyPetite--thanks so much!

  17. Ping I loove the outfits!!! :)


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