Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maxi with Tory Burch Aurelia Wedge

The weather is heating up in SF! Woohoo!
Here I am wearing a maxi skirt as a maxi dress. I was running out of the apartment and was too lazy to pair it with a top so I just pulled it up and made it into a dress. I am all about versatile and easy to wear!

I am wearing:
Nordstrom Lily White Maxi Skirt (Juniors). Size XS. Fits great as a skirt too and it's not too long either. (similar here & here)
H&M Denim Jacket. Size 2. I got it a few months ago and totally have forgotten about it.
(similar here & here)
Free People Ancient Stone Necklace.
Forever21 Tribal Beaded Hoop Earrings.
Tory Burch 'Aurelia' Wedge. Size 5. I wear a size 5.5 normally, but I had to size down because these run 1/2 size too big. I noticed that Tory Burch shoes tend to run 1/2 too big. I have the 'Sally 2' wedges too and made the mistake of buying a size 5.5 thinking they run true to size. They slip out of my feet every time I walk.


  1. You look so natural and radiant in these shots, Ping! That skirt actually looks like the perfect length for you as a dress. And the colour goes so well with your hair. Pretty wedges too, love Tory Burch shoes!


  2. The skirt should just be a dress looks so good! I'm so happy that it's actually hot now. lol. =)

  3. I love those wedges. How long is the skirt when worn as a skirt?!? I thik it's perfect as a dress!

  4. Love that the shoes and skirt match!

  5. ah the debut of these TBs. I love the tiny peep toes. I think that w/a wedge, since it's heavier, good thing you sized down so that it fits snugly.

    I normally like maxi dresses floor length, but this allows you to show your pretty shoes. and it deserves to be shown! Talk about versatility...I hope you'll do a post wearing this again as a skirt.

  6. Ooh this is sooo cute worn as a dress! Like Aubrey, I'd love to see it as a skirt now on you :) Absolutely love how you've accessorized the whole ensemble!

  7. aww you look so sweet in the orange maxi dress! SF is cold I think so glad that it's warmer now :D

  8. I would never be able to tell it was meant to be a skirt, it looks great! Love versatile peices.

  9. Not all of her shoes are 1/2 size larger - her Reva flats are more TTS, but it could just be a little misleading due to the elastic backs...

  10. You must be kidding when you said that's a skirt, Ping!! The length as a dress is perfect for you! You look great, as always : )

  11. Lovely Ping and I love the color of your dress (skirt)!!

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