Sunday, June 19, 2011

Casual Date Night

It's been forever since me and my bf went on a date night. I normally cancel on him when he does plan date night because I'm to lazy to get ready. I also hate the fact that that most popular restaurants require a reservation which means I have to be there at certain time. I always prefer cheap Asian food like pho, shabu or ramen which is casual and doesn't require reservations. I can be there whenever I feel like eating, wear my comfy clothes and not worry about even putting on makeup! It's sweet that my bf tries and I should try as well into putting more effort into making date night.
Does anyone else do night date and how do you feel about it?

What I'm wearing:
Ann Taylor Breezy Linen Open Cardigan. Size XXSP. (similar here and here)
Free People Sea Dip Bib Necklace.
Free People Seamless Scoop Tank. Size XS.
Bebe Jeggings (old). Size 24. (similar here)
Via Spiga Boots (old). Size 5.5. (similar here & here)
Botkier Bag (old).

Our dinner at The Tipsy Pigs:

(Beer & Strawberry Fields cocktail) x 2

Mac & Cheese and Olives

Pork-chops that we couldn't wait to dive into...

The food was delicious overall. I thought the food was a little expensive and the portions were kind of small. I probably wouldn't ask to return here again because there are other plenty of good cheap eats in SF.


  1. We definitely don't have date nights as often as we should. It's fun to dress up and have dinner at a fancy restaurant once in a while. Most of the time, we just ended up with Chipotle because it's quick and delicious :) Love your casual outfit, Ping. Can't believe you're wearing boots in the middle of June.

  2. PLG-- ahha i love chipotle! i prefer that over fancy food any night. i'm the queen of fast food. i know i can't believe i'm wearing boots either in the middle of june! it's been chilly here at night. the weather is so sporadic in sf because its warm today!

  3. This is such a comfy looking outfit! I love your suede boots - they're beautiful :)

  4. You look SO good in whatever you wear! You always look like a 5 star restaurant all the time! haha :) Your BF is so sweet to do that for you all the time :) My date nights are ALWAYS casual! :p

  5. I adore this outfit! My favorite parts are the necklace and boots - am I to guess correctly that you have some cool weather?

  6. Shabu and pho is all I ever ask for for date night...we had both this week lol! I see you're actually bringing your DSLR to dinner now. Is it unwieldy to carry in your purse? I love your necklace btw. Did you buy it from the FP boutique or a place like Macy's?

  7. Rinny & Jen -- thanks! :)

    SPG-- I love the necklace too! Yes it was pretty cool the night we went out, but the sun is definitely coming out during the day time.

    Jean-- i had shabu twice this week! the dslr doesn't fit in that purse so i made my bf carry it. haha! i actually bought the necklace from the fp boutique. my bf actually picked it out and he was really proud of that. but i been actually eyeing it online so he doesn't get credit there. lol

  8. you look great! and haha TOTALLY agree with you I'm all about the food and not the atmosphere. I go to places with GOOD food rather than "Expensive" looking places with a reservation and the waitresses are nothing but just good looking and can't serve...

  9. I love this chic look very much especially that white cardigan, necklace, boots and bag. Everything!

    Our date nights were over looooong time ago..sigh. You probably know why :D Lunch sounds more realistic for parents like us, yet that doesn't come by often either.

  10. strawberry fields looks so good. i love strawberry flavored anything.

    lots of volume in your hair! bouncey bouncey bouncey.

    Who doesn't love style when it's easy to wear like this slouchy open cardi? hm...? anyone? anyone? jk.

    I'm glad I dont have to deal w/fancy reservations. There are lots of fancy restaurants in downtown SD that are pretty empty during the weekday, but I usually only crave thai food @ this hole-in-the-wall place. If they only knew they could charge me double and I'd still eat there...

  11. I personally love any excuse to dress up! The most frustrating part about date nights for me is finding something to wear – I always feel like I have nothing to wear, or nothing that really goes together whether it's a top clashing with a bottom or not having the right shoes. :(

    But I also love eating "normal" stuff like pho and noodles... a couple of my favorite things! <3 Simple is always better. I hate restaurants that try to outdo themselves in how fancy they can get with food. In the end, I'd rather have a burger and fries. :)

  12. Perfect outfit Ping, I love those boots! I love when we can do date nights, but they're usually always casual - dinner and a movie. I like getting dressed up and putting on makeup but I don't actually like being out for too long LOL!!


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