Monday, January 2, 2012

Old Navy Chambray & Rock Star Jeggings

Old Navy brings back memories! I used to work for them when I was 16. It was also one of my first summer jobs. Every since leaving the company, I never went back. The sizing used to be humongous, but I guess I was also 16 at the time and have grown quite a bit since then. I remember their women clothes were too too big and I had to wear their kids stuff. Their cheesy commercials don't appeal to me either. But after seeing all my petite bloggers find some good stuff their, I decided to give it a shot myself.

I guess I'm kind of late on the chambray trend! I tried on a few prior to purchasing this one, but most were ill fitting, the wrong color or the price point was way too high.
This Old Navy Women's Chambray (in size XS) was exactly what I was looking for. I really like the style, the cut and especially the color. It was also $24 so I thought that was a great price point. The shirt definitely needs slimming on the sides and I'm planning to get it tailored.
American Eagle Ankle Jeggings. Size 00R. (similar here)
Coach Grey Suede Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here & here)

Old Navy Rock Star Jeggings. 0R. I purchased these in store for ~$8! I don't see this particular color available online, so it must be a last season item. This is such a fun color and I don't have anything like it.
See other petite bloggers like Jean, Wendy & Jessy look fabulous in these jeggings.
Personally I think these look just okay on me. I probably wouldn't pay for price for these, but for $8 I said what the heck. I don't love the bunching around the knee and the wrinkles around the crotch area. The inseam (at 29.5") is too long for me. I'm thinking about trimming off an inch or 2 off the length which will make it look much better. A positive point is that the waist does fit nicely -- not tight or loose which is hard to come by.


  1. I like your denim on denim look. Very casual chic.

    I do like Old Navy. Their quality isn't the best, but they do have great stuff for very reasonable prices.

  2. I think that color of jegging is really good on you. I like your shirt paired with that jegging... where did you get??

  3. I had no idea you worked at ON! No wonder you didn't want to set foot back there for so long, aside from the cheesy commercials : )

    Two thoughts while reading your reviews...
    1) Would you consider buying the chambray shirt in PetiteXS online? I love the color on you. If you were going to pay to get it slimmed, then maybe it's worth trying the petite fit out first? I see it's out of stock right now but I can keep an eye out for you.

    2) I really like the color of the jeans on you. Reminds me of Michelle's recent post too. I think that if you wash and dry them in the dryer (before hemming), they will tighten up a bit and hopefully crease less in the back. Hopefully your tailor probably doesn't charge much for a hem, so it'd be worth it esp since you got them for 8 bucks!

  4. I love the color of your jeggings! It packs such a stunning bright punch and looks so good with the feminine, neutral blouse. Great finds at Old Navy but wish you were able to find items that fit perfectly right off the rack.

  5. I love seeing you in chambray!! I like Jean's suggestion of trying it in the xsp. Keep those tags on just in case!

    I love those pants on you! You look great! Yes...definitely get them hemmed after a wash/dry! Jealous of your deal! :p

  6. SS - that blouse is super old and is from h&m!

    Jean-- lol! i did work at old navy....
    oh i didn't even know that chambray came in petite! thanks for the heads up. i always hem my stuff without washing it first. thanks for the reminder.

    Michelle-- thanks! definitely a great deal, wished there were other colors available too!

  7. The chambray looks good on you and I agree with the others, the blue jeggings is a really nice colour! Just wondering which colour chambray did you get - the blue or dark (the ON site states the two blue colours and I have not been able to decide on the colour).

  8. Anon-- I think it's the Dark Chambray.

  9. I was gonna pick up the same chambray but left my Groupon at home! I love the colour of the jeggings on you : )

  10. Ahhh I have yet to find the perfect chambray...awesome finds Ping! I love the shade of those blue jeggings on you but agree that they could be a bit more fitted. I need to go to ON! lol

  11. I'm dying over the shear blouse and blue jeans! love, love love!

  12. I like your style...

  13. I am loving your blog! Your picks are always so chic. I'm looking forward to seeing more :)

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