Saturday, January 19, 2013

Warm Winter Days

I was chit chatting with an acquaintance's bf and he mentioned that this weekend was going to have a couple of the warmest winter days in SF. He said you should bust out your bikini and hit the beach. I thought to myself, hmmm no! Today was nice and in the mid 60s --warm enough for a sleeveless blouse in the sun but definitely not warm enough for bikini on the beach.

Below is a DIY polka dot peplum shell that I've been working on for the last couple of weekends. I picked this fabric up because of the cute polka dot print. The material proved to be quite challenging as it did not have any stretch to it at all. Initially I made the top without any openings and it was impossible to get over my shoulders. I ended up taking it apart (which took hours!) and adding an invisible zipper to the back. When I was close to finishing the top, I ironed the seams to make sure everything was pressed and flat. I had the heating setting too high and ended up burning a hole by the shoulder. I had to cut off a couple of inches which caused the armhole to be a bit small. It's doable, but you can tell the armholes could use a little more room. I thought about starting over so many times, but didn't want to waste fabric.
Definitely a lot of work for such a little top!
DIY polka dot peplum top. Similar here.
Urban Outfitter BDG Grazer Jeans. Size 24. Had the ankle area slimmed.
Jessica Simpson Heels. Similar here.
FP Earrings. Super cute ones here!
Elliot Lucca Bag. Similar here.


  1. Such a cute top!! Glad to see a new post from you!! :D

  2. As far as I can tell the top looks pro! And your hair looks really cute pinned like that :)

  3. The top is adorable :) Good job !

  4. Another cute do-it-yourself. What's next on your list to make?

    Your skin/makeup looks great! You look so vibrant! :)


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