Monday, May 24, 2010

Casual Work Outfit

Hey Ladies,

Thanks for all the nice w
elcomes and a special thanks to Sophia for introducing me to all the bloggers :)

I want to share with you girlies another brand that fits really well. Guess size 23 pants are amazin
g...maybe a little long but the fit everywhere else is great!

From top to bottom:

Fendi Shades from Nordstroms: $225 -- personally I think Fendi sunglasses fit really well on Asian faces.

Tank from Banana Republic: XS Petite - I have a few blacks and whites. They are so comfy. I wear it under everything! They have new colors like Mediterranean sea and Urban gray...hmmm should i get those too??

Cardigan is from Free People: my favorite because their stuff is so unique and seems like they just put a little more love to their clothes. I got it in size xs and it fits fine. I just checked the site and its on sale for $29.95.

Purse is See by Chloe -- I got it on sale at
Aritzia. It's kind of old, but I don't think anywhere sells it anymore. The leather is great, but the button broke. I had to replace it. Unbelievable! Anyway, I also wanted to mentioned Aritzia is also a very petite friendly store -- not sure if they are everywhere. They have sizes xxs and if they don't have it in the stores, they will order for you free of charge. Pretty good...

Pants are from Guess: size 23. I wished I'd have gotten 2 pairs. I wear them so much they are getting fuzzies. The link is to something similar.

Shoes are by
coach. They're size 5.5 and still big. I put a insole in it and it helps a little.


  1. Hehe Ping ~ in the 2nd pic you look like a bobble toy cuz your body looks so tiny! The last pic is awesome... somehow it reminds me of fashiontoast :)

    I want all your purses.

  2. Yay - another petite blogger! Thanks Sophia for sharing : ) I would love to have your slender figure though - being your weight and several inches shorter = can't pull off these looks! Esp. not the dress with tall boots!

    I love that cardigan. Only sz S is left online though...I'm going to see if I can hunt it down in a store!

  3. :) OMG when Sophia said you were petite, she wasn't kidding!

    LOVE your sense of style...I love fashion but kind of suck at putting it together. That's why I love gals like you and Petiteasiangirl - ;) Thanks for all the ideas and keep up the blogging! I'll be followin'

  4. dam you petite girls. i felt so gargantuan compared to you and sophia the other weekend hahahaha.
    ping i totally love how you're updating frequently - and with photos! major props to the photographer as well! whoever is taking the photos for you... doing a great job.

  5. Sophia-- haha its the angle of the camera! I love fashiontoast...she has great taste and pics :)

    PAG-- you can totally do the boots and dress. Trust me...either pick shorter dress and tall boots or longer dress and shorter boot. I'm wearing a long dress today and shorter boots. If I have time, I'll post some pics. Sophia introduce me to your blog, I love you style btw!

    Irene-- we have to layer a lot in SF so I just throw stuff together. My closet consists of grays, blacks and everything kind of goes together. I have 30 min in the morning to get ready because I'd rather I try to keep my wardrobe very simple.

    Susy-- you are just tall and I'm the jealous one here. I wished I grew maybe 3 more inches...4 would be fine too. My photographer is my bf (1st post) and my 15 year old cousin (2nd post)...haha I'll be sure to pass along the compliments.

  6. Welcome! :D You are so cute in all your outfit posts :D i am looking forward to your future posts! :D

  7. hehe yay for blogging frequently! I'm just shorter than you, Ping, but definitely not skinnier! lol I hide my lil muffin top and love handles very well with all my loose tops! xD Sexy work outfit, and you're lucky you can pull off animal prints! (the cardigan reminds me of zebra print) hehe I just look ridiculous in them! :[


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