Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Foodie Staycation

This weekend my bf decided to surprise me with a mini staycation. What I love about a staycation is being able to make a mess in your hotel room and not having to clean up after yourself. I also love being able to order room service and eating it in bed. I'd never eat in my bed, so it's nice being able to do that without worries. Heehee. 
A staycation is such a nice way to feel like you're on vacation when you have a small budget or don't have the time to get away.

Outfit details:
DIY circle skirt.  Similar here & here
H&M Blouse (similar here & here) & jacket (similar here).
Nine West Flax Leopard Pumps . Size down 1/2 size from my normal 5.5 to a size 5.
Necklace from J. Crew.
 SPG, me and the significant others met up for lunch at Hog Island Oysters. I been here a couple of times and never failed to order their grilled cheese, although they are very famous for their oysters. I decided to opt out on the oysters since my last experience was a terrible one! 
After lunch my friend Karen met us up and we all headed toward downtown to do a little vintage shopping. It was an unfruitful trip, as the vintage store we wanted to go to was closed during the weekend.

Clam Chowder & Grilled Cheese from Hog Island Oysters

Dinner outfit:
My 3rd Sewing Project - DIY lace dress inspired by this Free People Rose Garden Dress & on sale here.
Dinner at First Crush:
Romaine Hearts Caesar Salad | Hand Cut Truffle Fries |  Pan Roasted Scallops | Grilled Wild King Salmon
Brunch at the Rotunda in Neiman Marcus.
The glass dome at the Rotunda is so beautiful. Even though I have been here a number of times, the beautiful ambiance and decor never cease to amaze me.

Honestly, I come to the Rotunda mainly for the ambiance! But I do always look forward to their complimentary pop-over with strawberry butter and chicken consomme. I'd be happy if my meal consisted of just that!
Their menu changes every so often and I'm really happy with the current change because their food was quite excellent this time. I ordered their roasted pepper tomato crab bisque as a starter. It was one of the most delicious soups I have ever had and they didn't skimp on the crab either. For the main entree, I got the hamachi salad and the flavors were so light and citrus-y (it was seriously so yummy!). My bf got the lobster club sandwich and the portion was huge. He had some leftovers to take home and I'd be more than happy to finish it for him later.
View from our room at Parc55 Hotel
Dress from H&M. Also worn on this post.
I had such a fun and eventful weekend, but now I am super tired and ready for bedtime! Have a good night everyone and hope you had a great weekend as well.


  1. How sweet of your bf to plan a surprise weekend getaway for you! I was looking forward to hearing your vintage shopping experience with S. There is always next time, I guess. I am very impressed with your sewing skills. That lace dress is gorgeous!

  2. the lace dress is so awesome!!!!!! wow!!!! i love it. how long did that take you?

    hahahah bc of u, i know what a pop over is. i know u love these strawberry ones.

  3. Good idea Tim! Love seeing the pic with SPG! I want to start planning our trip to San Francisco now! The city looks gorgeous! Good idea going with the grilled cheese this time.

    I completely forgot about the complimentary popovers. I need to try their lunch again. made that dress?!! Wow!! Great job!!

  4. wow, so much to comment on...I started to yesterday but didn't finish in time. :D

    The meet up with SPG sounds like so much fun and I am so impressed by all of your DIY projects!!! All the yummy food you had is making me drool :)

  5. Loved this post because it had food photos too! hehe I wanna try out the Rotunda soon! =) I said this before but I think you did an amazing job on the lace dress!

  6. I've missed so many posts! The lace dress is so pretty! I'm still floored by the fact that you only starting sewing a little while ago. I think you've found a hidden talent :)


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