Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sparkles and Lace

I been super busy with work and it's been really crazy and stressful so that is why there hasn't been too many posts lately. I'm so tired after work, the last thing I want to do is pose for photos.

A couple of you know that I also got my car towed this week. I was too lazy to park my car and walk half a block to the coffee shop. I parked my car in the yellow zone to grab coffee and I have been doing it for awhile. It took probably a few minutes for me to grab coffee and when I came out, my freaking car was gone. Ahhh!! I knew they towed my car. After all the fees & ticket, I am in debt to the city by$460!!! Highway robbery right?! So if you ever decide to drive in crazy SF this holiday season, please do not park illegally especially in the downtown/financial area. And if you're wondering is my coffee $460 good, the answer is no...haha! I guess no shopping for me for awhile too.

This is another date night outfit. I'm a little more bundle up than usual because it's raining like crazy and super cold outside.

Free People Lace Dress. Size XS. (if your size is gone, you can get it here & here)
Banana Republic Beaded Trim Wrap. Quite pricey, but this wrap is so soft! (similar here & here)
J Crew Jeweled Headband. (similar here & here)
Banana Republic Necklace.
Coach Grey Kidsuede Pumps. Size 5.5 (similar here & here)
Forever21 Bracelet. (similar here & here)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading!! ;)


  1. Awww..I am sorry to hear that. It sucks that your coffee costs almost $500. You can really use that $$ for Christmas shopping. It happened to me before too. My hair cut costs me almost $300.00 because of my laziness. I really like your dress. You always have the cutest dress for date night. I am sure the bf won’t mind.

  2. aww sorry to hear about your car :( the good news is you look hotter than ever :) hhahaha club wear that's interesting. i suppose i should take advantage of being in college and post some more "related" outfit photos :D

  3. Cute date night outfit (I know you are super bummed out about the fine but these things happen), these fines are so unreasonable though!

  4. Oh that sucks... and apparently running a red light can cost you that much too (according to my friend, who got photographed at the same intersection TWICE, costing her $900), so be careful! Love the dress, you make me want to go get all dressed up (but no place to go lol).

  5. OMG Ping you look ADORABLE!!! I have the dress in white!!! :) I love the headband! I love the whole outfit! You look GORGEOUs as always! :)

  6. Ping are you wearing falsies? Your lashes look so lush!

  7. PLG/Angie/Elle/PetiteXXS-- thanks ladies for your sweet comments! I've learned my lesson. I'm never going to leave my car unattended parked at an illegal spot.

    April-- thanks so much!! heehee yes i'm wearing falsies!!! my real lashes are so sparse, it's embarrassing. :(

  8. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your car! :( Damn those towing people, they are really amping up their game to steal money this yr. I got my car towed one time too when I was living in Socal. The towing company was so ghetto they actually broke my window and I had to file a bunch of claims.. LOL I hope they didnt damage your car.

    You have the awesomest taste in dresses! I bet you've ate everywhere in SF!! :) haha You need to start doing restaurant reviews! I would love to read them!! :)

  9. I'm a little nauseous reading how much you owe to the city of SF! That's so many dresses at H&M, and at least 4 items from FP, lol!!

    I love this dress on you and actually picked up a similar one (not as pretty, also black not this lovely navy) from H&M for cheap. It was $35 and I used my iphone also has long lacey sleeves but is fitted and short at the bottom. When I was getting it I wished you had twitter because I think you'd like it!

  10. Wow, omg...that sucks so bad you got your car towed! Ugh how unfortunate :( Love your dress though! You always have the cutest date night outfits. My bf and I are long distance right now so no dressing up for dates for me, lol. Also your sparkly hairpiece is so cute!

  11. Sorry to hear that your car got towed... that sucks and you must have been devastated! That kind of stuff is always wrong place, wrong time. That aside, you and your bf are so cute... love how you have date nights where you get dressed up! You look cute as usual and your outfit is well put together, no surprise! :)

    Hope your work isn't as stressful this week!

  12. Ouch! I've never gotten my car towed but I'm sure it's a terrible experience. You look lovely though. Lace is sexy!

  13. That is one expensive coffee fee.... Hope you get your car back soon.

    Really love the dress you're wearing!
    You look sooo pretty in laces!

  14. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear about your car getting towed!! At least you got your car back and nothing happened to it. I've had bad experiences at the towing lot where my car has ended up banged up too!

    I do love that black FP dress on you and your lashes look so lush!! Great falsies. :)

  15. wow $460 just because you left the car for a few minutes?! that's crazy. sorry to hear that!! :( but on the bright side you look so sparkly and pretty in the dress.

  16. Jen (rain days and latte)-- omg that totally sucks!! i thought about that and thank god they didn't do any damage!
    i thought about doing restaurants reviews, because my bf and i eat out every meal of the day. But i have very strange taste. i don't think most people would not enjoy what i like.

    Jean-- OMG i thought about it in clothing terms.... *sigh*
    i just checked your twitter! cute lace dress/tunic! i have seen it before and didn't think much of it. it looks hot on you!

    TinyinTexas-- I think we invented date night so I can dress up! lol.

    Jen (herwaisechoice)-- thanks so much ;)
    I think work will be easy this week since it's thanksgiving holiday for us...everyone is on vaca.

    GirlieBlog/Kileen/Bunny/Julie-- thanks ladies!!

  17. That is awful about your car and how much it's going to cost! So sorry to hear that!!!

    You look great in this dress! Love love lace!!!

  18. Eek on the $460 ticket! That is one hefty fine for just parking illegally.

    Perfect date night outfit - I especially love how the headband looks on you with the ensemble!

  19. What a bummer on the ticket, sorry to hear about that :(

    Your black lace dress is so pretty . I love lace.

  20. Eek!! That really sucks...the $460, not the outfit! :p

    Gorgeous wrap! All the lovely bloggers are making me want lace!

  21. Awww, Ping that really sucks, I'm so sorry! On a bright note, you look so beautiful here (as always). I hope you have a good Thanksgiving with your near and dear ones ;)


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