Sunday, January 16, 2011

The No Makeup Au Naturale Look

Hello ladies! I wanted to share with you a "no makeup" au naturale look. I know some of you don't wear much makeup and this is a great way to look pulled together, but not look like you're wearing a whole bunch of makeup.

The key to this look is to let the skin glow and to keep everything else very minimal.

1. Make sure you're skin is well moisturized.
2. Correct imperfections or blemishes on the skin with concealer and/or foundation.
3. Apply a splash of light eye shadow on the eyelids.
4. Define the eyebrows.
5. Do a very tight eye liner on the top lid.
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara or apply false lashes.
7. Pick a lipstick that is a couple of shades darker than your natural lip color.
8. Apply a highlighter on the cheeks for a natural glow.
9. Apply a blush that is similar shade to your lip color.

The products I'm using:
1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 - 4 oz.
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eyes Cream

2. Bobbi Brown Corrector (color- light bisque) to neutralize the dark circles under the eyes and to cover any other blemishes on the face.
Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF15 (color - warm beige)- to apply lightly all over the face to even out uneven skin and discoloration. This is a great foundation for normal to oily skin.

3.Dior's 5-Colour Shadow Compact 001 (no longer available) - I lightly swiped the light gold color on my lower eyelids.

4. Mac Eye Shadow. Color espresso. used to fill in entire brow area.
Mac Eye Shadow. Color brun. Used from the arch to the tip of the brow to give more definition.

5. Burberry 'Eye Definer' Eye Shaping Pencil. This is my new favorite eyeliner! This is water-resistant and smudges less than the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (which I have been using for years). Apply very close to the lash line.

6. My lashes are very sparse and short, so I thought falsies would be a better option. The lashes I'm using are from e-bay and I believe they are called "ballet" lashes.

7. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lipstick. I picked out a lipstick that is very close to my natural lip-color but just a couple of shades brighter.

8. To give my face a dewy glow, I applied Benefit High Beam all over my my cheeks. I don't like the little brush that comes with it, so I applied the product with a foundation brush instead.

9. To keep thing simple and I used Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lipstick on my cheeks as a blush. I swiped the lipstick with a foundation brush and then applied it onto the cheeks.

I know it's a lot of products for a no makeup au naturale look -- LOL. But god forgot to bless me with good skin and a set of long eyelashes, so I guess this is why I have to fake it.

I hope you guys liked this look and please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial - I don't wear make up on a daily basis and think this is a great look for me starting out. Thanks again Ping!

  2. Wow- you have amazing skin! And you look gorgeous either way!!!

  3. your skin look absolutely beautiful here and i love the subtle hint of blush and lipstick.

    cute and little

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm guessing the "natural" look is in because bubzbeauty (of Youtube) just made a "No makeup makeup" look video as well. LOL

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. You look gorgeous Ping! I'm a huge fan of the 'natural' look since I don't like the heavily painted look on myself. Still figuring out how to achieve that but thanks for the tips! :)

  6. So pretty - you just glow! I'm a bit of makeup dud (only wear eyeliner) and am still learning so this is very helpful!

  7. hahaha, so many products! not just many expensive products girl! I cannot afford!!! I like high beam, but not moon beam.

    Ok up next, give us your dinner-date-slash-don't-you-forget-i'm-still-the-sexiest-gf-you've-ever-had makeup tutorial.

  8. You look beautiful! I had to laugh at the long list of products though...because this is a "no makeup" look! hee hee

  9. Lol! I came here upon seeing the "no makeup" title and had to chuckle upon the lengthy list of products. It's nice seeing Ping's various faces. This would be a really gorgeous beach look. I'm with us your sexay night out face next!

  10. Gorgeous!!

    Lol! about Aubrey's makeup tutorial request!

    How is the Bobbi Brown eye cream? My eyes get so dry in Vegas. :( Would you say it would be moisturizing enough for a dry climate?

  11. Great tutorial! Would love to see more of these!

  12. thanks everyone for your comments!
    lol, i know it's a lot of products! i guess if you don't have it, you gotta fake it. :P


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