Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ombre, Feathers and Ruffles

I got my ombre highlights redone and I am loving it. I told my stylist that I wanted the color to start below the bangs (and also not to cut them!) and to get the color as ashy as possible. I think she followed my instructions pretty well. I'm really happy with the results. I also added these cute little feathers in my hair. They're so fun, but really subtle at the sametime and you can only see them up close.

I wore this dress to dinner with my bf. We celebrated our (fake) 2 year anniversary. Haha! What do I mean by fake? Well awhile ago, this cute gay boy at the Michael Kors store asked us how long we been dating and we're like ummm (*looking at each other*)...awhile. None of us of have really kept track, so we decided to make up a anniversary date. I'm sure we been dating for more than 2 years, but it nice to have a date to keep track. LOL.

I am wearing:
Free People Raw Cut Ruffle Tier Dress. Size 0. It also comes in a cream color.
F21 Necklace. (similar here & here)
Jessica Simpson Pumps. Size 5.5. (similar here)
Dooney & Bourke black clutch. (similar here & here)


  1. your hair looks great!! love how subtle the feathers are!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous!!! And the colour of your dress is so perfect against your skin tone.

  3. I love your hair, Ping. It's so sexy. Just perfect :)

  4. So lovely Ping! I love your hair and the feathers are soooo cute. I never would have thought to add them, where did you get the idea? (Trying to grow my bangs out as well, we'll see if I can hold out) Lol

  5. The feathers look absolutely beautiful in your hair!!!! I love the peek of the feathers combined with the waves - just gorgeous. And adorable story about the anniversary date :)

  6. Those shoes are amazing! The perfect amount of strap without going too overboard.

  7. ooh the feathers are awesome! How did you add them in? LOL at the fake anniversary, you guys are too funny!

  8. Love your new hair and that dress is so pretty!

    And my bf and I have a fake-ish anniversary too...we are not really sure of the date either so we agreed on the date that we both *think* was the date we got together.

  9. aww I LOVE your new hair, perfect for the summer! and the feathers are adorable too, they go really well with the pink I think! happy 4th of july hunny!

  10. Love your hair and your style, hun! :) I've been contemplating ombre hair for sometime, but still haven't made the change. My hair has been dye free for nearly 4 years. It's the healthiest it's been too. :)

    Happy Anniversary to your and your boy! Hope you two had a lot of fun celebrating.

    Also, Happy 4th!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  11. Oh, I love ombre 2.0. Man, I'm seriously considering it now after seeing what an amazing job it is on you. I just love the gradient into brown.

    Who doesn't love a revealing back on a dress?! I love it too much.

    Yay for feathers! your feathers look so nice w/the ombre. I should not have picked purple. I want smthg bright now.

  12. Super cute!! I love the ombre style! And the feathers! I have my next appointment in a couple weeks...I want something to shake it up a bit!

    I love your two year story! :p

    I am still experiencing the "anonymous" problem when trying to post with my google id. :(

  13. i love the way you curled the feather into your hair!
    pandaphilia fashion

  14. I'm so late in commenting, but that dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I think the color helps.


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