Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the mood for some ripped jeans (AE Ankle Jegging)

American Eagle Ankle Jegging $49.50 - Size 00R
What attracted me to these jegging was the wash and the fact it was ripped. It reminded me of college years when I used to go the beach with my ripped jeans and a bikini top. *sigh* How I miss those days!
I thought they were regular length pants until I saw it online. LoL. They are much shorter on the model because it's meant to hit at the ankle.
I bought these with a special promotion in store maybe a month ago, so I paid no more than $30. The denim is very soft and very comfortable to wear.
I am not a fan of the super low rise on these jeans and the back logo, but ripped part won me over.
Inseam = aprox 27"
Waist = approx 12.5"
See Jean from review a pair that is similar here.

Free People Buttonfront Lace Back Tank: XS. Also worn in this post.
The top is no longer available, but see the long sleeve version

Express Boyfriend Cardigan. Size XXS.
(similar here & here)

Franco Sarto Atlas Sandals (Grey Suede). Size 5.5.
(similar here & here)


  1. PING! I am in love with the new hair and outfit! OMG now I have to go get the Free People tank! Too cute! I love those Franco Sorto Sandals! :)

  2. Oh Ping - these photos look like an editorial feature in a magazine! I love the look and your new bangs - gorgeous!

  3. A new backdrop! Can't wait for you to get your blurry lens lol.

    Ah I also miss those "youthful" days of wearing torn denim and cropped tops. And for that reason I have to admit I like the look of these destroyed jeans. If only if only if only they didn't have the AE scribble across the back pockets. That and the low rise made me return mine. I think you can rock the lower-rise well. My gut hung and folded over the low rise...whereas yours reveals a washboard tummy.

  4. Dang!!! Hot stomach pic!! :p

    I have been debating on ordering some Free People items...first time email sign-uppers get free shipping. So enticing!

    Those ae jeans look great! When I tried on some in store, they sit so low! :( Yours look so much better!

    And agreeing with the bangs!!

  5. wow, these pictures are amazing and i love your bangs!! these AE jeggings fit you perfectly and i really love the torn look of them. what a great find!

    cute and little

  6. Beautiful pictures! Found your blog through Curls and Pearls post about the HM cardigan and I am enjoying catching up on all your posts! I haven't gone back far enough but am I safe to assume you are from the SF/bay area as well? How come I never run into your fashionable bloggers when I'm out shopping? Can't wait to read more!

  7. love this look! it's very cute and casual : ) great shoot, ping!

  8. oohh i love the photography action goin on! btw, which lens are you using? you look hot in those jeans. wish i had a flat tummy like that! ::recollects back to the days before having two kids::

  9. I love the fade on those jeans (and what a perfect background)! I love how you mixed the edgy ripped jeans with the lace top, so sweet!...And those shoes are beautiful!

  10. I love your new hair. I was also a fan of ripped jeans back in college. I got rid all of my ripped jeans not too long ago. You rock those jeans Ping. Super cute outfit!

  11. Your new hair is so awesome! And you look amazing in your jeans!!! I like this look- it's so YOU :)

  12. The jeans look amazing on you!!! My 00 short AE jeans have a bit of a waist gap, but I love the wash so much I can't part with it. haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. Can I just say that I am so (insanely!) jealous of the nice weather you are getting? I just want the Spring to come! lol but I really like the outfit and the new background!

    The jeans look amazing on you, ripped jeans are one of those things that never worked for me but they look darn good on you!

  14. love the lace top & those jeggings fit you to perfection. xo

  15. April/SewPetite -- thanks so much! i wasn't going to mention anything about my hair. i told my stylist not to cut my bangs so short and she did. i was kind of upset about it when she was finished. i'm glad you guys are liking it!

    Jean-- lol! i can't wait until a certain someone buys me my burry lens.
    girl you have no gut! i have seen your bikini pics.

    Michelle--hahah! you're sweet. there's so much new stuff at FP! i'm trying to be good and not buy anything.

    kileen-- thanks. it makes me feel better about my hair! i was totally hating it.

    mello yello jen-- thanks for stopping by!! looking forward to your blog as well.

    angie-- thanks!

    leena-- i'm just using the stock len that came with the cannon rebel xs.
    and you look so skinny, i can't imagine you with anything other than a flat tummy!

    callandra/sydney/annie/jesse-- thanks so much!

    elle-- its surprisingly warm here! i know the cold is coming so i better enjoy it while it lasts.

    cryskay-- thanks! :)

  16. Those jeggings look super comfy and great on you! i love the color and the rips!

  17. omg I love love love that lace top you are wearing! I want it! the background also looks awesome. and I didn't know you got your belly button pierced, hawt! I had mine done a while back but then my body rejected it so now it's just a scar -_-

  18. You've got Cali laid back chic down! The roughed up jeans is a perfect complement to the lacey top!

  19. Love your new hair do, cute and lively ;)

    These jeans look great on you with the right amount of ripped details. You have a hot and sexy belly, I am jealous!!

  20. "California girls
    We're unforgettable
    Daisy Dukes
    Bikinis on top
    Sun-kissed skin
    So hot
    We'll melt your Popsicle
    Ohhhh oh ohhhh "

    I love a good pair of destroyed denim, but I actually don't own any.

    random random question: mb u got your navel piercing a long time ago, but do you happen to remember how long it took to heal completely?

  21. Hey Ping! Tagged you in my latest post. You don't need to do it, but it'd be great to get to know you a bit more :D

  22. wow i cant believe how good of a deal those jeans are and they look amazing on you

    cute bag and the shirt is so spring LOVES IT!!!

    love the blog

  23. Love that attitude! Ripped jeans lend a certain amount of sassines in your day!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  24. LOVE the lace-y top on you Ping! So pretty but with a bit of an edge with the jeans.

    I also had my belly button pierced a few years ago - before my parents threatened to take me out of school! O_O Looks hot! *wishes hole hadn't closed up*

  25. I love the lace and those shoes. I actually ordered them (the shoes), but unfortunately they fit weird on me and were kinda uncomfortable, so I had to send them back. They look great though!


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