Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stitch Fix Review: Box #4

Okay ladies, if I can remember correctly, I think this is my box #4! It's the first time I'm keeping everything. Wohoo!! When I first got my box, I was initially kind of disappointed with the fit but then I kind of thought about it and decided I was okay with! LoL! I do like all the styles and feel like each top is easy enough to throw on with jeans and be on the go!
I really like the style of this dress especially the the asymmetrical stripe down the front! I know this style is super old, but I been wanting one and I'm pretty happy with the fit and length. My complaints are that the stripes don't match up on the side seams. If I was making this myself, I'd definitely make sure all the stripes line up, but since I didn't make it, I tend to be more forgiving! LOL! The fabric is really thin and will show your every lump and bump. It's definitely not a dress you want to do AYCE! The under skirt is also detached from the rest of the dress (left pic) and the elastic is kind of loose. It causes that piece stop fall longer than the asymmetrical piece. 
This top is pretty long and has a loose fit! I was going to return it, but then I wore it out to dinner because I was in a hurry and threw it on over my jeans and pink moto jacket. Then I realized, I really do like it because it's super soft and comfy! I'm at home during the day and I've been wearing it with my leggings and it's perfect piece to lounge around in. I also needed a long sleeve top since it's been so cold in SF lately -- seriously like winter time. I think it looks great with a front tuck to help minimize the long length and loose fit. 
So I'm kind of obsessed with lace items! I love this lace top and was so disappointed with the boxy fit! I love flowy tops, but this top is so boxy! Well I decided to sew in straps and attach them to each side to cinch in the waist to give a slimmer fit. I think it works pretty well right?!? I also really like the white chiffon layer underneath to prevent any show through and the fact that I don't have to wear a cami or tank top underneath! This top is so pretty! 
I realized I don't have any solid color grey tops and could use something like this and plus I really love the lace sleeves (love love)! It's so feminine and girly and I think it's going to make a nice layering piece with any bottoms! I like the scoop neckline and what's great about the longer length is that I can tuck it into my jeans or skirt. I have a lot of petite tops and feel like they are a bit short on me and I can't do a front tuck sometimes. I also have a long torso so I decided to opt out of the petite tops. I could slim the sides, but after looking at it, it would shorten the bust darts and I'd also have to undo the topstitching on the sleeves. It's too much work and the fabric is too delicate! I'm okay with wearing it like this. 
So I got my box last week and I have been using this clutch ever since. The grey color is so versatile and pairs nicely with all my outfits...which consist of jeans and all the tops above. LOL! I like the size a lot too and think it's perfect for someone with my frame. It also comes with 2 straps: a long one to carry as a crossbody and a shorter one to use as a wristlet or to carry over the shoulders (that's like a 3fer!). My only complaint is that you can't really carry much. It's fits my credit cards, cash, iphone, a compact and a couple of lipsticks....I guess I don't really need anything else because I've been okay for the last week with those essentials and haven't felt like I was missing something.

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