Saturday, January 15, 2011

eShakti Coat Review

I was approached by eShakti a couple months ago to do a review. I have never heard of them, but was intrigued when I started reading more about their customized sizing. Being petite, it can be difficult at times finding clothes that fit. This is a great solution to buying clothes that fit right off the bat and saving time/$ on alterations.

For those of you that have not heard of eShakti, they are a women’s apparel store online that allows changes in the style of the garment – sleeve, neckline, length can all be changed to your preference.
For the customized size option, you need to give your sizes just once and this information is saved for future orders. The cost for this option is only $7.50, what a deal right?

I picked the eShakti Ruffled Collar Felted Coat to review and I did have this customized to my size.

Front open from the V-shaped waist
Short button front.
Inverse pleats from back waist.
Long sleeves.
Princess seamed bodice to shape.
Shoulder pads.
Short dress length.
Lined in poly taffeta.
90% acrylic / 10% wool; dry clean.
Warmth factor: Medium.

When I first tried the coat on I thought the sleeves were a tad short, but after looking at the pictures it seems to be hitting at right length. I also wished that there were hidden buttons below the 2 large round buttons because the coat swings open when I walk.
What I do like is the color and the shape of the coat. I also like that the length hits a few inches above the knee, because anything longer than that makes me look so short! I don't have anything in my closet this color and I feel that it's a nice change from my normal greys & blacks. Overall I am pretty happy with the coat and I really like the way it fits me.

Below are the measurements you have to fill out (it's pretty extensive and detailed!):

Size Measurements
(i) Enter the following body measurements. (It is recommended you get someone to measure you).
Under Bust*
Upper Arm*
Length Of Arm*
Wearing Waist*
Wearing Position*

Here are some other items that I'd be interested in trying and also having it customized to my size.

Bow tied crepe blouse
Pleated sleeve wrap top
Pleat front wrap skirt
Angled pleats layer skirt


  1. Ping,

    I don't like the coat on you at all. It didn't suit your life style. You are HIP and COOL. This coat looks matronly plus sizing is all off. Bodice should be more form fitting to frame your nice hourglass bodyshape, sleeves should be slimmer and the shoulder could be narrower. Sorry! I am not feeling eShaki.

  2. ping, i think the coat looks great on you! it is very ladylike and i like the shape/cut. as for anon, ya ping is very stylish, but it's okay to change it up sometimes!

  3. I also really like this coat on you! The color is really unique and the cut is very flattering. I think you did a great job customizing the fit as it does fit you perfectly!

    cute and little

  4. i like this on you :) i like how it's girly and sophisticated at the same time. The colour is amazing and flattering! It looks really nice with your grey pumps and bag!

  5. I love the baby doll look of the coat. Having it fit on you is great, especially if you don't have to take it all over SF to get it altered perfectly. I like the color and the contrast of the coat on you. So pretty! Btw, your curly bottom hair is so chic!

  6. The coat looks really good on you! Very feminine and the colour is pretty unique. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. Gorgeous color choice! I love that the coat looks like a dress! And the pleats are so pretty!

    Thanks for the review!

  8. That's a beautiful coat and such a neat concept! $7.50 is an amazing deal to essentially have the piece tailored. The other pieces you picked are very pretty too, very girly! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend Ping!

  9. I think this coat is adorable on you! I like the collar detail and the color is really nice against your skin!

  10. I really like the color of this coat. The style is quite unique. It seems to fit you well too. eShakti also contacted me. I ended up with a dress. I hope it'll turn out ok. Thanks for a great review. Have a great week!

  11. I'm also doing a review for them and was eyeing this coat! I ended up with something else, but very interesting to see how it turned out on you!

  12. Pros: arm length, coat length, color, uniformed pleatings, fun neck collar, shape as promised, and correct sizing

    Con: the bottom hem (why must they finish it like this?), 2 buttons (would love to see 3 buttons to meet the hemming at the waistline)

    and as for it opening when u walk, that's an easy fix. You can just add those snap buttons on the inside of the coat (they come in various sizes, even as big as the buttons here).

    I say not bad for eShakti at all!!! I like!

  13. The coat is very feminine which I think fits with your style. Thanks for sharing eshakti! I'm going to check it out :)

    I've been thinking of opening up a store similar to eshakti, but they beat me to it hahaha.

  14. By the way, how long does it take for them to customize it and ship it?

  15. Looks lovely! There does seem to be extra room in the coat around your ribcage. I love the way you've styled it with the gray pumps and bag

  16. I really like this coat on you. I think it's just slightly too big on you in the chest area - my eyes are drawn to a bit of bagginess. I really like the colour on you! E-shakti contacted me too but I haven't had a chance to contact them back nor properly look at the site. I think you picked a great item out. I think it's my favorite of the reviews so far. :)

  17. Anon-- thanks for your honest comment.

    Leena--thanks ;) definitely the most lady like item i have in my closet.

    kileen- thanks! my bf measured me so i think he did a great job, lol.

    Edwina-- thanks so much! i do like the color and its a nice addition to my coat collection.

    jessy/jen/michelle/annie -- thanks ladies!

    jen from herwaisechoice -- i think it's a super deal. most alterations around here is so much!

    sydney & liane-- i can't wait to see what you guys pick out!!

    aubrey -- i totally agree with you. if i'm not lazy, i might bring this to alterations and have them add the hidden buttons.

    daintychibi-- i think it took at least 2 weeks from the time i ordered.

    callandra/c&p-- i agree the ribcage area could have been more fitted, but i guess the extra room will allow me too layer more under!


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